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  1. Yeti101

    Is this site dying out ?

    Yeah, current social media is a fucking dumpster fire of stupidity and bile, and that's before you even get to the companies making money off your data.
  2. Happy Birthday Mr President!

    1. SayN


      You were sorely missed on Saturday.  Happy birthday. Hope you're well. 

    2. El Presidente Hillbillios

      El Presidente Hillbillios

      Sorry I didn't make it I'll be at the next one. Or maybe the next one at my place. 

  3. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    Will be a while to see the flow-on effects of this, but still, it’s interesting (if you are an international politics nerd like me): World Health Organization Recommends Reclassifying Marijuana Under International Treaties https://www.marijuanamoment.net/read-the-world-health-organizations-marijuana-rescheduling-recommendations/
  4. Yeti101


    Thanks @Glaukus Hey @SayN: speaking of that, I really should get those books back to you some time!
  5. Yeti101


    Hey gang, I haven’t been around much, due to my life taking a weird turn since early 2018. Thanks to some members/ex-members, I ended up involved in some cryptocurrency related social media networks. At first this was just steemit, where the delight at finally earning anything from my writing quickly turned to anger at how comprehensively the system was stacked against anyone other than certain elites (and the people who kiss their rings). Then I got involved in a Chinese social network start-up called ONO. The exact how and why I can’t publicly reveal as I still like to pretend I’m semi-anonymous here. But I can confirm that I was sucked in by promises around the supposed ethics of how that enterprise was supposed to run. I later hoped that my deep moral disappointment might at least be offset by some marginal monetary gain. But that hasn’t panned out either thus far. What was sold to me as an experiment in decentralisation, freedom and community self-governance was really an experiment in cost-cutting, worker exploitation and the cynical pursuit of investment capital. Through it all, I’ve come to think that social media that incentivises user activities is often pretty toxic, and that when that incentive has/is a monetary component, the negative impact potentially increases. I also suspect some (though not all) cryptocurrencies and related projects are result of lassiez faire fantasies that involve little regard for the environment or the mental/spiritual wellbeing of other humans. The whole experience of being that interested in money has allowed me to acquire some interesting new skills, not to mentions some new friends (my fellow disaffected travellers). I’ve also found some new directions for writing that I’m trying very hard to pursue. But it has left me feeling hollowed out, disillusioned and disconnected. I remember some years ago hearing @Horus tell another member to be careful what you give your energy to. Different situation, but I really understand this now. I wasn’t ready to talk about this last time I saw anyone. Not that I think this is a big deal. One great thing about meeting up with fellow SAB members is that talking about everything in your life is not mandatory. In my experience, talking at all is optional depending on where you are at, and that's as it should be. Now I just need to relax and reconnect, and stop confusing what I think is worth saying with what people will (or won’t) pay me to say.
  6. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Hmm, 9th is do-able I think, but not a lot of notice. I'm less-available for the bits of February, but maybe we can get our shit together for March. At least the weather might be a little less punishing by then.
  7. Yeti101

    EGA event May 12th

    Excellent! I should be around. Who knows, I may even be able to give people a lift (for once).
  8. Yeti101

    Youtube vids

  9. Yeti101

    CBD oil?

    Will have to follow up on this soon - need to source some CBD-rich material or oil for a friend.
  10. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    I hardly have to point this out to the experienced campaigners here, but now is the time to make friends with (or at least make yourself and your position known to) the shadow health minister and shadow attorney general.
  11. Yeti101

    Watch this space

    Proving once again that they are Canada in this relationship.
  12. Yeti101

    Post your word of the moment

  13. Yeti101

    How do I delete my account please?

    I don’t have a lot of detail, but he’s still around, as are at least some of his cacti. Might be a while before we see him around here again though (if ever).
  14. Yeti101

    Meet up: Melbourne

    Was just wondering the same thing.
  15. Yeti101

    socket passed away

    Oh man, so sorry to hear this.