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  1. Hi all, I was at my local nursery during the weekend and was asking if they had a good general cacti fertiliser. I know the guy there pretty well and he said cacti don't usually need much fertiliser at all, but after saying I was after some good growth and especially since i'm doing grafts, all he recommended was this stuff called Seasol. http://www.seasol.com.au/gsqp.php?gsqp=ssretailrange I think its those ones. Anyway, it says its low in nitrogen and its perfect for all plants for promoting healthy root growth, prevention of fungus and rotting and the general health of the plant. Anyways, i bought a small bottle to try it out. Does anyone know if this will be sufficient for my lophs and san pedro's? Cheers, KlUe
  2. KlUe

    Big cactus

    Unfortunately I don't have any close ups of this speciment but it's fkn huge. As you can see, some of the 'branches' are so large, they're falling from their own weight. Its behind my work if anyone wants a cut, no idea of the species; though i'm sure its purely ornamental. KlUe
  3. KlUe

    'Edible' Fungi Grow Log :)

    Hi all, I am preparing for another "EDIBLE" fungi grow - my first grow log on this forum Now, for all the ppl who have never grown before and have been thinking about it, I hope to show you how easy it is to get some nice lookin (edible) shrooms! Ok, everything I'm going to use is listed: - Syringe with some spores (hopefully sterilized ok!). - Bag of brown rice flour from supermarket. - Bag of Brunnings Vermiculite from local nursery. - 4 x Standard whiskey glasses from a homeware shop. I chose this type of glass due to: A) Couldn't find any wide mouthed jars, & They have a thick base to withstand high temperatures while sterilizing - Roll of aluminium foil. - Kitchen saucepan with a lid. Just a saucepan large enough to fit in approx. 4 glasses. I don't have a pressure cooker - you can use this if you have one. - Humidity dome from local hydroponics store (2 trays, base for water, other on top with holes, and the plastic lid) - Small jar of isopropyl alcohol I picked up from work. You can buy this online (Google it) or at some hardware stores. - Water mister/sprayer from nursery. - Bedside lamp with a 15w fluoro bulb. - Large cardboard box with white plastic on sides (previously used for clones) that everything will fit into during growing stage. I guess this isn't really necessary but can help keep out contamination and maintains a more stable temperature. - Surgeons mask (Not really necessary, but helps with overall sterilized environment) - You may also want to use a humidity/temperature gauge, mine broke so i'll have to do without. Well, I think thats about it for the things i'm going to be using. I've taken a couple of photos to help explain the dome and whiskey glasses better. Will post progress tonight after kitchen is free KlUe
  4. KlUe

    Bioluminescent Mycena sp. and more

    That is fucking amazing, thanks for sharing.
  5. KlUe

    Salvia flowering

    Agreed again..
  6. KlUe

    What to do with this old graft?

    Agreed, the damage looks very spider mite like. Either de-graft, or keep it as is and let it grow out.. Would take years to look nice and green again though. Just gotta be careful and check them over for mites regularly. I've had similar instances and indoors on a bright but not direct sunlit windowsill works well
  7. A MISTAKE about the timing of melting glaciers has snowballed into an unprecedented assault on the credibility of climate science, after revelations that an author of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report knew that one passage was wrong but included it anyway. http://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/storm-brews-over-glacier-blunder-20100124-mslv.html
  8. I've got a quick question in relation to the light spectrum suitable for loph growth period. If I've got fluoros on some lophs at 18hrs daylight - so what is the best spectrum to help induce/encourage flowering? Obviously for other plants i've been following a basic protocol of majority cool white for growth and majority warm white for flower. Question is - is this the same for cacti? Cheers in advance. KlUe
  9. KlUe

    Is Birdshit corrosive?

    Mate if that's what you saw then be careful with other loph(s) in the area, the spider mites spread fairly quickly to surrounding plants - I've found out the hard way.
  10. KlUe

    Pereskiopsis glochid removal?

    Can vouch for this for larger splinters so i'm gonna say peres spines will be no prob at all with magnoplasm, it's amazing stuff! Although very sticky and will be tough to keep it on kids as it has to be left over time.. I guess depends on how large the effected area is. Peace
  11. KlUe

    Dream suppressors

    A friend told me regular weed has stopped him dreaming (or remembering the actual dream, anyway) completely. He actually misses them.... Best of luck mate Peace
  12. KlUe

    Cacti "greenhouse"

    Hey guys, Bought a big and cheap Bunnings greenhouse for my numerous loph collection about a year now, metal frame still OK but the woven patch type plastic covering has corroded and is basically good as f*cked... What I get for paying $60. Anyway, I'm going to have to remake another one using the same metal Bunnings frame; I've seen a few threads over the years about which is best shade cloth to use but can't find it thru search engine. Opinions on what would be best type of shade colour and thickness would be much appreciated as well as any other suggestions. I'm also considering an outdoor type roofing plastic on top to keep some heat in, esp. during the winter, as rain tends to keep them a little wetter than I'd like. Peace
  13. KlUe

    Cacti "greenhouse"

    Just the link I was looking for
  14. KlUe

    Cacti "greenhouse"

    Only lophs in there mate, as well as a few other similars. Cheers
  15. KlUe

    Cacti "greenhouse"

    Cheers. I've got plenty of 50% green shade cloth but think it'll be a little overkill... Good point about needing for summer, will play it by ear. Might go and try out the white stuff. What % you using? Peace
  16. CALIFORNIA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said he welcomes a public debate on proposals to legalise and tax marijuana, which some suggest could provide a lucrative new revenue source for the cash-strapped state. The Republican governor, whose term in office expires at the end of next year, was asked about the idea of treating pot like alcohol at an appearance in northern California to promote wildfire preparedness. "No, I don't think it's time for that, but I think it's time for a debate," he said. "And I think we ought to study very carefully what other countries are doing that have legalised marijuana and other drugs, what affect it had on those countries, and are they happy with that decision." --- Full story/source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,25437381-401,00.html
  17. That's it mate, hopefully this will trigger some further states in the USA to follow suite.... but i'm not holding my breath.
  18. KlUe

    Need some advice

    ME, as Thunder suggested, I'd try calling the local police dept. When I got my whole car searched/defected, I couldn't believe how fucked it felt.. Middle of the main road and all I did was go 10km over the speed limit. I was fuming! Cop asked for the keys, but without me even answering he took my keys out of the ignition and opened the boot without asking me (long story short). Anyways, I called the local dept to find out what my rights were and what their rights were. The cop on the phone was really nice and gave me the info I needed. Peace
  19. Evening all, I've repotted one grafted loph after seeing a some form of fungus occur, however have noticed another loph now experiencing the same effects. Underneath of the "mini shrooms" soil were almost web-like areas of mycelium looking growth, with tiny pin-head sized whitish/yellow ball type formations all around little pockets of surface soil (1-5cm deep and spreading) Is this something I should be worried about? As its occurred on a second prized loph of mine, I'm getting a little worried this could do some harm. Any help would be appreciated, pics attached (sorry or quality) Peace out
  20. Thanks for the replies guys. I admit I had my suspicions regarding the wetness - I bought Debco Cactus/Succulent Mix (only brand I use) however noticed it was MUCH more barky than usual (closer to their Pot Power mix). Might have to go thru and repot the ones with that batch of soil. Peace
  21. KlUe

    Has anybody ever???

    Why would you waste beer in soil..?
  22. THE Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant. The move, which follows a decision by the European Union’s council of ministers in Brussels, has angered civil liberties groups and opposition MPs. They described it as a sinister extension of the surveillance state which drives “a coach and horses” through privacy laws. The hacking is known as “remote searching”. It allows police or MI5 officers who may be hundreds of miles away to examine covertly the hard drive of someone’s PC at his home, office or hotel room. Source http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/poli...icle5439604.ece This is a joke... Let's wait and watch the rest of the world follow suit...
  23. To be honest I'm not sure - if he's posted recently then no, but I think I signed up a while ago..
  24. LCDs are always on.. Even with black on the screen, they're still somewhat backlit. Edit. But then again, LCDs are a huge power saver compared to any CRT monitor anyway.
  25. KlUe

    TBM cultication tips

    PD, you're not alone - I've noticed exactly the same thing. It'd seem my fastest growing TBMs are actually in the smallest pots, small enough that I'd have repotted long ago if they were a different cacti..