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  1. 4 hours ago, gem said:

    Pretty goddamn sure everyone is gonna recognise you but hey if you want to go ahead with the tees...  Honestly I think you like your nipples being tweaked and that's why you want the tee!  Onto you buddie! 


    Unless hes butt naked and shovelling compost im not sure i will.

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  2. Feeling creative and want to have some fun helping EGA at the same time? So, in good old-fashioned EGA style, in the buildup to the 2017 Symposium in December, we are going to run an art competition. EGA is looking for an original piece of art suitable to be used as the cover for the EGA Symposium 2017 journal (EGA journal 4).


    The winner will receive (besides tumultuous applause and various accolades) 1 Free ticket to attend EGA 2017 which includes free camping, and of course a couple of copies of the Journal!


    One design will be selected to be used for the cover and may be used in other EGA 2017 media (e.g. on the program, or printed on khaki green T'shirts that may be made available for purchase at EGA 2017 or through the EGA website). It could be of any related medium or style, i.e photography, painting, 3d render, illustration etc and can include any elements of traditional psychedelia or something unexpected but in keeping with the culture and history of the scene. However, we would like the design to be primarily focused around plants or something organic and earthy. The work can also be an older work as long as you are the copyright holder. It is completely up to your creative discretion, but keep in mind that it will be used as a book cover.


    Adobe Photoshop files are preferable, but all file types should be ok.  The winning artwork will need to be provided in a high resolution format (greater than 300 dpi). Please note as a condition of entry into the competition that the winner agrees to donate their design to EGA for the purposes of the journal cover and additional fund-raising. If the judging panel feel that none of the submitted artworks are suitable then no prize will be awarded.


    Submission closing date: Edit: extended to midnight Friday 27nd October 2017. No late entries will be considered.


    Please post an example of your design on this thread where possible and also submit your designs to: egajournal[at]gmail.com with the subject line ‘EGA Journal Competition submission’.  We appreciate some people may not have joined this forum so the facebook thread is also appropriate:



    Include your full name and address in the email so we can contact you if you are the winner.


    Maximum of three entries per person.


    Enjoy channelling the plants, we look forward to seeing the results.


    Note to moderator - feel free to place this thread into the creative section on SAB after a week if it feels more appropriate


    In Plants we trust



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  3. Despite this being about fish, to the best of my knowledge this is still an acceptable discussion within enthnobotany, and moreso because it slips into  ethnopharmacology (Have you read "serpent and the Rainbow" by Wade Davis) a valid discussion here..  thus i would have thought this forum is still an acceptable place for  discussion on cultural usage or the ethnopharmacology. otherwise as per AndyAmine, Bluelight or DMTNexus i would have thought would be the best alternatives.


    Other than that if after specific knowledge then my advise would be to contact researchers who have published on the topic.


    When i did natural products chemistry there were two focuses, plant chemistry and marine chemistry, and it was quite clear just how new and novel marine natural product chemistry was at the time. I would assume its still incredibly novel, especially when it comes to potentially pharmacologically active compounds.