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  1. As above,


    looks like fairly normal insect damage to me.


    possibly in tandem with environmental conditions as well.  i have seen a lot of burnt plants this spring, i suspect because of lack of normal hardening on new growth due to weird spring weather.  overcast and wet with sudden hot days

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  2. 1 hour ago, HolographicYou said:

    I'm only going to bed now so hopefully the next three hours of sleep are quality. I would hate to miss out on today.


    Oh to be young again and be able to do that.


    takes days to rejuvenate now from even a really late one at 3 am for me.  and hangovers are now two days.

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  3. whats the eta guys.


    early like 11 am again,  or something a little more cosmopolitan say 1 pm?


    ill be getting there earlyish to check the rare plant stalls so i might see some familiar faces before hand ;)

  4. With the EGA fundraiser drawing dangerously close to completion, there are still plenty of great perks to grab.


    One in particular that might be of note to SAB'ers is the Herbalistics voucher valued at $150. There is also a few festival tickets, heaps of amazing art prints, plant prints from Ronny Simulacrum, as well as artworks by some of Australias best psychedelic artists, and of course some great EGA packs and EGA blotter art.


    It has been amazing how much the Australian Psychedelic arts community, and dedicated individuals have gotten behind this project with many amazing donations. It has also been lovely to see how much our community has gotten together to back this fundraiser and help pool some much needed funds so that EGA can pay for the following:


    · Deposit to secure the venue for the 2017 symposium

    · Early logistical requirements for the 2017 symposium

    · Early purchase of international keynote speakers' airfares to reduce travel expenses

    · New and improved website and design for 2017 symposium

    · New video content for the EGA YouTube channel


    Any extra contribution above and beyond the target are highly appreciated and will help contribute to:


    · Subsidise the student ticket price to the 2017 symposium

    · Fund art projects, décor and lighting at the symposium

    · Subsidise hosting & travel costs for international speakers whilst in Australia

    · Support Australian speakers’ conference expenses


    Hopefully in one last push with less than a week left EGA can attain the fundraiser goal and more.


    the website is: www.chuffed.org/project/psychedelics

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  5. 2 hours ago, etherealdrifter said:

    Van Gogh man


    It was the height of our day in the strathbogie and you were very comforting because i felt particularly harsh and bothered yet you were calm and matter of fact.

    Pleasure knowing you man .......you sabber you

    haha that be me.  i love that hat ey!


    mate, that was a great ega, and great to hang out with you guys.  looking forward to more next year ;)


    yep im a sabber, and infact i should hunt up my sab number - if i was ever going to get a tattoo that would be one.


    a pleasure knowing you as well, and more years yet.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Micromegas said:

    " All I ask is that in a few years you send a couple of the seedlings back to me"


    How'd they turn out! Haha.


    All the best for the next 10!


    haha nice.  i could send you a couple when i get back to the collection.  i'll find pic ;)


    cheers mate.

  7. These guys are an australian native aka hard as nails.


    but dont grow them indoors.   that was my first ever mistake growing ethno plants.  that need to be adapted straight away.


    best advice is to cut of the seed coat after slight nicking and swelling  let them grow in vermiculite for a bit with lots of water with rhizobacterum from soils sourced from around the base of other acacias.   ie soak the soil in some water and pour that over them.  then pot them up.  nodules are essential, so treat them multiple times with a soil slurry


    dont worry about ph, just rain water should be fine.  they dont need much nutes, they get all their nitrogen from their nodules. maybe some slow release aussie ozmocote.


    plant them out when you can, the sooner in the ground the better, but they can do a couple of years in a pot.  get em in the ground so they can go gangbusters.


    good luck

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  8. for what its worth, yes i have been to the amazon and done ayahuasca, but nothing about the experience felt feminine as such.  For me it was a very challenging and difficult experience each time. as with mushrooms, there was a whole group of "entities" for lack of a better term, but none felt like you could apply a gender, this was a state where that doesnt matter anymore.  The only feminine presence during aya was the woman who sat next to me during my second experience while i was reduced to clay and rebuilt by the little beings who had lots of fun inspecting and playing with aspects of my mind body consciousness.


    the only truly feminine plant i have experienced was salvia.  aspects of love and of anger.  its interesting how she entices you intot he experience with her singing.

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  9. Happening Tuesday 20th of September, hope to see some of you there.:


    Melbourne Mushroom Day 2016 – 920 Coalition & EGA Fundraiser



    This year we’re asking you to find the others. Come out and support your psychedelic community and the important work being done around psilocybin mushrooms. This year’s event will also be a fundraiser for EGA’s 2017 outdoor conference. You can support their fundraiser by coming along on Tuesday and by clicking the link below.




    Tuesday September 20th, 6:30pm – 10pm
    11A Hope Street, Brunswick
    $5 recommended donation

    Range of speakers, art, music and literature.

    Tim Payne, co-founder of EGA
    Martin Williams, President of PRISM
    Steph Tzanetis, DanceWize co-ordinator
    SSDP Australia
    Pixie Collective books



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