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  1. Calaverite

    Reward on offer

    It’s looking that way waterboy
  2. Calaverite

    Reward on offer

    Hi guys , It is mainly used as a culinary type herb because of its peppery taste but also has some other interesting properties and can be used for treating thrush. I want one because It’ll have a place in my edible garden and now I can’t have one I want it even more. nz seeds last had stock in 2018 have emailed them but have not received a response though I have from the numerous other places I’ve tried some are just plane ride in their replies also. It would be sad if I had to resort to buying from the USA an nz native .
  3. Calaverite

    Reward on offer

    What not enough money ? Or it’s just not here ?
  4. Calaverite

    Reward on offer

    I am offering $500 cash for a live NZ horopito plant (Pseudowintera colorata) in the Melbourne area or willing to travel to the Victorian boarder in any direction to pick up.
  5. Calaverite

    Pseudowintera colorata

    Did you end up finding any ? I am also on the lookout for it both here and in nz but no one has any, all out of stock.
  6. Calaverite

    Wasabi wanted

    A wasabi farm in the tropics you say ? I wonder how they keep the root temperatures down way up there...
  7. Calaverite

    Wasabi wanted

    Alright I now have a few options so I’ll grab a few from each known source and keep the winner .... I love a challenge. I wonder if it would be worth buying some of the commercial stem for consumption and trying to propagate from that ? Would that be even possible for a slightly more advanced than average back yarder? Darklight how difficult is the tissue culture process? thank you darklight , waterboy and Gimli
  8. Calaverite

    Wasabi wanted

    I did see diggers had them and may have to give them a shot if nothing else comes up. Keeping the temperature in a wasabi friendly range won’t be too much of a problem with AC. I can think of a few pristine mountain streams that drain mount Baw Baw where I think it could flourish naturally. Use to chase gold up there and is always cold and wet due to its elevation.
  9. Calaverite

    Wasabi wanted

    Hi Currently in the process of setting up a small scale climate controlled environment for this new challenge of mine. I read something earlier about the Tasmanian farmers biggest hurdle was getting the quality genes...
  10. Calaverite

    Wasabi wanted

    Based in Melbourne I am chasing some quality wasabi variety either division or seed. cheers
  11. Calaverite

    Urtica ferox / NZ Tree Nettle

    I'm looking to source either some seeds or seedlings already in Australia or Melbourne would be better. Willing to pay.
  12. Calaverite

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    All good gents
  13. Calaverite

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Understood but it's the media driven by greed and headlines at any cost that are the fuel for everything going wrong these days IMO , maybe they are the ones who should be held accountable.
  14. Calaverite

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    Sorry I'm no lawyer I was just adding to the thread and didnt intend on being crucified by long time members. Anyway my point was if you haven't even got freedom of speech a dark path is ahead