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  1. ThunderIdeal

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    skeletons in the closet was the one i saw as well. it's not surprising what you say. comparative mythology seems fruitful anywhere on the globe. such a neat time to be riding this wave of discovery. as robert foerster said, it doesn't matter anymore that alternative archeologists can't publish their papers or get grants. using the internet to self-promote they can get crowd funding, run tours, do their own field work and make their findings public, getting hundreds of thousands of views on facebook on youtube.
  2. ThunderIdeal

    New Zealand Skeletons in the Cupboard The Redheads

    yeah largely anecdotal doco as i recall. ties into america which is cool. topic on the whole is extraordinarily interesting; other continents yield far more.
  3. ThunderIdeal

    Have we missed 1st contact from aliens?

    ahhh yes, the visitor accelerated unexpectedly leading to speculation that it is a lightsail or a vessel with a lightsail or such (we dont actually know that it's a cigar shaped rock) or that it received a push from outgassing (unlikely) i remember bagashov commenting on reasons for cylindrical shape, ways in which it challenges electric universe model (no cometary characteristics) and ways in which it corroborates electric universe model. arthur c clarkes well known fiction 'rendezvous with rama' features a cylindrical rock flying by the solar system and slingshotting around the sun, which is a fascinating coincidence. in the story a manned space mission is diverted to investigate (and finds the hollowed rock contains/is an enormous spaceship)
  4. ThunderIdeal

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    Haha. What is that snow gorilla thing? Oh, stuff like this mainly, theres lots more but i could only find this. BBC definitely the main culprit. What a joke britain is now
  5. ThunderIdeal

    Youtube vids

    Short vid
  6. ThunderIdeal

    The Storm

    Indeed it should be viewed with a grain of salt. Now, congress has ended one of the russia probes. Sessions has appointed somebody to look into the alleged fisa abuse. The fbi is investigating Australia's payments to the clintons. i continue to feel optimistic.
  7. Yeah i see them. I live not too far from you. A very rational assessment you gave this time around and my assessment is the same.
  8. ThunderIdeal

    The Storm

  9. Welcome back woodwoman What i always rember about you was the ufos you claimed to frequently see. Id love to hear a fresh description of those in a suitable thread :D
  10. Havent noticed you around for a while

    1. ∂an


      Hey mate, yeah I'm still here!  been a bit busy with work and stuff, but now I'm finding more time to make the odd post or two. its awesome to see there is still quite a lot of activity on the forum.  


      I went to EGA for the first time last year, it was really great.  Have you ever been?

    2. ThunderIdeal


      Nah.  My interests have changed to be honest.  Still like being around some of the switched on folks in this community but the attachment is kinda sentimental now.

  11. ThunderIdeal

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    I corrected crop who innocently repeated a hype article. quite a few articles going around now downplaying the original claim. Hey, im not an expert obviously (or a fascist). I just recognise cultural marxist nonsense.
  12. ThunderIdeal

    The Great Global Warming/Cooling Thread Part 2

    I shall hate whatever i goddamn want to sagi. I wasnt even talking about the jews, i was talking about the evil megarich; there is a strong correlation i know. You brought them up just now when you said they'll inherit the earth on account of siphoning up all the wealth. If you're gonna try to go off at me please state your disagreement clearly, and go beyond just stating that im right wing.
  13. ThunderIdeal

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    Lol. Edited that post many times, came out pretty weird. Didnt know what I was trying to say or achieve exactly and there was no need to get into all that shit really, i cant help myself.
  14. ThunderIdeal

    Evolution just a theory or real?

    Cheddar man? i dont know what nazis have to say about it but i can tell you what a white person (who is proud of his white ancestors) thinks But first, there is an obvious large-scale attempt underway to "blackwash" european history and this story is probably part of it. Cheddar man is the oldest complete skeleton, other remains are dated many thousands of years older. Now its almost as though journalists dont publish scientific findings properly. i can at least find a paywalled site previewing the following "that’s what dozens of news stories published this month – including our own – stated as fact. But one of the geneticists who performed the research says the conclusion is less certain, and according to others we are not even close to knowing the skin colour of any ancient human" my this devolved quickly ;) no hard feelings.
  15. ThunderIdeal

    Trump Watch

    Here. I wouldn't normally post a pragerU vid. I dont trust them even though superficially they are often on the same page as me. Thought it might aid the discussion above though. https://youtu.be/m6bSsaVL6gA I didn't let it embed before i posted, but it is five minutes on fascism, right or left?