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  1. And go well whatever comes your way.. Thanks for your incredibly valuable contributions over such a long period..
  2. Bummer - I hope you can continue to contribute in whatever ways you can. If not then this place is a whole lot less informative and amazing..
  3. Calanthe triplicata
  4. Melastoma affine
  5. Bulbophyllum argyropus, Lord Howe Island
  6. Boronia hapalophylla
  7. DIpodium atropurpureum
  8. Triunia youngiana
  9. Goodenia fordiana.
  10. Nice to see you back around here spooge and to read your valuable contributions.. Nice one!! Respect
  11. Blue billygoat weed - Ageratum houstianum
  12. Bad weed - invasive and dominant in coastal subtropical landscapes. Spreading rapidly and degrading new areas.
  13. I used to find Hamiltons Trichs at various North Coast Bunnings, but it has been over 3 years since I have seen any...
  14. Hi there. Many exotic pine plantations in NSW are in State Forests so there is no problem with public access. There are massive swathes of these SF plantations across the southern and central tablelands and slopes. Have fun