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  1. XavierDass

    Monstrose ID

    Looks like I have also collected another Opuntia monstrose cactus, an Opuntia Microdasys.
  2. XavierDass

    Monstrose ID

    Thank you all <3 With your help, I can say that this looks like Opuntia Subulata.
  3. XavierDass

    Monstrose ID

    No info on it when I collected it. It also has the small green nodules that I'd love to know more about.
  4. XavierDass

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    If you have the means and time, find a group that shares your views and get active. History shows us that time and again, the major shifts in society and social thinking happen largely through demonstration and agitation. I'm involved with a few group where we have been effective in orchestrating minor changes that contribute to a nation-wide acknowledgement of issues.
  5. Are you growing these mediumless hydro? I would love to know the details of that.
  6. Does CSS and HTML count? :p I'm supposed to be working, so had to be really quick in coding up a lil potted pach
  7. XavierDass

    has anyone used Coconut Water for cacti?

    Might have to try this on my Scop come warmer weather in the greenhouse.
  8. XavierDass

    Spore giveaway for microscopy purposes

    I need to get my notifications sorted out
  9. Hopefully trying to find something in the $15-20 range in healthy condition -- crest or branchy. Alternatively would enjoy seeing more photos of this funky looking plant.