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  1. KanJe

    Show off your freaks

    Great thread guys!
  2. KanJe

    End of year camping trip III. NE Vic

    It looks like I'll be be coming this time around. How could I not after the last adventure. I'll have to see if I can bribe a couple of other member to come as well.
  3. You have a really nice garden mutant. It's obvious you have put in a lot of time. Keep it up.
  4. I really like your Gymnos and Feros, they're looking great Mutant. Is that a Strombocactus near the start? It looks great! Many props for the strombo.
  5. KanJe

    My loph has gone soft

    With growing slow cacti, they adapt to new conditions slowly too. From my experience, just by rotating an Ariocarpus it stopped growing for the rest of the year. I would avoid moving Lophs at all unless you have to. Pretty much like HN said, I think dormancy is crucial to the cycles of cacti, especially as far as flowering is concerned.
  6. KanJe

    Cactus splitting.

    Hey Tripsis, can you post an new image of where you think the rot is?
  7. KanJe

    Cactus splitting.

    I think it's a sign your doing something right. I don't think it will cause any issues in the future. What Tricho is it?
  8. KanJe

    Terminal weirdness

    Kada, I feel your pain with that crest mate.
  9. KanJe

    Easter show cactus

    I dunno, I reckon the winning Loph is an ex-graft. You gotta be suspicious of of the cactus folk. Looks like it would have been a good show.
  10. I found this interesting. Anyone have any feedback? Watch: Win Lo | Win Hi
  11. be my friend

  12. KanJe

    Siamese Lophophora

    I haven't done much degrafting either but I don't think it will be any harder than a normal offset. I'm sure you know the basics with this but maybe try a root hormone.
  13. KanJe

    Siamese Lophophora

    Nice plant Dr sanchez. I had one of my Turbs do this too. I'm not sure if its genetic. I think it might be something that happens directly because of grafting. But who knows You should chop it off and try to get going on it's own roots, it might have more value that way.
  14. KanJe


    I'm sorry for you loss. I don't think it matters how you let them defrost, once the water content expands the cell walls are already ruptured. I feel your pain mate.
  15. KanJe

    Lophophora Grandifloria

    That's mantle piece material for sure. I would get if I were you.