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  1. bonecud_56

    TBM Crest grafts

  2. bonecud_56

    Burbank spineless opuntia - prickly pear

    I’ve got some red ficus indica fruit I could send you
  3. bonecud_56

    EGA: Call for Bulk Seed Donations - Seed Care Package

    I could possibly get smaller quantities of cactus seed together, maybe 500 in total…will check stocks and get in touch with you, please remind me if I haven’t been in contact by Friday coming
  4. bonecud_56

    Bulk Seed Wanted

    What exactly are you looking for man? And what’s the intention with the seeds?
  5. bonecud_56

    P subs

    Thanks @dionysus and @mcgrath111, if I could get them in my area that would be preferable…then one could work with stem butts, cardboard, bark and all that jazz….maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find some next year
  6. bonecud_56

    P subs

    Looking for p sub prints, syringes, anything really. Might be pushing it uphill, but never ask = never get. cheers
  7. bonecud_56


    The SA CSS may be able to offer some insight
  8. bonecud_56


    Apparently the South Australian Cactus and Succulent Society planted a garden in his honour or obtained a lot of his plants And then planted a garden in his honour….something like that. I’ve got a Victor 4 in the garden. Looks like a nice, classic peruvianus. It’s been in the ground since feb or march, should grow well this season
  9. Hey all Interested in any home grown Trichocereus or Echinopsis coloured flower seed hybrids out there, I like the idea of growing stuff from home gardens. If you have anything post it here please, others might be keen too. Cheers
  10. bonecud_56

    Mega sale - rooted cacti

    cool, definitely keen on it still. Looks a bit different to the other candicans I’ve got from you. They’re nice plants
  11. bonecud_56

    Mega sale - rooted cacti

    Hey man, Keen on Pallarensis please. Is this picture I've attached the unknown? Either way I'm keen on it too. Cheers
  12. bonecud_56

    Zeolite interfering with MAOIs?

    Cheers man, planning another journey soon and he’s been zeolite free for a while now. If he’s crook again we’ll know it’s not that
  13. bonecud_56

    Zeolite interfering with MAOIs?

    I guess so too, kinda makes sense...binds to things you want to expel. Kinda like bentonite clay consumption
  14. bonecud_56

    Zeolite interfering with MAOIs?

    Cheers man, do you think zeolite could have affected his magnesium levels? And if that could play a part in his illness?
  15. bonecud_56

    Zeolite interfering with MAOIs?

    Cheers man. Yeah I use zeolite in my cactus pots and garden too. And that’s what I told him, it’s there to absorb minerals in the soil, so I guess the heavy metal detox is the reason why peeps use as a health supplement. He reckons that the only thing that was different between normal changa missions and the one that made him sick. And the zeolite was there for the rue/subs journey too, when he was quite ill, so he’s assuming that zeolite was a factor there too