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  1. FungalFractoids

    Dopamine crystals

    http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2010/09/art-that-makes-you-feel-good.html This beautiful micrograph shows crystals of dopamine - the chemical released when we do naturally rewarding things like eating and procreating. Dopamine also affects brain processes involved in controlling movement, mood and memory. Spike Walker, last night's winner of the Royal Photographic Society's Combined Royal Colleges Medal, produced this image by passing polarised light through dopamine crystals. How the crystals refract the light varies depending on their orientation within the sample, causing them to reflect light at different wavelengths. Using this technique highlights more detail in the crystal structure than regular observation through a microscope.
  2. FungalFractoids

    Paul Stamets 'Life Box'

    It's a picture of me as a li'l tacker
  3. FungalFractoids

    Double Rainbows on Acid

    Probably one of those guys that don't consider peyote a "drug"
  4. FungalFractoids

    Double Rainbows on Acid

    Again, as per my last post here, dunno if it's been posted and too lazy to UTFSE, so apologies if its been posted before but this is just to beautiful for words, I can only imagine what the guy shootinjg it was going through The original: And for lulz, the remix:
  5. FungalFractoids

    Paul Stamets 'Life Box'

    HAs anyone seen his TED lecture? I'm pretty sure the boxes have spores in them because he was saying in the lecture something about using fungi to grow forests from a box. Didn't really get what he was on about at the time but get it now.
  6. Dunno if this has been posted before, to lazy to utfse, but another brilliant idea by our beloved mycophillic genius:
  7. FungalFractoids

    Qld cops to issue fines for swearing in public

    Your source links back to a Corroboree thread...
  8. FungalFractoids

    2010 Sub season

    That's not very nice :mad:
  9. FungalFractoids

    2010 Sub season

    Just a friendly warning on stockpiling dried mushrooms, many of you may know this already, but it can have quite dire legal consequences. This guy from bluelight got dicked with about an ounce of dried mushrooms and the coppers tried to pin him with 27 grams of psilocin, apparently 2g is classified as supply. The magistrate saw through their bullshit, luckily for him, and he walked on a 22 month suspended sentence. This sort of heavy handedness was news to me, so if anyone else isn't aware of what the fuzz are capable of trying to get away with just bear it in mind when picking and stockpiling http://www.bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?p=8444430#post8444430
  10. FungalFractoids

    Warning on Subs

    Shooting speed is worse. The subs reeealy don't like that, but once its done they no longer have a say in the matter For he recored, I have't shot speed in years, juts that ime a few drinks are fine, the subs even enjoy the camaraderie if you confront them and tell them wtf it is you want from them (quite amenable chaps, if you just talk back). But yeah, don't shoot speed on subs. If nothing else they warp your vision as you do it and make it fucking hard to find a vein yeah, fucking hardcore to the max (one upon at iem anyeway)
  11. FungalFractoids

    Warning on Subs

    LOL, he sees right through me! Don't mind me, I am a knob. but I mean it in an irreverent way. I have had many sub experiences from the light joyous to the OMG the carpet is swallowing and I'm dead and am the cosmic being at the end of time remembering my own evolution in reverse. Shit, that's how I befriended PD, many, many years ago! Just don't take my bullshit too seriously, knobliness is my natural state of being, please forgive my foibles Peace and hatred to you all! PS: Subs LOVE good graf and good hip hop. Kick back with somne rhymes, close your eyes and experience the love and mad graf. Nothing beter imo. Truly that culture has a deep psychedelic undercurrent that the myco-gnosis truly appreciates. You northrn monkeys are just pussies, and cubes are for lamers, subs are the BUSINESS! YEEEEAAH!
  12. FungalFractoids

    Warning on Subs

    Spoken like a true Victorian, not like the cube munching interstate fags. And its is coming from a man who lived for excess in every other aspect of his life, believe me, I know whate he is like IRL. Subs teach you control and the principle that less is more. Subs are the fucking shit, and unless your paralysed from the neck down you have no business sooking because yu having a dark and brooding trip, man the fck up and grow a set, then learn to let go and have good time, subs can be awesome fun if you do it right. I suspect the OP is doing it wrong.
  13. FungalFractoids

    Warning on Subs

    The OP is an eejit and probably just took too many. Subs are strong, no doubt, but I have had as many enlightening, fun, lighthearted, illuminating, life changing sub trips (more even) than I have the dark, brooding, head fuck trips. Its all about does and how you engage with the mushroom. I've laways found if you say 'ffs enough is enough, with ll dues respect, I know I have this waaaaaang reality to face at some point, but right now, right now I'd like to just fucking chillax, maybe listen to some music and see visions of the sickest graffiti art nevr yet produced/ IME they are quite amenable chilling fuck out as you need, as long as you are prepared to interact with them, and and on your feet, and not act like some helpless little bitch, but like a man and a warrior who isn't prepared to take their shit lying down. That being said, try that on a big dose and your going to be in for a rude awakening. The key is dosage and interaction, they will listen if you talk back. Just don't inject speed, they really fucking HATE that.
  14. FungalFractoids