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  1. mcgrath111

    Quick jourd graft sale

    Yeah, I'll take it mate...Can always use another loph.
  2. mcgrath111

    Cordyceps Militaris liquid culture and slant

    Would love to get on the bandwagon for the next round Lindsay
  3. mcgrath111

    Lophophora any variety

    I'll share in a seperate part of the forum, the translations are a little 'odd' at times haha.
  4. mcgrath111

    Lophophora any variety

    Thanks all, ENtiTY has got me covered Thanks Wile - I was trying to get seeds domestically, yet have heard good things about both those vendors.
  5. mcgrath111

    Lophophora any variety

    Hi All, After some loph seeds, going to experiment with them, try and replicate some of the Thai / Japanese methods (Well that's the plan from reading thai cactus articles, another question is how accurate is google translate?!) Thanks all, what a great community this is
  6. mcgrath111

    New to cactus

    You're already onto pere, graft away!...Beware of the glochids
  7. mcgrath111

    New to cactus

    Iso is good to clean out the containers (Although so scarce in current times I've found microwaving is necessary to prevent mold creeping in / particularly in a high humidity environment.
  8. mcgrath111


  9. mcgrath111

    CV loph seeds

    Hi All, Anyone know where to get CV Loph seeds? - If not in Aus, overseas?...I'm lead to believe it's a grey area to import cv seeds. Thanks!
  10. mcgrath111


    I'll take em!
  11. mcgrath111

    Trichs now not allowed on eBay?

    That's odd. But yes to the above, wide range of cacti abbreviated. I wonder if they would bother cracking down? Figure it's such a small part of ebay.
  12. mcgrath111

    Loph seeds any variety

    Hi All, After loph seeds, any variety. Aus only. Thanks!