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  1. tonic

    Messing around with grafts a few photos

    What? Where? You can't graft cacti to succulents and vice versa.
  2. tonic

    Sida Cordifolia

    Not an Australian native.
  3. Here is a list of some cacti seeds I have and would like to trade: T. spachianus x lots T.. werdermannianus x 25 T. peruvianus 'Icaros' x 50 Turbinicarpus lophophoroides x 50 L. williamsii 'Texana' x 50 (fresh) Parodia roseoluteus x lots Probably have a few others as well, see how these go first. EDIT: I am after similar exchange. So say, T. spach would be equivalent to say T. grandiflora or a similar hybrid etc. Also after interesting Trich hybrids, American progeny etc. though am open to offers of similar. For the L. williamsii I would prefer a variety of L. williamsii. T. lophophoroides would equate to another Mexican miniature. P. roseolutues would trade easily with any other non ethno and fairly ordinary cacti. etc. etc.
  4. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Not much happening here. Postponement???
  5. tonic

    Coprinellus micaceus?

    Pretty sure they are Coprinellus sp. Not 100% on the species though.
  6. tonic

    What weird things do you collect

    I like the quality.
  7. tonic

    What weird things do you collect

    frank, BD is Blu-Ray Disc the S is the plural. I only have about 40 of them so far, they are more expensive and haven't been around for as long as DVD
  8. tonic

    What shrooms are these?

    Yeah. Armillaria sp. tend to like growing in clumps (ceaspitose) on dead stumps or dead wood on trees. With the first ones, were the caps quite green? Also was the stem a yellow colour? If so, they are definitely D. austroveneta.
  9. tonic

    What shrooms are these?

    #1 Looks like Dermocybe austroveneta The rest remind me of Armilllaria sp.
  10. tonic

    What weird things do you collect

    Anime. I have around 700 DVDS and BDS. Have slowed down a bit lately though,
  11. tonic

    First subs of 2012 season

    That's a beautiful patch holymountain. Some really nice big specimens and looks like plenty of younguns and pins popping up too.
  12. tonic

    ID Anyone?

    Hmmm, well I am still learning. So, I will say I don't know what it is I still reckon it has some traits similar to Agaricus sp., but the fact that the annulus is absent is a very good point. Also the fact that it had such a persistent veil should be a good ID feature, but has me stumped at this point. Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable will chime in and make a better ID than my attempt. I am pretty interested to find out what it is now.
  13. tonic

    ID Anyone?

    Good point. Might be Cortinarius sp. What do you think it is?
  14. tonic

    ID Anyone?

    Looks like Agaricus sp. possibly Agaricus augustus.
  15. tonic

    What are these

    You'd be better off getting a proper ID at another site that I wont mention before consuming them. I am not an authority and don't want to put you at risk. Your friend might as well try making a patch, can't hurt. Just think, mulch, decaying sticks, twigs and leaves, very moist, but not soaking, semi shaded, no full sun exposure, well irrigated in the warmer months, hopeful fruits in the right conditions (cold and moist).
  16. tonic

    What are these

    Yeah, looks like Marasmius oreades to me. In response to your earlier question, no, they grow in grass usually and are not an indicator species as far as I am aware. Subs grow on decaying wood.
  17. I would, but my internet is too slow for big downloads. I will keep an eye on your soundcloud page though mate. Am thinking about creating an account and uploading some mixes. Just finishing up a banging 3hr 20 min prog/psy mix. Probably take too long for me to upload though.
  18. tonic

    First seed give away

    Hmmm perhaps M. microhelia then,
  19. tonic

    A couple of speculators

    The one with hairs is probably an Oreocereus sp.
  20. tonic

    First seed give away

    Don't want any seeds, just adding that Mamm looks like Mammilaria elongata.
  21. tonic

    Free J3 x Psycho0 seeds

    As soon as I get them I will post here and get everyone's details ready for posting. Thanks tripsis, you are a champion
  22. tonic

    Free J3 x Psycho0 seeds

    If tripsis decides to send them to me. Definitely. Maybe people can express interest in this thread rather than making a new thread? There will be heaps of seeds, so should be plenty to go around.
  23. tonic

    Free J3 x Psycho0 seeds

    I would love some of those seeds. EDIT: Happy to redistribute too.
  24. tonic

    Some cacti seeds for trade.

    Preferably an L. williamsii variety that is fresh.