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  1. Team Hammock! It's great being able to just stop hiking anywhere (anywhere with trees, at least) you like & set up camp - no need to find level ground with a clearing big enough for a tent or swag. Rocky ground, wet/flooded ground, steep slopes, all good. I've hammocked in swamps, hanging over creeks, on cliffsides, and in canyons during flashfloods, and if you make a few adjustments (eg. hang your pack & boots off the ground during flood times, and remember to climb out the uphill side of the cliff-hammock) you can get some pretty amazing sleeping spots. I've seen people string theirs up high up in tree canopies - that would be awesome to try sometime, esp somewhere like a rainforest with lots of epiphytes & wildlife at that level. You can also purposely hang them loose so they dip down in the middle & work as a sling chair, makes a nice spot to sit & read on hot days. The one I've been using for years is just basic - similar to WB's, you can pick them up for $30-40. The mozzie net is great, and if I don't need it during the day I can flip the hammock over (so the net is underneath) & lay on the clear side. I also have a netless one (they're $13 on ebay) out at my cabin just for day-lounging or emergency guest bed. And I recently bought one of this style where the net stays up on its own - haven't taken it out for a spin yet, but looking forward to it. They're not ideal in really cold weather, and they can be uncomfortable if you hang them badly (eg. tilted, or too loose so it sags in the middle, or tied so that water runs down the ropes into your bedding) or have to share one with other people or all your gear (eg. because of flashfloods or tent failures) - though we have slept 2-3 people per hammock (small people, that is - combined weights <150kg) in emergencies, they do stretch out pretty wide. But once you get the hang of them, they're so comfortable. It's really the best thing: there's nothing like looking up at the stars, being rocked gently to sleep by the breeze, then waking up to an amazing view from the edge of the cliff where you're suspended. @waterboy 2.0 I've been looking at these because the wastefulness of those single-use butane/propane canisters drives me nuts. I wasn't sure how efficient they were, but the idea of being able to just burn metho is pretty appealing. What other fuels do you use in yours? I also like that the basic design is so simple & robust you can just DIY out of old cans & stuff (eg. DIY adjustable alcohol stove ), it appeals to the cheapskate & apocalypse-prepper in me.
  2. Just come visit NSW or Qld mate, you can probably get people to pay you to take them away. I think that they weren't on Vic's noxious weeds list only because the seeds prefer warm & wet to germinate, and the young plants are frost tender. So it was thought that they wouldn't spread in the colder drier climate of Vic. However they've managed to spread to other frosty areas like the Dorrigo plateau, so the species is either adapting or was even tougher than we realised. Either way frost no longer seems like a reliable contraceptive for camphor laurels - I sure as hell wouldn't bet my ecosystem on it. I notice that Agriculture Victoria still mentions it on their invasive species list, because even though it's not weedy there yet, there doesn't seem to be any reason why it couldn't if given the chance - on their "potential distribution" map covers half the state! And although most of the wild stuff in NSW & Qld is thought to be the one variant ("camphor" chemotype), there are a few different ones which all have slightly different genetics, which may be another reason not to bet on the better-known characteristics - a less common weedy variant in these states ("cineole" chemotype) has been reported to tolerate drier climates for germination, for instance - and there are several other chemotypes as well. This may also be relevant if you wanted this plant for particular compounds or properties - the aromatics vary between the different chemotypes. If they escape into the wild, they shade out other plants & release allelopathic compounds which inhibit the germination & growth of other plants. They seed prolifically & the birds spread them everywhere. They also sucker like mad, so if you try to get rid of them simply by cutting them down you'll end up with a grove instead of just one tree. The leaves & berries are toxic to some animals, and may be the reason for decreased fish populations in waterways surrounded by camphor laurels - they often line creeks & riverbanks, making removal especially tricky without eroding the banks. Whatever you want this species for, it's not worth it.
  3. Ok so I see why you got confused about this: flunarizine is indeed "a piperazine"(the chemical class), but it is not synonymous with the individual compound "piperazine". Still confused? Think of "amphetamine", which can be used to describe either an individual compound, or a group of compounds which share a common chemical structure...this is a little like that. "Piperazines" describes a group of compounds which include a similar chemical structure, but which have a very broad range of different mechanisms & activities - there are antihistamines, antipsychotics, antidepressants, antiparasitics, to name a few. Plus of course all of the "MDMA-like" substituted piperazines. Flunarizine has a different mechanism again, being a calcium-channel blocker. These are all different compounds, and because the group is so diverse, any details about one compound within this very broad group "piperazines" are unlikely to apply to another compound from this family. They aren't even clear on the mechanisms for some of them. So while "piperazine" is technically accurate in describing the chemical structure of these compounds, it's not a very useful search term if you want to investigate the safety/activity of a specific drug (unless that drug happens to be the compound "piperazine", which was one of the antiparasitic piperazines). As far as I can make out flunarizine has a pretty good safety profile - no significant interactions, and few side effects other than some drowsiness & possible weight gain. They suggest caution when using it with other sedatives, but only because of the possibility of additive effects, not because of any interaction.
  4. Could've just been someone buying their travel-sickness meds in bulk. If you buy hyoscine over-the-counter at a chemist it works out at about $2 per milligram of active ingredient. A couple of grams would be a lifetime supply. Some folks also use it (or a plant containing it) as an adjunct to various psychoactives to reduce nausea, which might've been inspired by accounts of including nightshades in some yage brews, or how it used to be given routinely in hospitals with opioids as an anti-emetic. I've tried a bunch of anti-emetics for many different reasons, and this is still one of the more effective ones I've found. On a tangent, there are indications that some battlefield surgeons (esp in WW2) tried to use the amnestic effects of high doses to therapeutic advantage, dosing recently-traumatised soldiers in an attempt to prevent PTSD, in the same way that benzoes are sometimes still used (in civilian medicine) for this purpose today. So there are real medicinal uses for this stuff, it's not necessarily nefarious for someone to have ordered it. And the insistence on "illicit drugs" in that article is just funny, since you can buy this stuff without a prescription from any chemist - you don't even need to ask a pharmacist, it's right there on the shelf next to the mylanta.
  5. Who said anything about gender neutral - wasn't the topic "shemales"? I'm going to make the wild assumption that people who dress, identify, or physically/legally alter themselves to fit a gender identity, are at least somewhat invested in the idea of such a thing existing. Androgyny was brought up earlier, but only in juxtaposition. Wait, so diversity is ok now? I'm confused. Just a minute ago we were all "everything should be black-and-white-only or the alt-just-fem-right-warrior-nazis win" The way I see it you have biological genders (which are not black-and-white either, but let's leave out all that hermaphroditism, XXY, dichogamy & so on for now), and you have sociocultural genders. And these things are linked, sure. But that is only true up to a point - often in biology (& sociology, for that matter) the intragroup variations are greater than the intergroup ones (eg. with racial genetics)- so that making generalisations based on those groups can be problematic. "Biological determinism" can be taken too far. Especially when we decide to ignore that variability and use those groups as a primary way to define people. Subtleties get lost, things get conflated. And so we end up with these gender-selective prejudices informing...almost every aspect of our society. You start with: "we just need some people who have fully-functional dicks, and other people who have fully-functional wombs, to survive as a species", and then somehow we get from there to stuff like: women not being allowed to vote or bare their torsos in public; or men not being allowed to refuse military service or compliment women in public. Your biological gender, a genetic coin-toss, something that should concern only your doctor & your lover - instead becomes one of your key defining traits, which will influence (for good or ill) how people treat you through every step of your life - your education, employment, healthcare - everything from whether or not you are conscripted, right down to whether or not the bus driver says hello. Does it really need to be that way? You say there should be both yin & yang - to me that implies opposing traits which are complementary & equal. Not conflicting ones which are often also dominant-submissive. Also it evokes the idea of a striving for balance, which we sure as fuck are lacking. If people want to have social gender identities, then they should. If other people don't, then they should be free to do that as well. But this whole thing where we as a society decide - with only the flimsiest evidence base - where people are allowed to go & what they're allowed to do, just based on which boxes they tick... is the very definition of pre-judging. As for a society of transhumanist genderless formless homogeneity - I agree, that sounds like hell. But then, this system we have now doesn't seem so crash hot either. But why are those the only alternatives? Couldn't you have a society where your personal details - such as drug of choice, sexual preferences, ancestral origins, and what's between your legs - were just that - personal? Rather than being these rigidly-defined boxes that you must cram yourself into..."do you identify as...", "have you ever taken..." that society will know how to judge you. Should they lock you up, or give you a raise, or spit on you in the street? Without those boxes, how would they know? Shit, they might actually have to look beyond the accidents of your genetics, and the idiosyncrasies of your private activities, and instead consider other factors like whether you can do the job, or how you treat other people. Y'know, the THINGS THAT ARE FUCKING RELEVANT.
  6. If you mean why do people classify others that way, I'm guessing that many don't understand the distinction you mentioned. And/or haven't had much contact with trans people and so they're basing their ideas either on limited real-life experiences (which may or may not be a representative sample), or on some cultural/media stereotypes, and just generalising from there. If you mean why would straight trans folk align themselves with a bunch of queers, I always thought it was a safety-in-numbers kind of thing. Maybe with a hefty dollop of support-group thrown in. There are similarities & overlap between these groups, both socially & institutionally (health services, legal aid, etc), so it makes some sense to have common services/spaces/events just for practical reasons if nothing else. Safe spaces can be hard to find.
  7. With everything else in the whole wide world to worry about, this is what you chose? You don't wonder if perhaps you are actually playing into their plans? (assuming for the sake of argument that there are plans) - whether they be "cultural marxist" degradation-of-enemy-values, divide-&-conquer, or sneaky capitalist sleight-of-hand distractions - and if it's the latter, then isn't you getting all worked up about it (whether pro or con) achieving the same end for them? While you're charging that red cape, you're not charging others. So now lets pretend for a moment that this stuff you're talking about isn't a conspiracy, but rather a natural social evolution. Perhaps the kind which might occur after centuries of oppressing minorities. Is it any wonder that this would create a few extremist groups? You're feeling under threat because you see your society changing towards some values that are not your own, but some of these people have lived their entire lives, every day, knowing that their society doesn't accept them. And now they maybe have a chance to be included (or at least take a step in that direction), and the argument that they're getting is: "aw, but oppressing you is part of my culture - it's traditional". I've known quite a few (too many) trans folk who have been beaten, raped, flat-out tortured, and left for dead, just because other people didn't like who they were. If I'd been through that & then finally glimpsed the light of cultural maturity at the end of the tunnel...only to have my torturers complain that this would oppress their traditional right to oppress me... yeah, I'd be pissed off too. Is our current culture so wonderful as it stands? Couldn't it use some revision? Are binary gender identities & roles really a good thing? Or are they just mostly-arbitrary shit that we allow to affect (& infect) every facet of our society, without considering the side-effects of that division? I liked gtarman's post from this threads' last incarnation where he suggested that, rather than lumping people into categories & letting those prejudices inform our relationships, maybe instead we could just treat people as people, and judge them on who they are and what they do. I don't know if unisex public toilets should be considered a revolutionary step forward in shedding our cultural biases, but I don't think they're a sign of the end times either.
  8. I'll have to confirm when we know dates, but yeah I'm keen too. There was too much happening at EGA, I never got a chance to talk with most of you northerners - it'd be good to catch yas.
  9. I’ve watched Andy help so many folks (including myself) through rough times over the years - sorry we couldn’t return the favour in the end. Seeing you folks at EGA take care of each other I was so proud of the lot of you - you really are an amazing bunch. Hillbilly you’re a goddamn rock, and if you take even half as good care of yourself as you did of everyone else, you’ll be just fine. It was good to have a little time out to grieve properly, in a beautiful place where we didn’t have to worry so much about keeping it together and acting normal. I had the viking camp theme in mind, so late at night went down to the lake that looked like an abyss full of stars and launched a little flaming effigy boat out into that mirror world. And danced with the joy of living so that my goodbye to him wouldn’t be only sadness of death, but also fierce gladness in life. It was nice to be in a place where I could get away with weirdness like that. I talked with a lot of new people over the weekend and one thing that struck me was how many people at the conference had similar stories that had led them there - backgrounds with hard drugs & mental health issues, that they kept to themselves for fear of scaring the gentle tripper types. I know that talking about these things isn’t always helpful, and sometimes it’s better to not dwell & just get on with things - but if you’re suffering in silence because you think no one in this crowd will understand…you’re wrong. Some have even found ways to heal & repair themselves, and may be able to offer more than just sympathy. All you have to do is ask. There are so many paths that might lead to healing & fulfillment…I understand despair, but it’s not over while there are still things left to try. Every time I want to give up I remember that I still haven’t tried so many things: iboga therapy, quitting my job, living as a squatter & mural artist, coke & hookers til the money runs out, volunteering at an injecting room, or becoming a buddhist monk. And that any one of those might be the thing that renews my interest in life when it all seems lost. So sorry that you didn’t find your peace in life AndyAmine
  10. Cool, will do - and I'll keep an eye out for any fresh fungi on the trip down too. Not long now!
  11. Can they be any type, or are you looking specifically for ones of ethnobotanical interest? And do we need to have a clue what they are beforehand, or is that the point of the workshop? I have a couple dried specimens (& photos of the fresh ones) of a species I am very curious to get an ID for, but only because they look weird, not because I suspect them of containing anything interesting.
  12. Lol, collateral trollage. Want me to delete my post so you've still got a chance at hooking CBL? I mean, I'm sure mine has all kinds of flaws as well, but they weren't tailor-made for him like yours were.
  13. Okay, I know virtually nothing about computer programming so this may be a dumb question, but does a system has to be designed with rule sets that apply this way? I mean, is that the only way to build a vaguely-efficient complex simulation? Or is that just how we have been doing it? Knowing nothing about the mechanics, it seems like it should be possible to build this kinda thing where objects are described by the quantum rules, and then the various results are sorted into taxonomical classes - without actually being defined by them. As an analogy think of DNA for the "bottom-up" ruleset that you mentioned, and Linnaean taxonomy as the "top-down" one. A creature's characteristics can be described and classified using either or both, but the only the DNA ruleset actually contributes to them. There is no causative link from the creatures classification, to its characteristics. And so if the Linnaean classification contradicts the DNA evidence (as it so often has) - that doesn't actually matter, because the taxonomy is arbitrary - this ruleset is not applied to the objects, it is defined by the objects. And so there is no conflict - there can't be. This is a genuine question as I don't really understand the fundamental rules computers operate by. But if I go back to the system you described where there are conflicting rulesets... this is a situation I run into a lot at work (database managing stuff) - sometimes these conflicts cause errors, but more often what happens is that one ruleset will be prioritised. So if we applied that concept to a simulation with contradictory quantum/physical rulesets, mightn't that explain things like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle & waveform collapse? And maybe just quantum effects in general? One set of rules says the object is a wave, the other set says it's a particle, but only one of these can apply. (and yes, that last sentence should totally be read in a dramatic "only one can win!" WWF-commentator voice: "Schrödinger's Box: two paradigms enter, but only one will leave" )
  14. ^^ You don't even really need the pantheism, do you? If you accept that your reality is self-generated, that everything IS you, then isn't the pantheon just another thing that is you, and therefore covered by the solipsism?
  15. I never noticed that I had a centre-justify button. This is great! ooh, and a right-justify as well! and I know the left one is just the default that we see all the time, but I'll include it just to be nice albeit in a pretty condescending way COLOURS! I never use those either. okay, I'm running out of buttons now can someone build some more for me to play with pretty please? Well, I mean, it sounds a bit silly when you put it like that, but yes, this is essentially what I personally (in a totally unscientific way, as a fallible & biased human being, which I feel should go without saying but apparently it doesn't because we just had a whole discussion about this being a big issue) have decided to believe: Thou art god, I am god, all that groks is god. Because if you can't know for sure, then it's best to just treat everything as if it's divine, right? ...I guess that I can't be sure peanut butter "groks", but better to be safe, rather than risk offending my maybe-creator by dissing it. It's a good thing I like peanut butter. This will be a lot harder for Spam.