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  1. Hello fellow plant heads. Due to moving house (it ran away! *badum-tiss*) I am drastically reducing my Trichocereus collection, starting with all of the Psycho0 cuttings. Listed here on eBay you'll find many of my delicious Psycho0 cuttings up for grabs at $50 per 60cm cutting (tip). They've copped a bit of scarring but other than that they're tip-top - see the item description for more details. Here are some of the photos from the listing. If you have further questions PM me here or via eBay, I'll be checking in on both regularly. ALSO, keep an eye on this space (i.e. sales subforum) for my once-in-a-lifetime-everything-must-go-tricho-bonanza moving house sale, where I'll have a variety of big, beautiful, interesting Trichos for sale. There's quite a bit to get rid of, and if you live in Melbourne and can teleport your good self to my place then we can even cut a pickup/in-person deal
  2. mu!

    Meet up: Melbourne

    I'll be coming along with a few choice cuts of shade grown Psycho0 and J hybrids for sale it's been a while since I've been to a meet, looks like it'll be a cracker of a day for it too
  3. being closed-source there's not much you can assert about it's security mechanisms
  4. Regardless of how many layers of foil you use always make sure it's of the finest grade certified organic nutjob-handrolled
  5. Your chat text is sent over SSL/TLS in the browser (thats the 's' in 'https://' in the address bar) which is an encrypted protocol, so it is secure in that sense. Contrast that to the forum which doesn't have SSL/TLS which means your communications with it are sent 'in the clear' (i.e. unencrypted) and can therefore be eavesdropped. However, it is not secure in the sense that you can say whatever you like on there with impunity - if a government agency had reason enough to serve a subpoena to Slack to bring up all chat logs for any chatroom or user, they definitely could. What you say there is associated with the email address you sign up with (as it is here on SAB, or any service requiring email registration). So long as that email address is tied to your personal identity (I.P. address, online banking, online gov services, etc) then there is a clear link between you and your chat history. Tinfoilers will sign up with a bogus email address not associated with them, and use a VPN to hide their activity from their ISP. As long as you're keepin it legal (or frame your rhetoric so as not to incriminate yourself) you'll be fine
  6. @Zedo is signed up so you can PM him/her for an invite now too
  7. mu!

    Meet up: Melbourne

    glad I made the last meeting. was good fun chattin to you folk definitely keen for the next one
  8. hey mate, wanna sign up to the SABchat slack chatroom? see here for details

  9. hey mate, wanna be the first to sign up to the SABchat slack channel?? :D

  10. Oh, one other cool thing is that you can check the weather for your city by typing "/weather cityname" - thats without the double quotes. Example: I type /weather sydney then the weather app shows these stats in the channel:
  11. Some of you, perhaps in the IT industry, have heard of a program called Slack. It's primarily used for helping teams effectively communicate. Basically it's an in-browser chat program where you can talk shit about whatever. It has cute emoji's, different plugin/apps and all kinds of bells and whistles. You can create different 'channels', or meetup rooms to discuss specific topics, or you can private chat people - all in realtime. I've used it extensively in the past and it's been great fun. In the past we've had numerous incarnations of 'chat for SAB' with varying success. Old-school SABers will remember fondly the days of The Lab. It used the good old IRC protocol but it had shortcomings like requiring a separate program, and generally looking pretty foreign to most people. So I decided to make a Slack "team" called SABchat which you can find here. EDIT: as it turns out the signup process is email invite-only, which sucks, so if you want to get chatting then PM me your preferred signup email and I'll send you an invite. I think the Slack creators do this to weed out any random-signup idiots/assholes. If you're concerned about privacy you could just create a dummy email address and use that purely for the signup/invite process. To get started, sign in with an email address[*], pick a username and a profile pick. For the latter two I'd suggest keeping it the same as here on SAB to avoid confusion but whatever, its up to you. There is a channel called "general" which is where most conversation will take place however more topic-centric channels could easily be added if the need arises. I'll take responsibility for tech questions related to Slack both here on the forum and in the Slack channel. However I won't always be in the channel so you're better off posting questions here - please avoid duplicating though because that gets annoying real fast. @Torsten can you please let me know if this is overstepping any boundaries or if you'd like the name changed. And as always feedback appreciated. mu. [*] regarding the email address: it isn't shown to other members in the channel. Only usernames show up.
  12. thankyou to @Trevyn for getting #1 - my first international buyer!