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  1. Ok, I have been umming about this, but my next operation has moved forward to this Fri, so I should be ok. Ive been thinking that its awhile since I hosted on the Coast, and its also awhile since we have had a social allnighter. The date would be Sat night 17th Feb, that is close to both Hillbilly and my birthdays. And I want to celebrate the completion of my surgerys, and start of being a new man. Big Col 2.0 I want to do a Mexican theme party, my backyard already has the decor, skulls, mexican food, cactus shots, etc etc So, what is the interest ? Lets do details as usual on PM. Sorry no newbies.
  2. So stupid, Cocaine is the easiest drug to taste test, unless this stuff causes numbness as well. What if it had of been an RC. They still would have dosed 500% too much, and anyone who has ever been foolish enough to snort an RC, will think twice before snorting anything, thats for sure.
  3. This is how far you can take things with Caapi cross sections. Not my Strat, but this guy takes custom orders. So, in theory, you can harvest some vine, make a brew and bung it in the freezer. Send this guy enough vine to do a guitar, which he sends back to you. Then you can drink your brew and play the strat, vibrating the vine internally and externally in a medicinal loop. Next level drinking !! A great plan. Vine sections, chacruna grout, 24 carot gold fittings.
  4. Nice pipe Toast, yeah Huan is a lovely bloke with an amazing garden of rare treats. I recently got an aya serving cup that I love thru old mate Flux. Vine sections with chacruna grout, around a Mahogany cup. Just the right size, for a nice strong brew.
  5. Going great. Still haven't watered yet, maybe its time. Got a nice flower. I think you have made a winner with that stuff. I just wish I had more rare gems to pot up with it..
  6. People dont realize coffees effect till they try to give it up. We always tell people not to drink it when coming to circle. That causes more problems than we were trying to avoid. As everybody has a bloody withdrawal headache for the session. ........exactly what we were trying to avoid. And it effects how much they can dose and "submit" to the journey. Yes the vine will potentiate the coffee, its a fine line to reduce your intake and avoid the withdrawal headache.
  7. A bit of vine never hurt anyone. You have chosen the right medicine to have at the center of a plan to bring about some positive changes in your life. Yes its chemistry may improve the symptoms of depression, I hope they will. But its a vibrational medicine, allow it to change your vibration to align with the new pathways you desire. Look for signways to the path, generally hiding in plain sight, in everyday life, allow the vine to illuminate them. You will be rewarded by "paying attention",not only to how you are physically feeling, but to opportunities to "join the dots". You have commenced an "act of will" and stated publicly your intention. You need to see this thru now to show the vine you seriously require its help. Stopping will turn the process into a procrastination, and have the opposite effect, making plans impotent. giving the energy working against your interests power. Magic 101 basically, but worth a mention, when working with a magic potion. You have good friends, and are part of a great community. You have wisely chosen the best hobby in gardening, and have great skills. Life can be anything you want, leave the old story, and step into a new one. There are plenty of great chapters to write. Best regards brother.
  8. Was only a matter of time I suppose,before somebody made an ayahuasca Stratocaster. Despite some people thinking it disrespectful to play really psychedelic electronic music during a session, I find my vine loves to have a play on a Strat when its in me. And the improvisations are so interesting. So this is just natural evolution of "stuff". Made with Ayahuasca vine, Ayahuasca and chacruna leaf grout complete with 24k gold fittings. On the Christmas wish list.
  9. 2 people to lift a large crest in a pot. How do these lowlifes find each other ? They are certainly not ashamed of being a thief, planning and executing a devastating blow on one of the nicest and generous blokes you could meet. Being robbed stays with you forever, and puts a big dint in your trust. Lets hope Karma stays with them forever. Better still, as a community we get to the bottom of this, they are very unique and recognizable plants, and if there are 2 or more thieves, thats more chance of loose lips. Got to turn up one day.
  10. Yeah, just re-potted mine, in unglazed terracotta pots, using a grouse mix made by old mate, trusted SAB visionary, Dr Greenthumbs. $25 for a nice bag specially mixed, job done, should be right for the next 5 yrs. Check out his stuff, yeah, I couldnt help using this thread to give him a well deserved plug. https://www.drgreenthumbs.com.au/collections/cactus-bonsai-succulent-grow-mediums-australia
  11. Taking the closest I get to a religious pilgrimage and seeing the Acid Mothers Temple play in Australia for the first time this Fri and Sun. Here is some Free Jazz psychedelic freak out to celebrate !! Plug in the stereo system. There is a lot going on.
  12. Just bought a ticket for my Chauffeur, I mean devoted daughter. 4 tickets left, looks like being a sellout ...an enthusiastic crowd. I think I will have journeyed with half the people in the room. Its going to be a hug fest. If I haven't met you, say hello. I'll be the old dude on a walking stick with a gorgeous young woman on his arm.
  13. I had a bloke lay the whole flat earth rave on me, and although he had the whole spiel down pat, I made a mental note never to see him again, as it seemed totally paranoid driven. The thing is, and in my skimming of these posts it doesn't seem to be mentioned. Once you "buy into and swallow" the flat earth rhetoric, you must also embrace the onslaught of conspiracy stuff that goes with it. Massive cover ups and global lies. NASA and everyone in on it. Secret nation past Antarctica. And WHY, go to so much fabrication about our geography, oh the usual Archons and Reptilians yadda yadda ad infinitem. All based on FEAR. Sorry folks, flat or round I dont do global fear spreading, time is too precious. There is barely enough time to do all the medicine work folks require. Set and setting, how you going to dose successfully when you mind is running fear based programs? Quite honestly I thought the flat earth thing was an internet style prank, fake news thing, designed to illustrate how gullible folks are. Blur the lines, so nobody knows the truth any more. Our whole education a false flag orchestration.Hologram Matrix reality etc Now its become a lifestyle choice.Requiring a defensive stance And a choice to alienate all your friends and family, who will only listen to your rantings once.
  14. Great stuff Flux, Another beaut way we can get out from behind our computers, and play around in real life. I can see myself becoming an upstanding member of The New South Wales Psychedelic Society. Having Cactus shots and Candyflippin in the Private Members Lounge. Im going to wrangle the weekend off from the farm to attend this historic inaugural event. ........Im assuming there is an afterparty.