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  1. I have a few things for sale at the moment. I will add some pics, but more pics can be requested if needed. NLK $40 (SOLD) Shipibo $40 P. carth $40 I have a range of Trich hybrids seedlings of a decent size and a few larger ones. List to come Smaller ones starting at $10. Larger ones $30 (Small ones pictured Sharxx X Short Spine Bridgesii & Rosei#1 X Medicine Garden Red Spine, Larger one Tig X Sharxx). Available seedlings: Pantera X Rosei #2 Tig X Sharxx Blue Medicine Garden Red Spine X Sharxx Blue Rosei #1 X Medicine Garden Red Spine Rosei #1 X Ben Sharxx Blue (OPEN) A few Trich cuttings available, Eileen, Mum & Dad and some others to be listed. starting from $1 per cm (Pictured, Mum & Dad)
  2. tonic

    A few things for sale

    Hi Boof, Narrow Leaf Khat = NLK and the Shipibo is a form of Psychotria viridis. Hope that helps
  3. tonic

    Cactus for trade for brug cuttings

    I have some small healthy plants with roots, they have a darkish salmon pink flower, I would be willing to trade, although I'd prefer to wait until they are a bit bigger to trade though.
  4. tonic

    Want list...

    Interesting Trichocereus clones + crests + varis + Peruvian locality types + seeds Cheap PC tips for grafting Lophs, seeds or plants Brugmansia sanguinea Brugmansia cultivars Ariocarpus sp. Collectable ornamental cacti, seeds or plants Collectable succulents, seeds or plants Anything interesting or collectable really
  5. tonic

    Astrophytum spp.

    Was interested in what different species, varietas & hybrids people are growing in their collections from the genera Astrophytum. This genera has really piqued my interest lately and was wanting to see if people are growing them and what they have. In my collection so far I have: Astrophytum asterias [looks like a cultivar to me, but was sold to me as the type] Astrophytum asterias cv. Super Kabuto Astrophytum asterias var. nudum Astrophytum asterias X crassispinum Astrophytum capricorne Astrophytum capricorne X asterias Astrophytum capricorne var. crassispinum [crassispinoides?] Astrophytum capricorne var. crassispinum [crassispinoides?] AUREUM Astrophytum coahuilense Astrophytum myriostigma Astrophytum myriostigma var. columnulare Astrophytum myriostigma var. quadricostaum Astrophytum myriostigma var. nudum Astrophytum ornatum 3 different forms So yes I have a few, there is few I am still after icluding interesting hybrids, species, formas & varietas. I think I have most of the species though i think there is an Astrophytum senilis? Also I saw some pics of this really bizarre Astrophytum caput-medusae, which I am not sure if it is a species or a varietas etc. anyone heard of it? Or knows where to get them in Australia. Please post your list and pics if you have them. I will take some pics of mine soon and post them here over spring. Would be nice to set up a small Astrophytum spp. pollen ring for pollen exchange to further the Australian populations and maybe get some more nice hybrids happening.
  6. tonic

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    I'd be quite keen to give this one a try
  7. Very generous offer and a good way to spread the love by paying forward the grafted plants. Put me down for post number 5 please.
  8. tonic


    Ok, so I was doing a bit of watering in my little greenhouse this afternoon. I had done a fair bit and I was scratching in the pot of a little TBM to see if it was dry, it was, but I couldn't water it because much to my surprise there is a snake wedged in between this pot and a number of other pots, I came about 3cm from touching it before I noticed it was there. As you might guess I eveacuated the greenhouse immediately. What I am afetr is a possible ID and methods to remove it as I really don't want it in there as I can't get to my cacti. Here is a description, though I can't see it properly. It is long and skinny [coiled up] probably about 10-15mm at the thickest. My estimate is when unfurled it would be possibly a couple of feet long. It is brown [am pretty sure it is an eastern brown snake, all the more reason I want it out of there], it also has some brown speckles of varying colour along its body. The main brown colour is like a really dark tan. It has a salmon or apricot coloured underbelly. It has a small pointy head [looks venomous to me] and as far as I could see it has bright yellow eyes. I would offer a photo, but is well hidden and can't even see it that well myself, so probably can't get a photo. My location is hot, humid, coastal NSW, northern Sydney region. This should give a good indication of what it might be from description and locale. Any ideas what it might be? Would love to know and would be much appreciated. Also, any ideas on how to get it moving along, I want it out of there so I can finish my watering and get on with potting up etc. Thanks. -Phos
  9. There is a new forum which is dedicated to the discussion of cacti & their cultivation etc. Please check it out & feel free to join up. Look foward to seeing you there. You can find the site at: http://forum.auscactiforum.net/ Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
  10. tonic

    Orange woodlover ID needed

    Looks like Gymnopilus junonius to me.
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  12. tonic


    Wrong state ;) There's only one person who knows this patch.
  13. tonic

    Subs 2013

    A good start Founds heaps more than this. There are a few spots, nowhere near what it's going to be like in a months time, with any luck. Can't remember when I spotted them first least season (will try an remember though), I suspect they have popped up after the big rains a couple of weeks ago, hadn't checked the spots since then, before that there was none. There were some larger rotten ones, so yeah, probably been there for a bit.
  14. tonic

    subs 2

  15. tonic

    Best option for cacti potting mix

    Last season and also this one I have been using just a premium potting mix for all my Trichocereus sp. except for my TBMs. Seems to work really well for me. Had no losses or rot or anything like that. Plenty of pupping and good growth and health in general. I plan to keep doing this as it seem good and is a bit simpler (and a little bit cheaper than say cacti mix). I do amend the potting media for other cacti, also have made my own mineral based mixes for Mexican cacti etc. but that's a whole other story. It's pretty humid here and fairly high rainfall etc. coastal. To give an idea on my growing climate. It's always good to experiment though. You will always find things that work and things that work not so well and many variables in between. There's always that perfect mix, is just a matter of finding/making it (or in my case with Tricho's, not ). EDIT: Just noticed that I have reached my 1337 post count. I'm a bit of a geek, so that's pretty impressive to me. Don't know if I can bear to make another post as I will become un-1337...
  16. tonic

    ID for cutting found roadside

    Agreed. C. peruvianus
  17. 1.Thought it was spach at first, but it's not. Looks like it might be a Cleistocactus sp. also the one to the right looks like Rebutia sp. 2. Something etiolated. 3. Reminds me of Sulcorebutia sp. though it looks a bit etiolated. 4.Mammilaria sp. 5. Haworthia sp. 6.Mammilaria cv. Arizona Snowcap. 7. Reminds me of Echinocereus sp. but not 100% 8. Variegated Opuntia sp. I forget the species. 9.As mentioned, probably Echinocactus grusonii 10.Pachypodium sp. 11.Looks like A Euphorbia sp. 12. Looks like Ferocactus robustus edit: Could be F. pilosus 13. Echinocactus grusonii kinda looks like v. albispinus, but could be just normal. Hope that helps. Some of those plants need some TLC.
  18. tonic

    Seeds of love

    I hope they were Felco 2's?
  19. tonic

    Happy birthday Colhawk

    Happy Birthday Col! Hope you're having a great one. Gots to catch up again one o' these days.
  20. tonic

    Grafted lophs for sale

    Just to clarify. I wasn't saying WT's lophs aren't worth every penny they are priced at. He is a well known and respected member of the community and grows plants very well. If I can get some money together I will grab a few myself because I am interested in seed production. These are great for novice growers as they will tolerate mistakes more than a seed grown loph as they will have a fibrous root system to begin with when they are de grafted and re rooted. Not to mention the size.
  21. tonic

    Grafted lophs for sale

    They are NOT more valuable than seed grown/hard grown plants. Pretty sure someone already cleared that up in a post above. Not sure where you got that idea from, but it's incorrect. OH AND.....tonic returnzzzz.........
  22. Hi all, I have just put in some Duboisia myoporoides cuttings. I predict there shouldn't be any problems with getting these cuttings to strike. Any tips from people with experience propagating and/or cultivating these from cuttings is appreciated. Was also wondering what sort of interest there is in this species, as I can get plenty of cuttings, and if they are easy, I should be able to produce a number of them for sale or trade. So basically this is a thread for discussion of the species in general, propagation, cultivation and interest in the species. Thanks.
  23. tonic

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Yeah, October would be good.
  24. tonic

    Grafting stock ID?

    Definitely something in the opuntoid group of the cylindrical/columnar variety. Does look similar to one I have, which may well be the exact one that Snowfella mentioned.