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  1. Lovely Cactilicious sent me a bunch of cacti seeds when I supported the server fund last year. However, I'm a bit more of a fun-gi, and wondering if anyone wants to do a swap for a print of something interesting? Have got: Monarto Spineless Scop (MSS) x RITA (30x) Helon x Scop Hulk (30x) Eileen OP SG (100x) Eulychnia SP (30x) Lemaireocereus thurberi (30x)
  2. save_the_whales

    Looking for a sub print

    Hi spooge, that's a great idea. I've just made a $40 donation, because from looking at my profile I've been a member for over 15 years...a little overdue for contributing! Here's a screencap. Thanks again and great initiative.
  3. save_the_whales

    Looking for a sub print

    Hey gang, long time but I'm looking for a sub print. I'm terrible at finding them in the wild and this season was no different! Any help much appreciated.
  4. save_the_whales

    essential oil still

    i've used a 'pure distilling' one, copper and mostly not for essentials- but a great reference site is www.homedistiller.org
  5. save_the_whales


  6. save_the_whales

    pf cake gone wrong? or not?

  7. save_the_whales

    pf cake gone wrong? or not?

    hiya. i think it looks fine. it's probably small formations (i.e. fruit bodies) squishing up against glass- result of not birthing the cake soon enough. you will see the myc bruising to an ochre-colour and sometimes a yellowish liquid if they're left in there way too long. it can still be fruited fine. take note of the smell just in case. i find if it smells deep and mushroomy in a good way then they're probably fine. gauge your gut reaction when u smell it: if its an earthy satisfaction (akin to self fart-smelling) they're ok; if it's a tangy or bitey or offensive at all, it's probably your brain breaking the news that you have to get back in the kitchen again.
  8. save_the_whales

    Any finds in aussie yet?

    edit: warning dont drink and type
  9. save_the_whales

    still for sale

    hey tripi, not sure if you got my pm or vice versa due to the inbox business here at the moment. but if you are still trying to reply to my PM, you can email me at my username @hotmail.com. there is an underscore between save and the, the and whales!! cheers
  10. save_the_whales

    Ciao ciao

    this isn't any of my business.. so thats why i thought i'd read this but if youve ever been to the shroomery... good luck diggin out anything useful there. your shovel just gets jammed up with dickwad blood and splatter. way more than here.
  11. save_the_whales

    where can you find baggies for prints?

    yeah man thats it! i hate those giant glad bags so much! except for breaking up spawn, of course.. then they're great. although im probably just paranoid, bare hands is probably fine, if not good, for it. funny how uncomfortable i feel asking at shops for things like plastic baggies.. no problems telling hardware people im growing mushrooms, its just that classic drug paraphenalia that makes me feel on the spot
  12. save_the_whales

    where can you find baggies for prints?

    cool, thanks guys. i didnt think to look here at the shop! the tobacco place i tried didnt have any either, so i assumed that was a no go. cheers dudes
  13. save_the_whales

    Underwater Psychoactives

    cool, helpful little animals... anyone wanna go to norfolk island on a fishing trip? heh heh
  14. save_the_whales

    Underwater Psychoactives

    those are some wacky things. cool search results. looks like I have ammo for monday mornings post lecture coffee chat now. there's seaweed that does it too. and people eating bird's nest soup have copped hallucinatory effects, due to consupmtion of this seaweed that the bird chose to use in its nest. that'll teach em. though after seeing the rickety bamboo rigging so high up the cliffs in thailand, good luck to the guys who collect it. that stuff was tens of metres high in some places, linked by single bamboo sticks.. fark that.