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  1. Plantsoma

    Show off ya Brugs for 2012

    My first Brugmansia flower for the season Brugmansia 'flava' (arborea x sanguinea)
  2. Plantsoma

    Australian Ethnobotany

    Has anyone else had trouble loading up Ethnobotany Australia? It's been two days now and i haven't been able to load the page.
  3. Does anyone know if/where Alex Grey posters can be purchased in Australia? Posters on his website are $25USD plus custom postage from the US, which i imagine would be extraordinary considering I only want to buy one to start off with. Thanks.
  4. Plantsoma

    Urban Fungal Finds

    Absolutely beautiful photography! Some of the best fungi photography i've seen. My favourite is the first Flammulina velutipes photo. What camera/s did you use for those photos?
  5. Crime Investigation Australia The Gonzales Family Murders 10.30pm – 11.30pm NBN Sunday 20 June 2010 Those that were around in the community back then might find this interesting.
  6. Plantsoma

    2 Spare tickets to EGA, $100 each

    Hi all, a friend of mine has two spare tickets to EGA for sale at late notice due to work commitments. He is asking $100 each but i'd say this would be negotiable at this stage. PM me if anyone is keen as he is not on the forums. Thanks.
  7. Plantsoma

    Drum N Bass, dark Psy recomendations

    For dark psy you can't go past the old stuff (2000-2005). Penta, Menog, Parasense. Gataka is also great for an uplift. Being a metal guitarist i am really fussy/picky with what psytrance i listen to. It is mostly electro rubbish with the artists having no fucking idea about how to write a song properly. So when i hear a really well written track or an artist that can write and understand music theory it blows me away. All the dark psy i've tried listening to for the past few years has been noisy crap, so i'd love some suggestions too.
  8. Plantsoma

    Hairy Cereus ID

    Can anyone help ID this one? I'm pretty sure it's a Cereus but i have no idea on species. I've had it for 6 years and it's the first year it has flowered. -----
  9. Plantsoma

    Gold Tops

    I have heard confirmations of sightings of cube and pan in the hunter over the past week. I thought it was getting too late also, but apparently not- conditions are perfect.
  10. Plantsoma

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Mini-meet was awesome! Thanks C_T. Hehe, what a day. You guys missed out!
  11. Plantsoma

    Meet up: Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle

    Is the Newcastle meet still happening tomorrow? I'm heaps busy and not sure if i can make it yet but is it still happening?
  12. Plantsoma

    Hairy Cereus ID

    Heres a picture of the mother plant when i took a cutting years ago. I'm not sure, but it looks a lot like Pilocereus alensis. I think thats the one. Definately looks like the photos. http://cactiguide.com/cactus/?genus=Piloso...species=alensis
  13. Plantsoma

    Hairy Cereus ID

    Thanks All! EG, the camera i used was a Sony DSC-H2. Slow exposures on tripod. I still use a EOS100 but the cost of film is a bit exxy and i find the sony pretty good for a point and shoot. It always needs the colour contrast adjusted a bit though.
  14. Plantsoma

    Newcastle, NSW

    Leaving now. See you all there!
  15. Plantsoma

    Bush doofs

    Nice. Daheen (Dave) is a good friend of mine, love his vibe and tunage! My time for bush doofs was between 2002-2005. I saw the scene seriously deteriorate into a seedy drug scene towards the end of 2004. It's a shame it went like that, as my initiation into the scene was such a beautiful place and some serious exploring of conciousness took place regularily. It seems dirty party drugs have sort of taken over in some places. I can't really comment on what it is like at the moment except for reports i get occasionally from friends who go regularily. Still there is nothing like a party in the bush. I agree with those that say it is hard to go back to an indoor gig after being in crystal clear nature for such an experience. I'm listening to one of my fave psytrance albums while typing this: 'Gataka: Drop the Mask' - it's old but it pumps!! Bring on the goosebumps! I'd love to organise a reunion type party and see if its possible to recapture that amazing vibe the scene had years ago. Fuck me, I MISS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Plantsoma

    Un-urgent Legal Info needed

    Hi all, I was harrassed by a police officer in my main street a few days ago. He didn't do anything corrupt or anything i could pin on him but i took a photo of him and later that day he rang me and tried to intimidate me for taking the photo. I know it is my legal right to take photographs in public, most of you know i'm into photography. I would like to know if it is legal for me to publish the photo i took of him and his name on forums and explain how i was treated? (for the record, i have no criminal record or bad repore with police, which the officer confirmed when he rang me to intimidate me) His name is fucking hillarious, so if its all good to post you'll be the first to see here! I really need an accurate legal position, i don't want to do anything illegal as you all know what most police are like.
  17. Plantsoma

    Newcastle, NSW

    Forgot about this thread. Time and date are good for me! It will be great to have a meet, haven't had much of a newe meet before. See you all there!
  18. Plantsoma

    Un-urgent Legal Info needed

    Wise words Torsten. I think i will chose my battles and leave this one. Although the police officer did not go by the book, I don't think it is to my advantage to pubicise/explain his lack of ethics. I would like to think they have bigger fish to fry (and real crimes to attend to). Thanks for the advice Torsten.
  19. Plantsoma

    Anyone know where I can get this?

    Thanks SC, i got all of ep04. Cheers! Fuck, didnt know you could find out that much with torrent, yep, im with bigpond. Is there any security issues i should worry about? I can see why the episode was pulled, pretty good episode too. Heaps funny! In comparison, imagine walking in there claiming to have made a scheduled party drug and that was okay as long as you didnt distribute it. The feds would be straight onto it. I guess this guys a massive attention grabber and the substance in the bottle was probably fake. He still stated it was a certain drug though? Hmmm.
  20. Plantsoma

    Anyone know where I can get this?

    no seeds anymore on ep04 I'd love ep01 also if possible
  21. Plantsoma

    Big DMT bust in the US. 1.4lb

    hahahaha. Someone should author a 'bulk extraction tek' with those pictures!!!
  22. Plantsoma

    Lantana problem

    Second that. I worked in Bush Regen for a while and painting the stump with glyphosate is certainly the most effective and enviro friendly herbicide solution. If you do this, cut the stump as low as possible and scrape with a knife the outer bark layer of the tops of the runners coming off the stump and paint as much exposed area as possible. Lantana wood is very soft to cut. I wouldnt reccomend spraying as it can take a few applications and sprayed herbicide can carry in the wind onto valued plants and possibly frog/aquatic habitat in certain locations. Lowest risk of exposure and unwanted contamination with cut and paint IMO.
  23. Plantsoma

    Newcastle, NSW

    The Hunter Botanic Gardens would be a beautiful place for a meet. Though i'm carless so somewhere close to public transport is best for me. Uni is 30min bus ride but do-able.
  24. Plantsoma

    Brugmansia Beauties

    Heres a few Brugs i saw while out and about the other day. I have no idea of ID, although the leaves were the same shape as candida. ID help appreciated. ----------------------------------- --------------------------- ----------------------- ---------------------------