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  1. do you still have saffarass seeds and if you do i'll take some tommorow and let me know what other interesting seeds you have

  2. volcanicplug

    Oliver's sassafras

    Hi all, i have approximately 1kg of fresh Oliver's sassafras seed (Cinnamomom oliveri) if anyone is interested in this species. Price negotiable depending on quantity. Please contact me as soon as possible as this species has a short viability. Thanks
  3. volcanicplug

    Acacia Leiocalyx?

    Hi Zwillinge, I am currently collecting seed of both Acacia concurrens and leiocalyx. I tell them apart mainly by the colour of their leaves (A. concurrens: greyish, leiocalyx: bright green), the colour of the leaf stem or petiole (darker reddish in A. leiocalyx as opposed to light pink or green in A. concurrens), the flowering time (slightly earlier in A.leiocalyx) and the colour of the pods (A. concurrens: ashy-grey, A. leiocalyx: brownish). I have noticed both species often coexist in areas where I live on the Gold Coast. I am pretty sure you photo is of A. concurrens. Hope this helps
  4. volcanicplug

    Datura metal seeds

    the seeds i have are the purple fatuosa
  5. volcanicplug

    Datura metal seeds

    Hi all, i have 5 bags of 50 fresh Datura metal seeds. They are $10 a bag including postage (regular). Would be interested in trades.
  6. volcanicplug

    Help with Acacia Identification

    is native to SEQ and fairly common in dry Eucalypt forests on poorer soils... often grows alongside Acacia concurrens (Late Flowering Black Wattle) which flowers slightly later and has leaves with a greyish sheen...
  7. volcanicplug

    Help with Acacia Identification

    looks like Acacia leiocalyx (Early Flowering Black Wattle) to me... this species is fairly common around Brisbane and flowers at this time of the year... phyllodes look fairly broad for Acacia longifolia in the first shot?...
  8. Hi all, have a single small Rauvolfia caffra (Quinine Tree) seedling and Neisosperma poweri (Milkbush, Red Boat Tree) seedling... both have several young sets of leaves... have been found to survive transplanting easily... both species contain many medicinal alkaloids including reserpine... Milkbush is a rare species so would prefer to give it to someone within its natural habitat and range (subtropical - tropical, volcanic soils)... am willing to trade the 2 seedlings together for a small Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga) plant or sell for $10 each including postage... just spend an honours year studying Neisosperma poweri and its reproductive ecology:)...
  9. volcanicplug

    acacia indentification?

    looks like Acacia disparrima to me... this species flowers in January unlike Acacia obtusifolia which usually flowers around November... the grey green sheen to the phyllodes is also characteristic of this species...
  10. volcanicplug

    A Native apple/plum? ID please

    Hi Heffa, pretty sure its a White Beech (Gmelina leichhardtii)... this species is in the Lamiaceae (mint) family... Davidson Plum has compound leaves...
  11. spoke to Michael at gardenfreedom.com... the .com was chosen as it performs fastest on google... people can also use .net or .org to get to the same site if they wish... keep up the good work
  12. hey guys, just wondering why the gardenfreedom website has a dot com after it?... shouldn't we be stressing above all that these plants deserve to exist regardless of whether they make money or not?... some people may think the website has been created by a company with vested interests?...
  13. volcanicplug

    Acacia Floribunda

    hi julian, have you found Acacia floribunda to be just as variable as the other species?... do you know if this species varies between areas?...
  14. is an Australian native which is said to only occur on the Mcpherson Ranges in the wild...
  15. hi sola, have no camera... there are plenty of photos of the species on google... the cuttings are about 10cm tall...