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  1. Yeti101

    Post your word of the moment

  2. Yeti101

    How do I delete my account please?

    I don’t have a lot of detail, but he’s still around, as are at least some of his cacti. Might be a while before we see him around here again though (if ever).
  3. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Was just wondering the same thing.
  4. Yeti101

    socket passed away

    Oh man, so sorry to hear this.
  5. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    If this is still happening, I am in dire need of a sanity check. (The fact that you guys are my sanity check is possibly worrying, but let's pretend it isn't). If it's not happening, or I can't make it (I am not 100%), @etherealdrifter, expect to hear from me.
  6. Yeti101

    happy birthday yeti

    Thanks man! Sorry for being so elusive.
  7. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'm still interested - the main thing is that it dictates how big a night I have on the 19th . 20th is fine. 27th is also fine.
  8. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I can't do 16-17 June, but should be able to make most other dates. Am still free for the rest of May too.
  9. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    Interesting petition. I do wish whoever wrote it had consulted a little before putting it up - the wording of the plebiscite they are requesting could have been better. This isn't supposed to be unduly critical, but if we were to get anywhere near a plebiscite, you KNOW that politicians would try to undermine it by putting up a question that would split the pro-reform forces. E.g.: mentioning only sativa and not indica, mentioning the 'herb' and not edibles or other derivative products. Of course, as a strategic move that is designed to split those who think that legalisation can only ever happen via a Colorado-style market solution, it might be worthwhile.
  10. Yeti101

    Watch this space

  11. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    FYI: Alex Wodak will be on Channel 10 (Studio 10) tomorrow morning talking sense about the actual risks of weed.
  12. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    @Responsible Choice I should catch up with Matt, I was talking to him before I moved down here - and yes, he is staunch as fuck.
  13. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    @Glaukus Yeah, I thought no one was paying attention to that inquiry, or anything many of us have written since. I've been starting to suspect I was very wrong about that. Even before the Greens announcement, and the Victorian Drug Law reform report, I had good reason to think that some people in the MSM are very interested in the kind of angle we're keen on here.
  14. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    @DiscoStu - I'm probably good with the 20th.
  15. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    That weekend is my birthday Seriously though, I need to hang out with you guys, for the sake of my sanity of nothing else. Being typically organised, I can't say for that I'll make it, but I'll certainly try.