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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for the same type of info. Would love to find info about buying / growing cactii and other interesting plants in Tasmania.

    Also very keen to make contact with other tasmanian ethnobotanists and mycologists.

    cheers. Obtuse.

  2. hi there,

    I have these sick looking Acacia Obtusifolia. there are two of them.

    I would take them outside to half shade during the day, and back indoors for nights, which i have since learnt is a no no.

    we have had a lot of cold days then suddenly really hot days, so is it the weather?

    or am i just over / underwatering it. is it too much phosphorous?

    I have others that arent as old (a week younger), but are all looking really healthy, and have all been indoors the whole time, so i suspect i have just shocked these two.

    I'm learning, but would like them to pull through. I would like confirmation of what i have done wrong.

    anyway, cheers.



  3. Hi there,

    A friend of a friend asked me recently about collecting spores from dried mushrooms. He has some tassie woodlovers left over from winter.

    He has recently taken an interest in researching mycology, but being a newbie hadn't taken any spore prints. knowing i have read a lot (but not enough me thinks) about the subject, he asked if i would look into it.

    I have done a pretty good search through this forum and others. about to give up, but thought i'd ask.

    Sounds feasbile to me, but how would you do it. scrape whatever possible from the gill areas. maybe pulverise the cap. what is the possilbe risk of infection from other biological matter present on the cap or gills.

    would there still be any spores present.

    Anyway, cheers. =)