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  1. Turning left onto darebin road from station street but heading west. Poor old guy in a dressing gown crossing the road to get the n3ws paper or something, spots me, then spots a giant puddle! I cant believe i would even dream such a terrible thing but i speed up to drive through the deep puddle just to splash the poor old fella in my car, I woke up feeling absolutely terrible about myself and i had a really shit day as well ( i got pump'd left right and centre at work), i guess it serves me right for dreaming such a thing. Chilli concarne for dinner quite late as well.
  2. ~shameless~

    The Random Thread.

    I wonder sometimes, "street fighter 2" ( the arcade game) was very popular in the early nineties, heaps of people i know played it but i have never met someone who played "street fighter". I doubt it even existed at all.
  3. ~shameless~

    trump minus bannon

    More like drinking beer and "autistic screeching"
  4. Its really nice wert, Although iv never met you i think you would be a really decent man, Im not a father myself, but if i become one i hope i can approach the role the way you have described. Cheers.
  5. ~shameless~

    Thankyou sweet Jeebus in Heaven Amen

    Its been dry though, i heard on the radio this morning that water storage in victoria is at 66% and the point at which the de-salination plant is put into operation is 65%.
  6. ~shameless~

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    ^^^ foresure positiveHAL, plenty of it now after that first prune back
  7. ~shameless~

    Columnar Flower Buds. Got some ? Post them here.

    Best year ever! Unfortunantly all of these have got to go real soon, cant see it that well from the pic, but i got a bridgessii,super ped, yowie, kk339 Pedro (From jono years ago ) & a massive scop all flowering right at the same time! Heaps of bees, literally hundreds of bees all over these flowers but not one single fruit. Was an amazing sight, wasnt there to see them peak as this was taken on the morning of xmas eve by my brother. Apparently the fragrance emitted by all these flowers was just as impressive as the sight. Keep an eye out on the sales thread as all of this except the scop has got to be chopped down and dug up soon. Edit - almost as good as horus's shots.
  8. ~shameless~

    Goodnight, David Bowie

    "Under pressure!" What a track. RIP
  9. ~shameless~

    ...the thing about Australians though

    That guy is the current mayor of Geelong ( home of the "cats" afl club), looks like hes inspecting an act of cactus vandalism at the royal Melbourne botanic gardens that happened a couple of years ago.
  10. ~shameless~

    Editing Threads

    What about sales n trade threads? Just hypothetically speaking, you happen to sell a heap of stuff real cheap and you dont want people standardising or expecting other stuff in the future will be real cheap. I reckon after the stuff is sold its ok too edit the thread, or at least remove the prices and quantities.
  11. Sold, Doublebenno and pimento got in first and second Thanks for the interest
  12. ~shameless~

    Trichs in various sized pots for sale - good prices

    Named clones are "potent" taken from the first original (notorious) plant cut for a member here, I kept these to grow on never did anything with them since, so they are pretty much the same age as that memorable first round of cuts, yes two still live on! Pm me for better photos
  13. ~shameless~

    Top 1 animal to bring to the ethno island

    Hybrid toad
  14. ~shameless~

    Post a random picture thread

  15. ~shameless~

    Post a random picture thread

    Looks like yowie on the left? Has any one been to this place and seen this with thier own eyes? Sorry on the right if your looking at it
  16. ~shameless~

    How to inhibit weeds and grass from sprouting

    IMO cactus seem to harbour the growth of some weeds, the way the columnar cacti grow seems to make weeds like " creeping oxalis" very hard to pull out manually, also pulling out oxalis seems to disturb any seed pods that i didnt notice and they explode onto all the other cactus next to where im working, Sorry i dont have anything to add to this topic other than using long nose pliers that are large enough to enable the removal of the weeds with out spiking yourself, even then not disturbing the root ball is very hard. I see you are in Africa philo, im wondering if you have problems with " creeping oxalis " ???
  17. ~shameless~

    wtb cool and interesting trich x's

    I got a fruit off my scop in mid feb only a one though got a few seeds out of it. Is crossed with either super ped ???? or yowie ???? ( the bees did this one, iv never been able to hand pollenate my cactus, iv tried every time for about 4 years now ) give us a pm if you like Geebus, real cheap or i could do a swap for something that i dont have ie julls giant x or macrogonus x or peruvianus, im pretty easy.
  18. ~shameless~

    Jealous Slander

    OI! Fifty aint old!
  19. Iv already sowed and germinated a hundred odd and got a vile mixed with sand and about 80 seeds left , i had to mix them with sand as they were very sticky and i didnt follow any of the seed collecting techs, they germinated in about 5 days flat! Collected in feb this year so quiet viable, Ill be able to post this weekend sunday 29th march MAX! First reply gets em!, however will only post victoria only. Get on it if your into sowing new hybrids
  20. ~shameless~

    Jealous Slander

    Ah, hill billy right?
  21. ~shameless~

    pricing penis plants

    At collectors corner in vic they were selling golf ball sized knobs for about$ 9.95 potted with a tiny pup emerging, that was a few years ago, id assume the same thing now would be about $14.95
  22. ~shameless~

    Jealous Slander

    Sorry cant help myself, Did you get balls deep in this chic or just a "vibe" and a pull?
  23. ~shameless~

    Jealous Slander

    Sly remarks about public masturbation? Which thread has that happened in? Hopefully it wasnt a cactus cut up your arse which started that NSFW thread.