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  1. XavierDass


    Thanks! I'll check my local.
  2. XavierDass


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a nursey or a SAB member that has comfrey to sell (location W.A)? rooted plants or seedlings?
  3. XavierDass

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    @FerdieJ, sounds like we have similar goals. I've got a few hugels planned -- also heard daikons and radishes can be good for penetrating heavy soils and introducing organics deeper into the earth. Vetiver grass seems like it also has some uses for our soil-rejuvenation and preservation goals (as well as a great plant for carbon sequestering). For now, we have a lot of weeds covering most of the property and all through the existing orchard -- so we've got some ground cover and free compost while I do my planning! :p
  4. I've had success with neem oil, used once the sun is soft and setting, to avoid adverse affects from the increased photo-toxicity. It works by suffocating scale and other pests such as aphids. I find it best used in a regimen as a prophylactic rather than a treatment (once original infestation is stamped out). I have seen some people report adverse affects on their cacti from various horticultural oils, though applying around sunset has been working well for me.
  5. XavierDass

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Recently potted up and labelled all of the hybrid seedlings I received from a friend, repotted my tallest PC into a 50L pot. Really need to get it in the ground once I get my hard clay soil transforming into something more living! Spent some time at my new property planning out our food forest and thinking how I'm going to rejuvinate the clay soil into something better (over a long period of time). Got more info on this soil tek? :p I've not heard of people using a mixer to fluff it up. Guessing it helps with aeration?
  6. XavierDass

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2019/2020

    Very keen, I have a small wattle seedling that I'm currently nurturing. Excited to get some seeds to plant on my new property -- a lot of border fencing to screen with beautiful wattle and other natives!
  7. XavierDass


    Thanks for the offer, Gimli, I didn't check the forum soon enough. Fantastic. Pm'd
  8. XavierDass


    I haven't seen them in any local stores :/
  9. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    Was nice meeting everyone. BBQ sounds like a good idea, Gimli.
  10. This poem never fails to make me nostalgic and eager for that bucolic stillness and the beautiful Australian (so-called) landscape.
  11. Would love to see this site implement 2fa for added layer of user security and privacy. As with the HTTPS migration, I'd be happy to help with implementing this. I think maybe a section for your public key could be a solid idea, and the server generates a unique code that you decrypt with your private key -- rather than google auth (I prefer to manage my own keys).
  12. XavierDass

    Why isn't this site using https yet?

    I'd love to get the ball rolling on this and happy to help out any way I can. Are there any particular blockers for this migration?
  13. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    I'm keen for this I can be quite socially anxious -- so I'm hoping for a good mental health day Sunday!
  14. XavierDass

    Gimli's Beezness

    This is info I need to remember if I think about expanding. I'm soon moving to a property that has a single beehive, though it hasnt been tended in awhile, so I hope it is doing well and I can take care of it!
  15. XavierDass

    wtb TBM long form

    Just like most of my cacti (with a few exceptions), I'm in no rush.