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  1. I talk to the wind My words are carried away The wind does not hear
  2. i hate the term anti semite jews are not the only semites, they bogarted the fucking term!!
  3. archaicrevivalist

    Silicone Gel For Self Healing INjection Ports

    Hey all... Just wondering if there is a certain type of silicone gel i should be buying to use as self healing injection ports? I want to knock some popcorn jars up and need to get these lids happening.... cheers!
  4. archaicrevivalist

    Popcorn Polyfill Lids

    Hey all, just got a quick noob question regarding popcorn and lids.. I've decided to have a go at this great looking popcorn, no PC tek... Popcorn, No PC Tek Just one question regarding lids..... can I do it the same way as outlined in the tek and then just use a normal pasta sauce jar lid with a polifill hole? And when i inoculate, do i just inject through the hole, through the foil and down into the popcorn? thanks alot, can't wait to get those oyster mushrooms happening
  5. archaicrevivalist

    Australian Canning Jar Supplier

    in victoria maybe, but i have never seen them anywhere in NSW at least, and I've looked from around Sydney upwards. I've looked in all the Kmarts and Targets and Big W and Coles and Homeware stores..... nothing. it sux.
  6. archaicrevivalist

    Australian Canning Jar Supplier

    Hey everyone, just letting you know that this place has a couple of different kinds of jars, albeit a bit pricey...
  7. archaicrevivalist

    Can't get my incubator under 29 C

    stratch that.. i just got hold of an aquarium heated that goes down to 20 C many thanks !
  8. archaicrevivalist

    Can't get my incubator under 29 C

    hey all, just wondering if anyone had any ideas to help with my predicament... ive got PF cakes in an incubator and I can keep em at a nice 27 C at night, but days like today I can't get it under 29 C. i've looked into it and basically some say 29 C is alright, but some say don't let them go over 27 C. does anyone have a way that they can cool down their incubator if needs be? thanks all peace & chaos
  9. archaicrevivalist

    Cow manure straight to terrarium?

    yeah thanks erectus, very enlightening ... i've just started the pf tek; just made a couple of syringes that I hope have spores in them, as I can't see anything at all..... hopefully my shaky procedures come to fruit.... I can only really tell if the substrate starts to colonise, right? only time will tell. thanks alot
  10. archaicrevivalist

    Cow manure straight to terrarium?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if this would work at all.. get a pile of cowshit from the backyard, cover with spores, and then put in a box full of perlite or something similar? obviously I have no idea what I'm doing and was wondering if this would fruit any shrooms. cheers
  11. archaicrevivalist

    NNSW finds - I need help with ID's!

    Hey all, a friend founds heaps of mushrooms growing in cow shit in pine forests in rainy cold NNSW today. We completely suck at identification, even with all the info around, we can never satisfy ourselves with just supposing they are a certain species.... Please help! The pictures aren't the greatest, but it's all we could get..... Thanks in advance! :crux:
  12. archaicrevivalist

    Nimbin got raided today....

    just a quick one.... Hemp Embassy and the museum got raided..... had pig tape all around em on the sidewalk, and shitloads of riot squad pigs that were all pretty big and just looked like stupid fucking statues. think they took away all the embassy's bongs etc and their laptop. bastards! gotta go....
  13. archaicrevivalist

    12v Computer Fan Attached to Glovebox??

    cheers thanks alot!
  14. archaicrevivalist

    12v Computer Fan Attached to Glovebox??

    would these kind of hepa filters be alright? they are meant for vacuum cleaners and cost around $20 on ebay... cheers
  15. archaicrevivalist

    12v Computer Fan Attached to Glovebox??

    where could i find a hepa filter of any kind? i can't find anything on the net.... would one that was supposed to be used with a vacuum cleaner be alright....? and would i just cut it to fit to computer fan? cheers