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  1. Zu

    psychedelic kaleidoscopes

    Thanks Tripitaka. I was recently reseaching kaleidoscopes (as I want to build a kaleidoscopic projector) but I didn't come across this beauty. Such a simple concept yet so beautiful.
  2. Some other good bands to check out are: 13th Floor Elevators, The Electric Prunes, HP Lovecraft, The Pretty Things, Amon Du II, Amboy Dukes. I love psychedelic music (especially the eastern infulenced sitar stuff). Here's a site worth checking out for info on old psych stuff: http://homepages.tesco.net/~beautiful.day/index2.htm
  3. Zu


    Q. What do you get if you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a bikie? A. Someone who knocks on your door and tells you to fuck off.
  4. Me either! They don't seem to have any problem spotting "hidden" messages in all sorts of films, tv shows and music yet take the bible completely at face value. I am particularly disturbed at the ones that can't accept the idea of evolution (either for a species or a society) but are perfectly willing to believe that the world is only a few thousand years old.
  5. Zu

    LSA Extraction

    I've found that water extractions cause more sedation and a less intense experience than just grinding and swallowing the seeds (HBWR). So although it diminished some of the nausea it also diminished the experience.
  6. Zu

    Free Voice over IP program with encryption

    Why does Andy talk about himself in third person? Zu thinks that's just plain silly
  7. Zu

    WA Seedring

    I didn't get the email.
  8. The following is an interesting document relating to the Code of Practice for Supply Diversion into Illicit Drug Manufacture for Australians. Appendix 1 is particularly handy. http://www.rhodium.ws/chemistry/law/illici...drugcode.au.pdf
  9. Zu

    WA Seedring

    I don't have much but I'm sure I can find something to send for the cause. I'm looking forward to the meeting since I missed the last one.
  10. Zu

    Spite! wins election for Bush

    I was just kidding, Gomaos The point being that if you're going to get an "evil" anyway you may as well get a Great Old One (it's an HP Lovecraft reference). [ 01. September 2004, 16:23: Message edited by: Zu ]
  11. Zu

    Spite! wins election for Bush

    Forget that "lesser of two evils" crap. Vote Cthulhu! http://www.cthulhuforpresident.com/
  12. Zu

    Greens policy backs illegal drugs

    quote: Originally posted by Ramon: ( If I understand how preferential voting works ) That's right. A lot of people seem to have the misunderstanding that our system works the same as the US model. In the US voting for a losing (third) candidate is a "wasted" vote. It's a crap system as it allows someone to win that doesn't have anything approaching a majority of support. By nominating your own preferences in Australia you can give the Greens your primary votes and Labor can still reap the benefits of your second (or third) choice. Just make sure you put Lib/Nat/ One Nation last. I am terrified at the prospect of having that little c*nt Howard back in power (just imagining the smug look on his face if he won is the stuff of my nightmares). Thankfully our voting system allows us to vote people out as much as it allows us to vote people in.
  13. Zu

    Archived internet pages search engine?

    It's called the Wayback Machine and can be found at http://www.archive.org/
  14. Zu

    Perth Meet

    Doh! I only just found this thread. If anyone reads this before the meeting can you please PM me with directions? [ 04. July 2004, 14:13: Message edited by: Zu ]
  15. Zu

    Perth Mailing List

    Ok, I'm in.