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    My Kratom warning.

    Hi all. This is a notice i have never imagined or wanted to post on this forum. But it is a notice that MUST be posted for the safety and health for anyone that reads it. I began using Kratom a little over a year ago. I have had an alcohol problem for some years and wanted a way out via a natural help. I stumbled across Kratom some way or another and so my journey began. Kratom was a god send. I began taking it every morning that i woke up, 2 teaspoons and off i went... It gave me energy, happiness and positivity, and most importantly it stopped my urge to drink alcohol. This daily habit was what i thought under total control, but after maybe a month or so i began to take an afternoon dose too. All good i thought, its herbal.., its not like im abusing a chemical of some kind... After a while my morning dose wasnt doing what it used to so i upped the dose.... You can see where this is going...I dont have to go on. To cut a long story short my daily dose climbed higher and higher until it got to ridiculous amounts. Last Tuesday i had a Grand Mal (Tonic-clonic) seizure at around 10:00 in the morning. Around 2 hours after ingesting 20-30 grams of Kratom. I had nothing else in my system except Coffee. I woke up with 2 Paramedics and my stressed partner above me . I had a black eye and a badly injured tongue and lips from biting down ,and was rushed to the local hospital. Im quite shit at writing and reporting but i am happy to answer any questions related to this.....
  2. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

    Great to hear from you B !! I hope all is well in your life mate !
  3. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

    The hard part is how stupid i was about the whole approach to it. I should know better than this !!! Im not going to tell everyone not to take it. Its like anything , Moderation and being sensible is the key. I was an Idiot.
  4. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

    No, ive never had a seizure before...and i am now tapering off.
  5. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

    < >
  6. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

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  7. mr b.caapi

    My Kratom warning.

    Hear Hear.
  8. mr b.caapi

    New tool album out today

    Twice the album of 10,000 days....Its a masterpiece.
  9. mr b.caapi

    Prints for mcroscopy

  10. mr b.caapi

    Hi everyone :) new here.

    He's not the Messiah he's a very naughty boy...... Welcome mate.
  11. mr b.caapi

    Courtii Seed

    ooh that reminds me, its probably now i should be germinating these !
  12. mr b.caapi

    every time, i press the penthouse button, it's ph!

    Who or what is Planthelper?
  13. mr b.caapi

    I have returned

    Welcome back .
  14. mr b.caapi

    Post your track of the day

    Great band...
  15. Do I believe in Telapathy? Of course, me and the mrs have been reading each others minds for years ! ... We have been together nearly 30 years mind you. But yeh, its gotten to the stage we dont even have to talk to each other . E.g " what ya want for dinner etc. Its real.
  16. mr b.caapi

    Kratom for Methadone withdrawal

    Ive taken Kratom daily for around a year now (4 strains cycled) . I feel great everyday and believe it has strengthened my immune system too, havnt had a cold since taking it.
  17. mr b.caapi

    Post your track of the day

    It takes 2 or 3 listens, but once you get it its a masterpiece.
  18. mr b.caapi

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Hear hear.
  19. mr b.caapi

    Post your track of the day

    Its a rippa isnt it !
  20. mr b.caapi

    A.courtii seeds

    Hi, chasing seeds of A.courtii if anyone can help.
  21. mr b.caapi

    New Cacti from me...

    damn.. wont upload