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  1. John Smith

    deepthroat, mouthfuck

    I didn't think I'd led a sheltered life until recently when I watched a 3D (anaglyph) porno called Reach Out And Touch Me 2. I watched it more for the 3D novetly than the porn value but I was shocked at a scene with "deepthroat, mouthfuck" type goings on. The actors went above and beyond the call of duty for that scene. I thoroughly recommend checkig out the movie for the 3D aspect. You need the coloured glasses wich can be bought online for next to nothing. Some of you might appreciate it for more thatn just the 3D by the look of this thread lol
  2. John Smith

    New PM restrictions and member group

    *SPAM* I've been bad, haven't visited since Feb. Been SO busy with work and kids and stuff...hopefully this one post will allow me to PM again...I only read T's first post in this topic though so hope nothing has changed since. In trying to figure out why my PMs were broken I saw an ancient post by T saying no TOR or else...? Is that still applicable? I'm sure there has been discussion which implied that it was OK (just painful...). I hope all is well and the government haven't taken away too many more freedoms in my absence.
  3. John Smith

    Girl dies after Big Day Out overdose

    It took some time but I'd managed to supress my anger over this incident...then I stumbled across this thread. I was there and knew the dogs might be. If I'd been carrying ecstasy one option that might have crossed my mind had I had a close encounter of the dog kind would have been to eat the lot - and I'm well and truly old enough and educated enough to know the risks etc. If I could think of it beforehand then surely the coppers could have. I have no doubt that very many people did the same thing. If I had been carrying ecstasy I probably would have found a better option though. I have only skim read the 3 pages of this thread and there are some points I didn't see mentioned, one of which I find very very smelly. The dogs were at the fucking train station!!! Many of these people were simply trying to be responsible. Next year they need not bother with dogs at the station because everyone will drive there, eat their drugs and then drive home. The police really are geniuses sometimes. Disagree as I might, they could have at least mounted some sort of argument for having dogs inside the BDO...but at the train station?! In their pathetic attempts to justify this crap they spouted some rubbish about catching dealers. How many drug dealers catch trains to peddle their wares at a big event? There were something like 60 arrests and of those 4 were charged with intent to supply - the big bust of the day, a guy who had 16 pills. I bet he tried to tell them they were just for him and a couple of his mates. Yeah right son, you are the Mr Big we've been looking for. This crap did not put a dent in the supply or demand for drugs in Perth and was a gross misuse of resources and taxpayers money. The really stinky part? In days following this tradgedy I read a comment on a blog suggesting that this was a stunt by the WA Police Commissioner Karl O'Callahan to show that he is tough on law & order because he intends to enter politics when his contract expires. I dismissed it at first but then a couple of days later he is on talk back radio talking about how he would like to see people who are doing community service wear vests indicating that. Now I happen to think that is a great idea and I think he HAD been doing a great job, but WTF has this sort of thing go to do with the police commissioner? I thought policy like that is up to the lawmakers, not the bloke we employ to enforce the law. I am now convince that this is all about him entering politics. Last weekend the coppers had a major excercise in Northbridge (our major nightlife district). It was very high profile news. Mr & Mrs Ignorant Voter would have felt all warm and fuzzy. Gee that Commish would make a great Premier. If he does enter politics, I hope everyone screams from the roof tops because his politically motivated actions contributed to the death of a 17 year old girl. Not to mention the massive waste of taxpayers money for political gain. Apparently there were 100 police officers and 6 dogs at the train station alone, yet we keep hearing the police service is underfunded. I look forward to a huge redution in real crimes. EDIT: and I forgot...why haven't we heard what was in the "ecstasy" pills that "killed" Gemma? It shits me to tears - a few years ago during schoolies there was a similar incident. Then weeks later a tiny 2 linearticle on page 300 on the newspaper mentions that the pills contained PMA this was the cause of death.
  4. John Smith


    undrugged.org have temporarily removed the requirement for an invite code to join so get in while you can if you are not already a member. It has been going around a year now and based on the stats and what I have seen it appears to be very successful and a worth successor for the original undrug. I haven't heard any reports of the sky falling despite some ongoing malicious misinfomation spread mostly by rater for reasons unknown. It isn't just for vendors BTW. Many forums and similar are on their. You can even search for undrugged.org and they have their own page which is a good place to enage in mindless dribble or ask questions without fear of breaking the rules.
  5. John Smith

    Moving state, need help with info

    Too many interstaters and foreigners in WA already. It is time we secede. The rental market is horrific BTW.
  6. I've only skimmed this topic but it is dissapointing that all the good guys in the War on Drugs can't work together against the forces of darkness. Could the evil doers have had a hand in this issue somewhere? Y'know, divide & conquer....
  7. John Smith

    Links to drug related federal and state laws

    A cynic might think it access is difficult on purpose. It just wouldn't be right for people to be able to research what is and isn't legal now would it? I read somewhere that the health department have to make a copy available for viewing (might have just been WA though?)PS: T any prospect of your law links project progressing further anytime soon? Feel free to start with WA when you get to the state bits (assuming there is more than just the Misuse Of Drugs Act - which I have read several times now )
  8. John Smith

    Kava to become S4 [prescription only]

    Excellent. No longer will I have to fear kava addicts breaking into my home to fund their next fix. I feel safer already. Bless our government.
  9. John Smith

    Hypothetical hbwr bust Q

    So they don't have poppy seed rolls in QLD then? Poor bastards!
  10. John Smith


    don't know of a vendor? what?! not even shaman-australis.com.au EDIT: PS you don't have to register or login to look up a vendor and read any feedback.
  11. John Smith

    letters and customs inspections

    Hmmmm, until recently I would have said no problem. However, recently I had some photos (of an exceptionally large penis) intercepted that were packaged in what i would consider an ideal fashion. It really has me fucked how this happened. You'd probably be OK but there is the "what recently happened to me despite all being cool before" factor to consider. Take the necessary precautions and even if the "what recently happened to me despite all being cool before" factor arises you can brush it off.
  12. John Smith


    I don't think T is in on it but he does seem to be well connected so who knows Despite the apparent lack of interest all 6 of the invites I posted have been used. So, here are some more. XC8THYWRVBE6J2Q4UDK5 3BWQAZ7KHTNL58E6RCFU 95AKXEVJFW7DHBLUCMZT A9GN5HVMKZWXED7SUJ4B SXVU9QAPTE725MD8FRGK As per my previous request, please post here if you use one and say which one you used. This is not so big brother can get you, it is only so your fellow forum members don't waste their time trying to register using one you already used! NB: I did read though that they know who a member got their invite from. I think this is (for example) so that if I register say 20 more user names using invites I gave myself and I dishonestly shit can SAB, they will know I am just a nasty arse lying troll and ban the lot of me. I already learned something good from it something good about SAB. Mind you, I probably should have just paid more attention before. If you earn invites please share them around. PS: simon_marklar if you are happy to tell me more I'd be keen to look into what you said about r-c.org No saying I can do shit but I'd certainly like to have a go.
  13. John Smith


    I can't believe those two replies, especially the first. I thought people here were a little wiser than to believe some of the garbage promoted as fact on the internet. research-chemicals.org is a forum. You may perhaps be thinking of a site with a similar name that is not a forum and may or may not be a scam. I know there are one or two but I don't know whether or not they are scams. I was a member of research-chemicals.org and for all it's faults it certainly was not a scam nor was it involved with or connected to any dishonest or unethical activities - at least not as far as I am aware anyway. As for the "fishy stuff going on" there isn't actually any factual claims about this "fishy stuff". Most if not all of the misinformation has been pushed by admin of RTS and pharmacyrater. Now there is some seriously fishy stuff surrounding the guy behind that. He was responsible for the demise of undrug.org by filling it with so much BS it became useless - even long term members had trouble distinguishing fact form fiction. He launches similar attacks on any boards or other platforms that present an unbiased and uncensored opportunity for people to share information. The leading theory is that this is because his board (RTS) is used to operate scams, but it is done very cleverly and includes legitimate vendors to add credibility. If in doubt, sign up with RTS and ask about undrugged.org. Even easier, have a browse at pharmacyrater.com and be sure you read the FAQ. This will give you some idea of the mentality of the person. I know at least one of the people involved and I can assure you undrugged.org is not connected to research-chemicals.org or any other board in anyway. Read their "about" page - I believe they mean every word of it. By all means be wary, but don't add to the misinformation. Why not sign up and just browse for now. Use TOR is you want to be absolutely comfortable. We will all benefit if it succeeds. PS: I hope I haven't broken any rules here. I hate seeing this guy trying to ruin a viable replacement for the original and very valuable tool he already ruined. EDIT: Apologies if I came across aggressive or disrespectful to the 2 previous posters. I am a passionate supporter of the efforts of undrugged.org and annoyed at the BS that seems to spread so quickly. There are actually at least 2 very respected people here who could help reassure others that this site is what it claims to be but I think they may have missed that memo.
  14. John Smith


    Many of you may have been familiar with undrug.org - a reputable vendor review database thingy where you could only look up/comment on a vendor that you knew the name of. It was ruined by trolls (or scammers?) and appears to be permanently "offline for an overhaul". I heard about this this new site undrugged.org through another forum. Apparently the aim is to simply provide an almost identical replacement for undrug but with some simple improvements and controls to stop it being ruined like its predecessor was. You need to have an invite and I only have 6 at the moment. If you use one perhaps you post here which one so no one else wastes their time trying with the same one. Obviously please share invitiations you earn! IMO the invitation thing is a pain in the arse but I guess in the long run it will be worth it (and you only have to do it once). TH5CUPNF3JM72LRV6D4Z ZF7JE2SQK6VAM94DC3BH M27VPSXJQDBT3L8EUR45 4D8PQFBWXKEUSV5RN3ZL U5TALGYDF36KMRHBNEQX ZTRDL3JKW6FMA5BYUP9Q It would be good to see lots of people get behind it because in the long run it will be useful for everyone. I don't the technicalities of it but if you get an error message about a certificate or something it is apparently nothing to worry about (just click OK or whatever).
  15. John Smith

    mouldy bud

    Maybe you could irradiate it I smoked mouldy stuff in my younger days. Fortunately (based on what I have read above!) it tasted like shit so I never smoked it much.