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  1. damn looks like i cant make it.


    the plant sexpo is on at tesselaar gardens. and im busy on sunday so cant swap things around.


    see what i can do to meet for dinner, but maybe pop in and say hi,


    update:  nup, sorry cant make dinner or the meet.  sorry i missed you niggles.  have fun all.

  2. i have had to offset my own travels as well.


    I was planning to go this year.  but over the last couple of  years it has kept getting offset. im now looking at 2019.  but on the plus that gives me time to save extra money.  and research places to go.


    and to keep an eye on ticket prices

  3. im going to enter into this conversation properly in the next day or so once my brain come back from holidays.


    but whole genome sequencing is pretty much the future but it becomes complicated, because of the insane amount of data and then there is the processing.


    There is a lot of guesswork and a lot of "winging it!"


    but given i am entering into this field of study i should probably contribute



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  4. Hey Carl,


    yes this meet is scheduled for 11th december 2016 at said location.


    im afraid while there may be a couple of people who arrive late, 4pm may be challenging.  but its december so lets see.


    i would tentatively put my hands up if others dont claim them.  but im heading to tas for a bit


  5. I did 6 weeks in peru with minimal spanish.  i wish i had spend more time learning with classes, what to listen for and how to speak.  i would have gotten so much more out of the experience.


    i travelled with a day pack.  essentially two sets of clothes, and a few extra clothing items.  things are so cheap there you can buy clothing there if you need it, and you stand out with western clothing. kept paperwork on my body at all times.  and had everything important backed up to google drive.  i was given advice before i left that backpackers are easy prey, and while at a couple of hostels people lost their packs in the full security of the hostel so best to always have things to hand.


    given it was my first journey and i was on my own i traveled around by bus, and booked most things in advance.  i lost a little independence, but i felt safe pretty well all the time.  the lonely planet guides are ok to get a general idea, but not the best when it comes to advice on accommodation or food.  dont go with the intention of buying too much stuff while you travel as it weighs you down.


    and dont go with too much tech.  even cameras can be problematic.  the humidity in the amazon made my camera unusable.


    my journey was to see some sights and enjoy the country, build confidence, and set the scene for the next time i go when i can feel more comfortable heading off without a plan, with a good knowledge of the language and be in a better position to head away from the tourist areas, especially as id like to get away from the touristy ayahuasca areas.


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  6. I check every other day.  but this year i have gone weeks without checking in after previously being a daily visitor.


    i remember with Australian Ethnobotany, the frustration of how facebook essentially killed it off, and suspect it wasnt the only site that was killed off by social media.


    it seems SAB is far too good a resource, and too strong a community for it to die off in the same way.  activity seems to happen in waves, as groups of new people come and go.



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