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  1. ah well... i just though the ribs were looking a bit plumper than the norm cereus... wishful thinking
  2. thanks... it was a cutting btw, so its stoutness may not represent its actual growth habits
  3. seriously though... i used to see those around a bit, so I went to the trouble to ID. From memory, they wernt known to be especially toxic, but ofcourse, I wouldn't eat them
  4. never mind
  5. they look a lot like mushrooms, very common this time of year
  6. i have a bunch of various cacti and succulents for sale as a bulk lot. Please make an offer, postage is extra, and I dont know how much. Ill take offers for a couple of days, and sell to highest bidder.I dont know how to add captions. From what I know of the species, amongst them are a serpent cactus, cereus sp, cereus x sp. old man of the andes, mamillia, trich sp., and others unknown
  7. I originally thought this was a cereus, but having a look the other day, the ribs made me think it was maybe a trich, any ideas.... sorry about the poor photos, and i cant be stuffed going to take more.
  8. .

    its a thread
  9. .

    this is quite dumb.
  10. i believe I have some of that... but the mother plant was quite a bit taller than what truca suggests macrogonus will grow, although, the spines are generally shorter thank the peruv that I have
  11. receive these today.... thanks heaps for your generosity ed!!
  12. you have to tick some box if u want to save your sent msg's
  13. if u make an announcement about a milestone post, u have to give something away.
  14. woot