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  1. Scary scary stuff bro - temps reached on the North Coast that I did not think physically possible until beyond about 2040.... Caused major rethink of living and gardening spaces and what can be done to mitigate such extremes.... Lots of shade and water will be needed in order to grow many spp. and to live comfortably.... Have attached a few shots taken around the backyard over the previous few months. 1 = Stephens Banded Snake 2 = Wompoo Fruit Dove (juvenile flew into window but came good) 3 = Golden Crowned Snake 4 = Giant Barred Frog. First 2 are Vulnerable species and the fourth is Endangered Peace
  2. Great stuff and much respect. What a fortuitous situation - you have approached it really resourcefully and look to have ended up with a good score.. Is there logging coupe visible in the background of one of the photos of the footings??
  3. Red-shouldered leaf beetle - Monolepta sp. - probably australis
  4. Amen. If caapi is given nothing but a tiny opportunity at the right place and at the right time then she will amaze...... anything else is a bonus,!!!
  5. Yo Fez.. Hope all is good. Might be worth checking with the d-man himself. He should have some recollection or record of these matters. go well
  6. Great stuff EG.. Will definitely purchase one now. thanks heaps
  7. If there are still hard copies available I would like to purchase one. EG can you please confirm that copies will be available if purchased now. thanks M
  8. I will go no 2 thanks. Will pm
  9. Hi Niggles I left the following comment on your blog and it does not seem to have appeared: Hello Niggles, A couple of words of advice or options to consider: 1. Killing rats and mice.. As you have found drowning is not humane - you could consider using a thick plastic bag (e.g. a large snaplock bag) and transferring the rodent from trap to bag, quickly sealing the top with your hand to prevent escape!! Then smash the bag quickly and strongly onto hard surface such a concrete or rock from overhead. This instantly breaks the neck of the rodent and can be quickly repeated if the first attempt fails, I have never had a failure on the first strike to get a kill though... This method is much quicker and more humane than drowning.. 2. Killing running bamboo.. There is a new method that is almost a silver-bullet method for killing bamboo (when away from creeks). It involves basal application of flupropanate to the rhizome mass (flupropanate is however a relatively toxic herbicide with a long period of activity). The rhizomes draw-up the herbicide and huge infestations of running bamboo are killed with a single application, but a complete kill may take up to a couple of years due to the slow transfer and action of the herbicide within the rhizome mass. Although using a relatively toxic herbicide, the resulting kill means that a huge primary and follow-up labour effort, and in the case of the alternative herbicides such a glyphosate - many repeat applications of herbicide - are avoided. I would be happy to provide case studies and specifics if interested. Well worth researching - but recommend lots of planning and preparation and expert consultation if deciding to use this method. peace and good luck with your new digs - go well and all strength... make sure you have lots of fun along the ways.
  10. Awesomeness... welcome aboard...What part of the NC have you moved to??... if not wanting to be specific then what valley/catchment/subregion??... the North Coast is a mighty big place....
  11. Yep, word - totes agree with RC.. This is a mighty big continent populated by an incredible array of Aboriginal nations. peace...
  12. I'll go the next one thanks Olive - much respect.....
  13. I went to the very first one near Bellingen and did not enjoy it. As a local it seemed really "clicky" and non-inclusive. Apparently some pretty dodgy stuff went on there but the structure of the event and those in charge have changed since (and apparently for the better)...