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  1. Veronica

    bombs in london?

    This looks like another job for "Team America: World Police" this just gives bush and the rest of "team America" all the more power to go out and start another war on some other small oil rich country.
  2. Veronica

    Celebrate good times come on!!!!

    Great to hear CS...Now Stop being naughty!
  3. Veronica

    Manganese blocks HIV replication

    A polie with to much silver in his blood? No!!I dont belive it...lol
  4. Veronica

    chatroom now?anyone?

    Chat anyone?
  5. Veronica

    Nothing New

    Chemical Shamans Boot Camb, wilderness therapy program for troubled adults and teens of all ages. For over a decade Chemical Shaman has helped thousands of adults and teenagers and their families find a new beginning. Adults and teens are exposed to an environment where drugs, violence, sex, money and peer pressure are an ever present force at boot camp. Todays adults and teens are more protected and sheltered from the consequences of their behavior than ever before. So to answer the demands for today’s adults and youth, Chemical Shaman has developed a program that will help them put life in perspective and to deal with the issues and problems that currently govern their existence. Chemical Shaman has proven to be instrumental in helping thousands of troubled adults and teenagers gain a new perspective on life while achieving things they never thought possible. Most important, his mission is to help find some solutions to the crisis with Ketamine therapy. If his program does not meet the needs of every body, he will recommend other treatment options such as Chemical Shamans ketamine Medicine ball therapy or if you are really messed up you could try chemical shamans sex therapy. Its just amazing where he can put a meicine ball. So dont mess around, come and see Chemical Shaman now for a free consultation.
  6. Veronica

    Flowering Sally D

    My Sally put on quite a show last year and is looking like she is going to flower again. I think its rare to set seed.
  7. Veronica

    Road trip time

    :D :D :D
  8. Veronica


    Yep...very hard to get know:( I have a little left that I treat like gold I dont know what I'am going to do when thats gone.
  9. Veronica

    Study shows pot OK.

    If it wasnt for kava,shrooms,14b and the odd "E" every known and then. I dont think I would have made it through a few life changing events in recent times. I'am 100% shore if it wasnt for these substances I would be either addicted to anti-depressents or worse still I would have throwing in the towel.
  10. Veronica

    Chilli anyone

    If anyone has nothing better to do tonight? I will be on chilli chat for a couple of hours:)
  11. Veronica

    something funny?

    Maybe it's just the way the world is viewing America at the moment. That said, Australia isn't much better. After all we are playing following the leader. What do you think Auxin....?
  12. I totaly agree with gomaos... why does he kill the good and save the bad? Why do people have thier time? I mean i've seen perfectly good people die... yet the ones that have murdered, raped and beaten... and abused people are still alive doing just fine. How did so many realigions get developed... why can no one ever go back to the person who wrote the book? My Quiestion is "Who made God?" The God whose existence we have been forced to belive, by the very force of the argument, and therefore the question "Who made God?", or, more accurately "What is it that made "GOD", was there a god before this one, how made the one before that, to which the existence of God is explained?" the hole thing is crazy. I mean humans have been around for maybe 100 thousand years at most. But every other living thing evoled from the earth and become what thay are today, but not us (Adam and Eve). If "God" did creat every thing from the start, and it goes back a long way "fifteen billion years" give or take a few. He only desided to play around with us in the last 100 thousand years a blink in time it self. Why so long? And one more rant will I'm here. If "god" did make every thing, why the hall do "god" loving people frowned upon...drugs unless you buy them from a chemist?..Didnt "God" make them anyway. During a recent ecumenical gathering, a secretary rushed in shouting, "The building is on fire!" The METHODISTS gathered in the corner and prayed. The BAPTISTS cried, "Where is the water?" The QUAKERS quietly praised God for the blessings that fire brings. The LUTHERANS posted a notice on the door declaring the fire was evil. The ROMAN CATHOLICS passed the plate to cover the damage. The JEWS posted symbols on the doors hoping the fire would pass. The FUNDAMENTALISTS proclaimed, "It's the vengeance of God!" The EPISCOPALIANS formed a procession and marched out. The CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS concluded there was no fire. The PRESBYTERIANS appointed a chairperson who was to appoint a committee to look into the matter and submit a report. AND the UNITARIANS shouted "everyman for himself" And the ATHEISTS well they wouldnt be anywhere near a gathering like that.
  13. Veronica

    Poppy Plant Growing In Warm/Hot Weather

    Yes Auxin, I didnt say the same as, I said "sort of"...like MJ. MJ starts to bud at 12 hours or less light. Where I have found it to be around 8 hours or more light with Papaver somniferum. The other way around if you like. MJ starts buding with less light, Papaver somniferum with more light. I maybe totaly wrong here, but its just what I have noticed in last few years growing them. Have I cleared that up for you or am I just getting my self confused?