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  1. I know its last minute but this happens at 8pm tonight, 08/09/16


    held by Students for Sensible Drug Policy


    Webinar Series #1 - 'Stigma, Drug Use and Advocacy'




    Webinar #1 features Social Science Lecturer of RMIT University, Dr James Rowe, and Dr. Alex Wodak, President of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation. The webinar includes footage of their talk at the Melbourne University Medical Students Conference of 2016. They discussed the barriers which some may encounter attempting to access services in the mainstream health system for people who are identified as drug users.



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  2. i dont think they would really like clay soil too much.


    more sandy, gritty, or dolerite sandstone based soils i would have thought.


    my experience is sandy soils.


    having said that i have had success with A. obtusifolia and A. florabunda in heavy clay soils.


    EDIT:  duh.  got my soils wrong!

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  3. i remember the early mid 90's bush doofs in Tasmania. wow!!!!


    back in the day when no one cared who the dj was, and they were off in some tent somewhere.


    it was all about the music and the experience.

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  4. I enjoyed the film.  the cinematography was stunning.


    i really enjoyed what i though was a nice sly dig at terrance mckenna.


    maybe spoliers, but  i thought given the mood of people they didnt need to mythologise ayahuasca as much as they did.  they could have been really open about it and the hallucinogenic scene at the end was a bit trite.

  5. hey guys.  i clean forgot.  i have exams coming up next few days. and just been in a really weird space.


    plus really not liking this new site software so kind of keep forgetting to check.


    i feel like yet another old time member on the cusp of disappearing.