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  1. Yeah, that’s interesting that nimitta fits the description. The light becoming all encompassing sounds like that first jhana type of description. It is a state of bliss and stillness that comes from holding the mind in stillness for periods of time. I couldn’t think of a better description than that from Ajahn Brahm.
  2. It is hard to explain for me and I’m no expert on jhana as such, but to my own meditation jhana has represented a space of conscious awareness I can return to regularly and where my mind becomes still enough that bliss begins to flow throughout the body/consciousness as a natural reaction to that. I believe this represents access concentration in the following description. I believe the second jhana involves a deepening through a letting go of that bliss. Check this out it helps to draw a line as to whether ones peak experiences have been related to jhanic absorption or sometimes preparation for it: https://www.dharmaoverground.org/discussion/-/message_boards/message/5781249 I did mention a visionary dream state I experienced once before which was by all means transcendental but a way of purging emotional pain and in that way unrelated to first jhana, so again I’m not sure what that means in this sense either. Personally I have always referred to Thai forest as well
  3. The first jhana is to my own knowing as once the mind becomes completely still then it becomes very peaceful then waves of bliss bring it into a fully transcendent state so it is unmistakable in that sense
  4. I came across some visionary states whilst sleeping when working with this practice: https://www.amazon.com/Short-Path-Meditation-Techniques-Enlightenment/dp/0985603518 but also I was fasting and camping outdoors. When I awoke I had mild psychedelia like visuals as if my pineal gland was pumping out new and various chemicals or hormones. It was really an amazing experience to experience such a transcedental state whilst lucid and aware. Also I hear Vitamin B6 works with dream states as well.
  5. Yes i follow the samatha (concentration) Buddhism and was taught about using Jhana for spiritual awakening by a Thai tradition. I am close to achieving first jhana in my daily meditations, and feel this is a best approach for me as I become mentally unstable. I love spiritual things, Buddhism and the real pursuit of awakening. It gives my life the meaning it deserves.
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    Ethereal drifting

    dear me, a note to self. trying a nueroleptic with everyday breakfast.
  7. It sounds like to me the story of Christ in the Amazon. It's very moving.
  8. The foveal spot is the same third eye practice I use because the way it is linked into a merkaba / light body structure.
  9. Types of meditation is an interesting point. I think in that regard it comes down to the underlying intention behind the practice, than the specific practice itself. Breath work can be used in a variety of approaches and destination even though it is still only one 'type' of meditation. I have felt intuitively on certain multi dimensional scales from Buddhist and Hindu traditions and then made my own assumptions on what is taking place. To my investigations I feel there is a specific difference between the modern Buddhist traditions and ancient ones such as the Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. My understanding has to do with access to greater levels of creation and the limited levels that I feel have been available over these time periods. To put it simply where I saw the annihilation of these structures that connect these levels, I also saw techniques that would drill holes in order to travel leading to significant damage that prevented superseding the Atman.
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    Post a random picture thread

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    to the arcturian heart ❤️
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    So in order to share a story there has to be ears. In order to listen there has to be an audience. To speak you need words, and with words come semblance.