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  1. bonecud_56

    Chasing some Bridgesii Eileen cuttings

    @SayN had some available a little while ago, not sure if he still does or not. He’s a true gent to deal with, hit him up
  2. The market is so hard to predict, I think the COVID cash gave some people extra disposable money to play with and this pushed prices higher. There's been a couple of times where it's looked like coming back but the overall trend is upwards. As Glaukus says above, "pretty" showpiece cuts seem to be fetching more at the moment.
  3. bonecud_56

    Caapi vine live

    dunno about these guys, but I'm looking for a yellow caapi plant and/or seeds or both
  4. bonecud_56

    Yellow Caapi

    looking for a yellow caapi plant, or seeds or both Cheers
  5. bonecud_56


    Herbalistics has HBWR seeds for sale at the moment mate
  6. bonecud_56

    Flower photo competition

    I’m a lightweight, but I’ll have a crack just for fun
  7. bonecud_56


    Any chance that you have any more available? keen as
  8. bonecud_56

    Post your track of the day

    This ones an absolute classic, Edit: that’s crazy, I shared legend of the seagullmen and something else comes up? Weird
  9. bonecud_56

    Post your track of the day

    If I had to choose one track right now it’s 7empest, but the whole album has been a mainstay for me since it came out. Love tool
  10. bonecud_56

    HB01 70cm cactus

    Hey mate, any ideas on what you're after?
  11. bonecud_56

    Xmas Tricho Seedling Sale...

    Hey mate I’ll take the Santa Puma, Candicans and paralensis (I’m terrible at spelling) Cheers!
  12. bonecud_56

    Whomping Willow Nursery

    Congratulations on the venture mate! Exciting for you and inspiring for me. I've made a couple of purchases now via eBay. Very well packaged, sent promptly and excellent customer service. Highly Recommended.
  13. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Hey there I’m on the hunt for seeds or plants of Acacia Courtii and Phlebophylla. Would very much appreciate any assistance in finding these. Cheers
  14. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Cheers man, seeds purchased. Seems like a tricky one to grow, it’s a beautiful looking plant. Herbalistics has some nice photos of it in habitat
  15. bonecud_56

    WTB Acacia Phlebophylla seed or seedlings

    a fellow member shared this with me, seeds available https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164538629573
  16. bonecud_56

    Acacia Courtii and/or Phlebophylla

    Thanks for your replies, a fellow member shared this link with me. A. Phlebophylla seeds available from cheezelburger https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164538629573
  17. bonecud_56

    Tricho Seedlings for sale

    Keen as. Have PM'd you. Cheers
  18. bonecud_56


    I'm interested in one or two too