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  1. Blue billygoat weed - Ageratum houstianum
  2. Bad weed - invasive and dominant in coastal subtropical landscapes. Spreading rapidly and degrading new areas.
  3. I used to find Hamiltons Trichs at various North Coast Bunnings, but it has been over 3 years since I have seen any...
  4. Hi there. Many exotic pine plantations in NSW are in State Forests so there is no problem with public access. There are massive swathes of these SF plantations across the southern and central tablelands and slopes. Have fun
  5. Could be a chillie
  6. Possibly - but only just... The bigger the vine the more likely to withstand these conditions. I have a 2-3m high caapi ,maximum stem width of approx 2cm, at the edge of a back valley floodplain planted below a native rainforest tree that gets periodic frosting down to a minimum of -2C each winter. All the foliage gets burnt off, but the basal stems survive and re-shoot each winter, re-growing to a bit higher each spring and summer.. This year, the 4th in the ground, the vine has reached about 4m in height and the basal stems are thickening proportionally. I am gunna try more shelter (shade cloth and padding with straw - something not tried previously) in the coming winter to minimise the amount of frost scorch and try to get it a bigger headstart come next spring...
  7. I just read this thread from the start to finish non-stop.. Whoa!!! I have a question for Thunder... How much time do you spend researching these matters?
  8. I met this plant for the first time last weekend, and was told stories about it similar to yours Micro...A most fascinating coincidence because I had never heard of it before. Much respect Alchemica
  9. Yes pachanoi "pc" type. No to rosei
  10. Looks to me very much like carth=alba.. Wavy leaf margins are diagnostic. I can swing you some foliage of various strains of viridis for propagation if needed.
  11. Prolly too cold in Sydney to grow kava without serious supplementary warmth.. And as far as I am aware it doesn't set seed...
  12. Legendary.. Thanks heaps Gimli. love your work..
  13. Are you sure that this plant is viridis?