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  1. trixxy3

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    spiraleyes! sheet, haven't seen that name around here for a while.
  2. trixxy3

    Cat Killing Poll

    Our outdoor cat wears a bell and still manages to catch a few birds now and then, say 1-3 a month that we are aware of, on top of a lot of mice and other insects. But you've got to say, with all the land clearing and other garden makeovers etc that go on, habitat disturbances of animals, that laying blame solely on the cat is something a politician would come up with.
  3. trixxy3

    how unhealthy is this?

    Yeah I'm sort of similar to that, without the thoughts of suicide, I can get on well with other people, but would rather be left to myself. At times when I was younger this was tough as you see everyone else hanging out with groups of friends, being like paris hiltons etc, but you get older, grow into yourself more. Can not agree more with the people who suggest gardening and psychedelics, gardening gives you a hobby to take your mind off of yourself, and psychedelics help you fix these problems, gardening is the solution, psychedelics the cure. Best thing that ever happened to me from a mushroom trip was getting my arse kicked and coming out of it thankful to be alive. But I find the less self conscious I am, the happier I am, keep busy and have a lot of hobbies, surfing, gardening, photography, reading, learning, an enjoyable job, pets, music.
  4. trixxy3

    subs for your eyes????

    Could it perhaps have something to do with pupil dilation? as well as muscle relaxation in the eye area, they say that magic eye images are good for your eyes like that, i find my eyes at least feel less stressed after looking at them, but also when i close my eyes really tight the few seconds after my vision is also much clearer, could be an eye pressure thing.
  5. trixxy3

    evolution is bullshit

    Im a bit of a believer in evolution, i mean take a dinosaur for instance, look at its body structure, and you can find so many similarities, bar size in lizards, birds and so forth, just like a morphing over time into different species. Heres a theory i think is possible: Ancient egyptians somehow are what we know of as aliens, extra terrestials, or people from that era, exited this planet or relocated via flying machines, settled somewhere, evolved into there current form, and will come back when mankind rediscovers the being of the sun and mother earth. eh, anyway back to my brain.
  6. trixxy3

    intense exercise/ weight lifting

    That type of exercise uses the anaerobic system, which uses up stored energy in muscles etc, as a byproduct of the usage of this energy by the body there is lactic acid formed, which is the cause of the bout of nausea, muscle buzz, feelings of exhaustion and whatnot associated with this exercise while the body gets rid of the lactic acid and restores the lost energy. So basically its getting high off of lactic acid
  7. trixxy3

    Favorite drug movie

    only one not mentioned so far that i can think of: maria full of grace - about drug mules.
  8. For Valentines I was going to get you something amazing, truly out of this world, something that would blow your mind away, incomparable to anything else you'll ever have or experience in your life. But then I remembered you've already got me.
  9. trixxy3

    Adelaide Ethno Meet 2nd Sunday of each month

    I'm still hoping to make one of these meetings and meet some of you guys one day.
  10. trixxy3

    Tool casualties

    I seen them at Adelaide last night too, kinda dissapointing as I couldn't see much from where I was and the sound was pretty uneven at times but at one or two times it blew me away this was from just infront of the d entrance area, but they were tight as. Love to see them in November if they come back.
  11. trixxy3

    Big Day Out bans Aussie Flag

    Frankly I am more surprised that the introduction to the big day out website hasn't drawn more ire from the holy righteousness that is the media. Munching on a fly agaric 3 times to enter the site, surely that means that the big day out promotes drug use, does it not? I am absolutely outraged every time I have to visit that site. But man reading a lot of peoples responses to this on news.com.au, , very painful. Thing that pissed me off the most , people refering to "my" flag and "my" country, for fuchs sake it is ours, not mine. People have got to realise that the greatest thing about being Australian is that you don't have to be Australian to be an Australian. in spirit anyway.
  12. trixxy3

    NSW police targeting drug users on the roads

    What about the "drive high, people die" one, kinda putting people on a guilt trip in terms of the balance of karma in the world. kinda like "everytime you masturbate, god kills a kitten".
  13. trixxy3

    Songs with "La la la la...." lyrics.

    old man river - la play it on jjj a bit recently, chorus just goes lalalala, lalalalah.
  14. trixxy3

    Marijuana wreaks havoc on brain's memory cells

    Not to mention tv soaps.
  15. trixxy3

    Fun fact for the day

    Good one tepa. I was in NZ earlier this year and there was an advert for a beard sale on the radio. was wondering what sort of wierd country promotes half price beard sales, all makes sense now.