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  1. That is a nice cactus there but it's impossible to say if it has LJ genes in it.. There have been very few LJ hybrids so far as I know - most have been done by Zelly.. A couple by Mel/Vin back in 2012 as well.. A guy on the nook a few years ago did PC pachanoi x LJ also, though don't know that those seeds were distributed too widely..

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  2. Yah it was "Lumberjackus" for many years up until fairly recently when some people have been calling it just "Lumberjack" which IMO isn't nearly as cool of a name..

    Regardless, "Lumberjackus" (briefly "Lumberjackius") is the correct name and the one given to it by its founder..

    Lol, I will continue to call it "Lumberjackus" regardless of any current and future trends to shorten the name to the rather bland sounding "Lumberjack"..

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  3. Heya everyone, glad to see the progress - so many cool phenos!

    One thing to note - I've named the SS02 x pachanoi used in these hybrids as "Mel/vin" after my friend who grew it out from seed - SS02 x pachanoi v. "Mel/vin".. I've edited this in the first post of the thread also.

    The batch of seed he grew out had both long spine phenos and short spine - seemed to usually be one or the other - noticed this also with MS Smith's SS02 x pachanoi seedlings that he posted pics of..

    Anyhow, the "Mel/vin" variety was one of the long-spined ones and I crossed it with my Lumberjackus this year - the seeds will be available down the road a bit through Zelly - the fruit is still growing..

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  4. Years ago I don't recall people thinking it was a scop hybrid - not sure when that idea started..

    The T. cordobensis similarity was pointed out by MS Smith or one of the Americans, who sourced T. cordobensis from Mesa Gardens and noticed similarity..

    Initially people thought maybe it had more inner beauty than a typical pachanoi, but I believe that is no longer the perception of some people..

    Sure makes some beautiful hybrids - I've grown out both SP x Psycho0 and SP x J3 and they're looking great over at Zelly's and another friend of mine's.. Grew out some Scop x SP and the reverse as well but I gave them all away - that cross grew slower than the other two I mentioned..

  5. In South America there are "brujo" ayahuasca shamans - shamans who use practice dark magic and evil - they sometimes try to kill other ayahuasca shamans and generally practice evil acts.

    A friend of mine feels that in the modern world, some people who get into the shamanic realm are "unconscious brujos" - they are functioning as evil shaman types without intending to or being aware that they are..

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  6. This is sort of like those shots where someone catches a fish and takes a photo with their arm outstretched and the fish is really close to the camera compared to them so it looks super huge when really it's more of a perspective thing.

    Also, before you ask, yes, i got up on the wrong side of bed today. ;)

    BTW - I'll edit this post later when I'm home to include a pic of a freak or two, just to keep the thread/post on topic. :)

    Lol exactly - and he's hyping the one in the front which has a lighter for a scale of reference, while the TBM in the background looks to be dwarfing a leafblower or some such thing!

    I say the one in the background isn't getting a fair shake here, and is actually more massive than the one in the foreground.. Something fishy going on here..

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  7. Wow I did not know that - no clear definition of a "species." That is surprising because usually the sciences are good at creating operational definitions of things, because there's so much scrutiny and peer review and logic/rational thought used that if there's an obvious issue people call attention to it pretty quickly...

    If they dispensed with the term species though it sounds like people would just used another word like "type" or "variety" or "race" or whatever else to convey the basic sentiment that "we think those two are different enough to warrant a formal distinction."

    Apparently the same issue is going on with the term "race" as used for humans - biologists and sociologists have been saying that there isn't really such thing as "race" within humans - it's a sociopolitical distinction - certainly among humans we have phenotypes but we're all the same homo sapien..

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  8. Yea personally I'm all for keeping the idea that peruvianus and pachanoi are 2 different species.. There's going to be a blurry line between them - a continuum of traits - but I'm sure that's true with all sorts of plant species - begonias for instance..

    The dark blue, spiny, fat type of peruvianus strikes me as very much a different plant that the shortspined pachanoi - think the Icaros variety vs the huarazensis type pachanoi.. In my garden the ""Sharxx Blue" and "Roseii1 and 2" clones from Oz and the "short-spined peruvianus" which I renames "Paradeyes" are on totally different ends of the peruvianus spectrum - with the "Sharxx Blue" and Roseii clones are way more "peruvianus" looking than the Paradeyes clone, with the latter resembling more of a longer spined pachanoi..


    But yea - the common ancestor issue - problem with that is that all life on earth evolved from little microbes - if you trace the lineage back far enough then everything is related to everything else.. We make distinctions on grand, obvious levels - which "kingdom" something is in - plants vs animals - that's clear enough, but then within each kingdom, the further we subdivide, the blurrier the boundaries get, and by the time you get to the finest distinction, the "species" distinction, there's a lot of boundary blurring indeed..

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  9. People should run some spoof auctions on ebay just for laughs and to make the casual customer realize what a farce things like rib count are.. Run an auction for "Uber-rare 9-rib pachanoi - 12" cutting - $7,250.00" or "T. bridgesi - blessed by local shaman in Missouri - 8" cutting - $43,225.00"

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  10. copped some icaros and short spine peruv x psycho0 seedlngs.

    anyone know about the later cross? what short spine peruv was used?


    Might be the "Paradeyes" x Psycho0 cross - I sent some of those seeds out to people as simply "Short-spined peruvianus" (SSP) x Psycho0 before naming the peruvianus "Paradeyes"..

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