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  1. freespirit420

    The colored San Pedro Flower Project

    That's looking beautiful!!!
  2. freespirit420

    micro habitat creation

    Has anyone experimented with creating micro habitats to attract beneficial species for pest control ? I am trying to improve my biodiversity and was wondering if anyone has knowledge to share on how I can do this? I am creating a little spider hideout using old palm sheathes & leaves, rocks, yakka leafs etc and letting the grass grow long around it, not really tidying up anything so the biomass will just naturally fall to the ground and create a bit of shelter. I know we have a healthy skink population which is good, I always see them running around. While we are in the corona lockdown i'm going to spend a lot of time studying how I can improve my little micro habitat as I haven't really put any thought into it so far i've just been adding to it whatever I could find that I think would be good. I'm wanting to create an environment with lots of praying mantises spiders skinks ladybirds and of course butterflys!!! I've already got a few swan plants which will be good to get the monarchs going. Need to dig some more up from home after the lockdown and plant them everywhere haha they self sow in the right environment which is wicked. If anyone has any photos of their micro habitats post them!! I will put one up of mine soon. Just going to go add some more to it now, it seems to be coming together nicely. Peace!
  3. Fucken beautiful alright, the things I would do to that cactus.... Jokes hahaha but dayum she's goregous alright, while i'm here I might as well just ask the question since i've never seen one, does anyone have pics of a mutant flowering?! It must be a beautiful sight! I can only hope and pray I live to see the day where I can make my own mutant crosses. It would be wicked to make a nice spiny mutant with a pretty flower. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. happy cactusing! <3 <3 <3
  4. freespirit420

    My Garden and what should I do with my Brain

    I agree with acasshia, that is super wicked awesome!!! I've got a little one no where near that size, Dekeius has obviously done an excellent job picking out just the right pot for it to grow in. As to what you should do with it, that is a good question. How long has it been in there? If it gets, or already is, too big for that skull pot, you could buy a bigger skull pot or similar head shaped pot ornament thingy, or, you could get creative with the scenario and try to make your own freaky pot using concrete, clay or wood or something along the lines. It would take a bit longer but then you have your own unique pot which is super irie. You would also likely save a fair bit of coin, as I imagine those nice freaky pots aren't too cheap. If you make your own you could go full out and even paint it or carve it with your own design if you want, you could do a bit of sacred geometry, symbolism, or you know, just whatever you like the most/has meaning to you. One could even create it in such a way so it looks like the skull has been cracked open and the beautiful M. elongata f. cristata is just sticking out at the top. I'm probably well and truly over analyzing this situation now, I have a habit of wandering into imaginationland and thinking out the many possibilities that exist in this strange world. I hope you guys all have a super wicked day and do something beneficial for the planet I know you all will! Peace and love nature freaks <3
  5. freespirit420

    Trichocereus x Pilocereus hybrids

    That's going to be so awesome if you have luck with it!!! Keep us updated on how it turns out, pilo X tricho will be so cool, it would be ultra trippy to see a real hairy looking tricho!
  6. freespirit420

    NZ cacti collectors ?

    Ahh yes, I have been perma banished from the realms of facebook. Most unfortunate, but also beneficial with the whole censorship and AI spying on you so that you get ads related to what you search for and like etc lol. If this platform got pumping it would be solid, I'm not all that keen on supporting the zucc after all he's just the frontman for the n';s][;a lol the whole data mining bullshit is insane, it's not like other social media platforms are different though. More people should become conscious of this and boycot them.
  7. I am also keen on clones and hybrids from nitrogen, even more so, seeds. I am based in NZ so seeds would probably be the best way to go, If anyone has any lemme know peace!
  8. freespirit420

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Has anyone created a ethnobotanical herbarium ? It would be cool! I'm thinking of making a herbarium of only medicinal plants.
  9. freespirit420

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    That cactus garden is looking good Jo, I love that monstrose looking freak!
  10. -Do you speak out against the govt, corruption, etc? I get the same thing if I ever try to make an account. "it seems there has been some suspicious activity on your account, we have terminated it" or something along the lines of that, as soon as I have made an account before I have even made a post lol. I have just safely assumed I have been permanently banned from facebook. It's probably a good thing, what with all the data mining, people selling your private information, etc.
  11. freespirit420

    NZ cacti collectors ?

    Who are all the cacti collectors from New Zealand? I'd love to meet some of you, I'm based in the Waikato. I don't actually know any cacti collectors personally except my landlord who only really has the t. pach o. monacantha and common ones like those. It would be awesome to meet some new people and share knowledge, resources, etc. I have a few bags of seed I don't mind sharing! Also, if it's okay with admins/moderators i'd like to make a giveaway thread for nz since the main one seems to be specifically for Aus. Since i'm fairly new to cacti collecting, I don't have a whole lot to give away, but as my collection expands over time I will have more things to part with. Peace and love!
  12. freespirit420

    Lophophora varieties

    Ugh, that's so devastating!!! conservation areas should really be fenced off and extremely hard to access for this reason.
  13. freespirit420

    my new ethno garden

    Ahhh! If only they were allowed to be imported to my country haha
  14. freespirit420

    Share some wisdom!

    That last line is sure to awaken some on the wrong path. I learnt just how powerful psychedelics can be after I used them every other day a few seasons ago and begun to just have bad trips. They were teaching me balance and respect for nature. I am now well aware that the longer time frame between usage gives you time to integrate what you learn into your life and makes each trip more insightful. Psilocybin got me off meth three years ago by opening my mind to the possible things I could do if I just stopped allowing myself to be controlled by substances. I still have a few addictions, which I am working on healing and with my next trip I will be setting the intention of healing these things. They aren't anything major, just the basics, nicotine, caffeine, sugar... Those last two are silent killers, no one talks about them. Sugar is in so much stuff! Anyway, it's all just a big growth/healing process. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Peace and love!!!