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  1. enthearch108

    Loph Williamsii seed / small plant

    TheCactiGuys on facebook sell lophs, grafted and non grafted cheap, good quality and good service. cant r8 highly enough. kurunjang is good too esp if ur in vic
  2. cant find any seeds right now, thanks + also would love to find seeds for caapi and phyllodium
  3. enthearch108

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2019/2020

    Haven't grown any wattles myself but I just bought 2x sophorae from tubestock acuminata is so purdy
  4. enthearch108

    Meet up: Melbourne

    ooo might come down, its at botanical garden? wht time?
  5. Is this still on? If so, I would love some seeds!
  6. enthearch108

    cuzcoensis or peruvianus/cuzco

    I hope it is a peruvianus of some sort Though I saw this photo of terschekii x psych0 hybrid (https://trichocereus.net/trichocereus-psycho0-echinopsis-lageniformis/) and it really seems like that.
  7. enthearch108

    cuzcoensis or peruvianus/cuzco

    yeah same plant. The older, larger, fatter growths of this plant have smaller and less spines when compared to the pups
  8. I bought two beautiful cacti (from the same plant) sold to me as trichocereus peruvianus/cuzco [a peruvianus from cuzco], the seller explained to me had very subtle differences in the whitening of the spines over time. After looking through ID threads, it would appear to me these guys are regular cuzcoensis. I also have not found any other sources for such a peruvianus on the net. Any ideas? THANKS