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  1. Emeraldjewels

    Artemisia vulgaris (tree)

    Still looking
  2. Emeraldjewels


  3. Emeraldjewels

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    Pmed you my address
  4. Emeraldjewels

    N. rustica seeds - Giveaway

    If it’s ok I’d be happy to have some
  5. Emeraldjewels

    Artemisia vulgaris (tree)

    Looking for rooted cuttings of the mugwort tree pm me
  6. Emeraldjewels

    Bridgesii seed giveaway CLOSED

    Yes please :)
  7. Emeraldjewels

    Pe6 spores for microscopy

    Have some spores for sale, pm me
  8. Emeraldjewels


    Hi, looking for caapi plants and also psychotria plants, and cactus cuttings or seedlings
  9. Emeraldjewels

    Finished **** Psychotria alba seedling giveaway

    I’d like one, is there any left? Thank you
  10. Emeraldjewels

    Psychotria seeds

    Looking for some fresh seeds, pm me also pm if you have any other plant seeds you think I might like.
  11. I’ll have some please thank you.