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  1. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    Sounds good, I'll be there :) I might have a couple things to contribute to the giveaway.
  2. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Yes! Bonus points for scented
  3. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Wattle as a privacy is a good idea! Got some seeds as well, so I might buy tube stock until I get a chance to germinate.
  4. Looking to start building my native scented garden as well as screening out some neighbours that have too much of a view into my yard. I've got a lot of space and boundary to cover, so any of your top recommendations are welcome. I figure this could work as a neat reference for others doing the same. So far I have a couple varieties of callistemon, grevillea, and some lilly pilly.
  5. XavierDass

    A couple cuts for sale

  6. XavierDass

    Few things for sale

    Keen for The bruce pups
  7. XavierDass


    Hmm, I'll have to check what I have. I found some in a rural garden centre. Thanks for the info!
  8. XavierDass

    Campervan conversion ideas?

    Hey Yeti, If you are considering buying a van to convert, don't skimp on height -- it will be sooo important for your day-to-day activities, storage, and plays a big part in not feeling claustrophobic once you've settled in. Some tall(ish) vans good for conversion: Mercedes Sprinter Ford Transit Toyota Hiace Although, if you're willing/able, I guess you could always extend the height yourself.
  9. Hi @MOTASH, you're looking for the 'Wanted' section of Seed & Plant Exchange. Unfortunately, I don't have seeds for you, but I'm sure someone would be happy to share the love.
  10. XavierDass


    That's a pretty sad state of affairs -- I thought they would be allies in conservation.
  11. XavierDass


    Thanks! I'll check my local.
  12. XavierDass


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a nursey or a SAB member that has comfrey to sell (location W.A)? rooted plants or seedlings?
  13. XavierDass

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    @FerdieJ, sounds like we have similar goals. I've got a few hugels planned -- also heard daikons and radishes can be good for penetrating heavy soils and introducing organics deeper into the earth. Vetiver grass seems like it also has some uses for our soil-rejuvenation and preservation goals (as well as a great plant for carbon sequestering). For now, we have a lot of weeds covering most of the property and all through the existing orchard -- so we've got some ground cover and free compost while I do my planning! :p
  14. I've had success with neem oil, used once the sun is soft and setting, to avoid adverse affects from the increased photo-toxicity. It works by suffocating scale and other pests such as aphids. I find it best used in a regimen as a prophylactic rather than a treatment (once original infestation is stamped out). I have seen some people report adverse affects on their cacti from various horticultural oils, though applying around sunset has been working well for me.
  15. XavierDass

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Recently potted up and labelled all of the hybrid seedlings I received from a friend, repotted my tallest PC into a 50L pot. Really need to get it in the ground once I get my hard clay soil transforming into something more living! Spent some time at my new property planning out our food forest and thinking how I'm going to rejuvinate the clay soil into something better (over a long period of time). Got more info on this soil tek? :p I've not heard of people using a mixer to fluff it up. Guessing it helps with aeration?