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  1. Nice!
  2. Happy Birthday to our goaty demi-god Hillbilly! hope you had a good day man.
  3. Or for the first time . Great afternoon - just what I needed.
  4. At pavilion (which has just been vacated by a very wholesome group of young people) now. Anyone else around?
  5. Cool, will see you there then.
  6. OK, so this meet on Saturday is at the CBD location, and the March meet is (potentially) at Alexandra?
  7. Yeah Sally, don't pack it in forever.
  8. Ok, so I've deliberately tried to stay out of this as I feel that I'm stuck between friends with differing opinions. The reality (or not) of binary gender isn't something I feel I'm qualified to lecture people on, so for the most part I'm sticking with: "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent." But I'll stick my head above the parapet to say just this: If you leave, you are effectively letting people censor you. Not directly, but the outcome is the same. You've got every right to express your opinions about who you are, just as other people have the right to comment on your opinions, and you to respond in kind. They are free to ignore your opinions, as you are free to ignore theirs. All that said, lots of people benefit from taking a break from this place when things hot up - get some perspective, and I'm sure you'll feel much better. On a more general note, I've always been a little saddened that the culture wars have made their way to our little corner of the internet. It was probably inevitable, but it might be nice if we can conduct the battles in such a way that relationships aren't destroyed. Just because you disagree with someone, it doesn't mean you don't owe them a little basic human kindness and compassion (you do). Just because they disagree with you, it doesn't mean they hate you, or that they are automatically terrible people (they're not). And if you thrash out an argument and can't some to a consensus, FFS, please consider just letting it go!
  9. I think either day is good for me - will be there if it's at all possible!
  10. Agastache mexicana - toronjil morado (purple melissa) Picked one of these up on a random Bunnings run today as the name sounded familiar, and I like anise-flavoured things. Turns out it's an interesting plant - not unlike a lot of Agastache species. The plant is used in traditional medicine as a tranquilizer, sleep inducer, anti-hypertensive, anti rheumatic treatment, and as a treatment for stomach pain. An infusion of the plant, both fresh or dried, is valued in treating various gastrointestinal, nervous, and cardiovascular ailments. The plant is harvested for drying as it comes into flower since this is when it is most aromatic. There's a good article mentioning this plant (an many others) here:
  11. manifestation
  12. I'm unlikely to make it there from my location in the deep south, but y'all have a cactus shot for me .
  13. Something to assist sleep would be very handy in my household. Would love to know the science behind it's effects though. What receptors does it hit? Does it have interactions/synergies? Side effects? Other health benefits? Will it grow anywhere else?
  14. I get a lot of ads for herbal/natural products in my FB feed, and this plant has started to pop up: Terminalia canescens - called Jilungin by the Nyul Nyul people. Apparently it helps you sleep, and gives interesting dreams. It's also reputed to be so strong that the leaves can be re-brewed as tea multiple times and still have effects. When I find a source I'm happy has been ethically & sustainably sourced, I think I'll purchase some. But I'm having trouble finding much on this plant in the way of chemical analysis or published ethnobotanical information on it. It seems to be widley distributed across the top end - especially NT and the Kimberley: Any of you heard/know anything?
  15. On that I am much closer to agreement. Whoever Q is, they are up to something.