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  1. Legend bro - as previously, greatly appreciated.. Well keen
  2. tarenna

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

  3. tarenna

    I like big buttress I cannot lie, and other trees I can't deny!

  4. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Shots a bit blurry - but prob Blue Lilly Pilly, Syzygium oleosum.
  5. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Pittorsporum undulatum - Wavy-leaved or Sweet Pittosporum or Native Daphne.. http://plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/NSWfl.pl?page=nswfl&lvl=sp&name=Pittosporum~undulatum There is an amazing app for ID of rainforest plants - "Rainforest Plants of Australia - Rockhampton to Victoria" costs close to $50 (most expensive app I have ever purchased) - but absolutely worth it.. I think it contains data on a couple of thousand species and is updated.. You can enter visible features and the app narrows down the ID.. I use it every time I am in the scrub..
  6. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Likely G. aspera - seiberiana is big, up to 3m. Nuts for aspera: nut broad-ovoid to globose, 4.5–6.0 mm long, 2.5–4.0 mm diam., dark red-brown, shining Nuts for seiberiana: Nut 2.5–4.0 mm long Although for NSW - probably helpful to check out: http://plantnet.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/cgi-bin/NSWfl.pl?page=nswfl&lvl=gn&name=Gahnia
  7. Love da strenua Nice one hashslinger
  8. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Silky purple-flag, Patersonia sericea .. Yum yum..
  9. And not so much of a backyard visitor - but a back of bed one a few weeks ago. Was lying in bed reading a magazine close to midnight (couldn't sleep) when I felt a movement about 10cm to my right.. Twas the critter in the photo attached. A 1.2m long (and deadly) Stephens Banded Snake, Hoplocephalus stephensii - it was a chilly night and she was looking to snuggle under my doona.. A bit freaky....
  10. Reviving this thread with a couple of visitors tonight.. Heaviest rain in yonks brought these ancient critters, Fletcher's Frog or Sandpaper Frog, Lechriodus fletcheri, out of the forest floor for a root in my bird bath
  11. Yo PH/WC... Birds enrich our existences so much. Thanks for your story. When I have a bit more time I will share some of my own and a few piccies. Go well and enjoy the bird circus that is Spring!!
  12. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Hey thanks Micro Yes I thought it looked like Duboisia hopwoodii - interested to have confirmation of this from The Breeze.. Chasing and photographing fascinating natives is one of my greatest interests... Would be good to keep this thread pumping.. Love da Bombax...
  13. tarenna

    Post your native plant pics

    Hey The Breeze Is that a Duboisia?