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  1. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Haha! I'll get around to it as soon as I can. I need to set up some irrigation for them as they settle in to my loamy clay soil
  2. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    I've bought a bunch of the recommended items. I'll report back in a few years with before/after photos :)
  3. XavierDass

    newby how to use forum?

    Hi John, when you begin composing a message, there should be an area just below the text-capture where you can 'Drag files here to attach, or choose files...' the 'choose files' is a link that will allow you to search your local directories for image selection.
  4. XavierDass

    San Pedro for sale

    Size? cutting/rooted? Probably not enough info here to sell your plant ... Also, is a hilarious way to say the same price twice while sounding like you're providing a deal
  5. XavierDass

    Scopulicola pollen

    Hey Phyto! You might get more traction in the Seed & Plant Exchange > Seed & Plant Swaps section : https://www.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/forum/35-seed-plant-exchange
  6. XavierDass

    Loph sale

  7. XavierDass

    Meet up: Perth

    Sounds good, I'll be there :) I might have a couple things to contribute to the giveaway.
  8. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Yes! Bonus points for scented
  9. XavierDass

    Native privacy screen and scented garden

    Wattle as a privacy is a good idea! Got some seeds as well, so I might buy tube stock until I get a chance to germinate.
  10. Looking to start building my native scented garden as well as screening out some neighbours that have too much of a view into my yard. I've got a lot of space and boundary to cover, so any of your top recommendations are welcome. I figure this could work as a neat reference for others doing the same. So far I have a couple varieties of callistemon, grevillea, and some lilly pilly.
  11. XavierDass

    A couple cuts for sale

  12. XavierDass

    Few things for sale

    Keen for The bruce pups
  13. XavierDass


    Hmm, I'll have to check what I have. I found some in a rural garden centre. Thanks for the info!
  14. XavierDass

    Campervan conversion ideas?

    Hey Yeti, If you are considering buying a van to convert, don't skimp on height -- it will be sooo important for your day-to-day activities, storage, and plays a big part in not feeling claustrophobic once you've settled in. Some tall(ish) vans good for conversion: Mercedes Sprinter Ford Transit Toyota Hiace Although, if you're willing/able, I guess you could always extend the height yourself.
  15. Hi @MOTASH, you're looking for the 'Wanted' section of Seed & Plant Exchange. Unfortunately, I don't have seeds for you, but I'm sure someone would be happy to share the love.