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  1. Not sure what they're called but i get a similar thing here, almost certain this isn't something you wanna eat. (but I'm not so knowledgeable about different species so someone may point out I'm wrong) The caps are really thin,soft and fragile right? as in will pretty much disintegrate if you squish them between your fingers?
  2. ZooL

    The ability to teach?

    What subject do you feel you have enough expertise in or knowledge of to teach other about? (I personally have none )
  3. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants

  4. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants

  5. ZooL

    Looking for any psychoactive plants

  6. ZooL

    The poor Victorian.

    I'm gonna go out and have a little look tomorrow, last time i went out and looked there was absolutely nothing, but past week of rains has had all sorts of things popping up on my property. Irritatingly the only patch of goodies i ever found on my property was right outside my bedroom window, unfortunately this was the only reasonable place the split system unit could be placed when i had installed so no to confident anything is gonna come back up there.
  7. ZooL

    Have I struck Gold!?

    Looks like some form of psilocybe to me but can't be 100% sure from the pics, better to wait for someone with more expertise and especially around the ACT* varieties and lookalikes that may be around there. But on the whole nipple thing, where i used to live I would find a massive variety of forms of the cap from patch to patch but of what I'm pretty sure were all p.subs. But yea, don't take my reply as a positive ID and better to wait for someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
  8. +1 for He died with a falafel in his hand
  9. ZooL

    The poor Victorian.

    Welp, good luck to all you other states that are having your restrictions rolled back a little in time for the seasons hunting, unfortunately for us in vic it would seem that our restrictions won't be rolled back any at all until only a few weeks before the season ends if even then, so looks like us poor Victorians are gonna have to do all our hunting ninja style. (Ps. I'm not suggesting the social isolation/distancing and restrictions should be ignored or are wrong in any way, so if you gotta do what you gotta do then do so, but in general just stay home and avoid direct contact as much as you can, even if your in an area that is easing restriction)
  10. ZooL

    Killing yellow stainer colony?

    That's a good point @Darklight , i had just been thinking of a way to attack the stainers but considering they are gonna just be doing there own thing and fighting againts me i may be better off just trying to favor and encourage some potential competitor. My main issue with them being there is that the ones here only very faintly stain yellow and are really hard to distinguish from the common edible field mushrooms making it harder and harder to be confident im picking and cooking good ones when they are also around. introducing and encouraging some other species that will not only be easier to distinguish but also will work against them may be a better option that just trying to eradicate them, especially consider whats been pointed out that they will likely just be replaced via spores in the wind even if i did kill the whole colony.
  11. Is there a fungicide that will be taken up by the mycelium to kill the whole colony? I have yellow stainers at the back of my property and normal field mushrooms at the front, last year i tried to pull out all the stainers before they dropped their spores but this year they have still spread to an even larger area than last year.
  12. Script blockers and https everywhere may cause this. right click on the number and click open in new tab.
  13. // ==UserScript== // @name GalWorkAround // @namespace http://shaman-australis.com/ // @description Work around so can click img preview and gallery images // @author ZooL // @include http://*.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/gallery* // @include https://*.shaman-australis.com/forum/index.php?/gallery* // @run-at document-end // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; var preimg; if(document.title=="A configuration or server error has occurred") { var elms = document.getElementsByTagName('link'); for (var i = 0; i < elms.length; i++) { if(elms.rel=="preload") { preimg=elms.href; } } var ctner = document.getElementById('ipsLayout_mainArea'); ctner.innerHTML="<a href='"+preimg+"'><img style='display:block;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;' src='"+preimg+"'></img></a>"; } })(); Just replaces the error message with a clickable intended image. Still can't comment and doesn't fix the DOM-url error that will causes first click in gallery to fail but at least you can see the images, so in gallery when screen goes dark on first click just click the X at top right then click again. Should work for both greasemonkey and tampermonkey. (haven't tested a super amount but seems to work but let me know if is error in there and will try fix)
  14. I had a go at trying to cross a few different (what i think are) epiphyllum that i found around the place when i moved here, not sure if they crossed or just self pollinated but all the flowers i tried it on made larger fruit where as the ones i left or tried to self pollinate either shriveled or made small fruit. When i collected the fruit i separated out most of the seeds from the pulp, then washed them, then spread them over some paper towel to dry, when i came back to them i realized this was a mistake as they were all effectively glued to the paper towel once dried and it took me forever to get them all off. Anyone have some tips of a better way to do it, or if even separating them from pulp before drying is even necessary or if it's better to just let fry in pulp and then seperate.
  15. ZooL

    Saffy season?

    yep, rains and fog have just turned up here in past few days. Annoyingly last year i came across a massive stretch along a pine plantation road with thousands of saffrons, I didn't actually know what they were at the time or that they were edible. Unfortunately for the life of me i can't remember where this was.