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  1. sure i can supply some pics.  i need to make an assessment of the collection, and see what pups i have.  i am bringing some pups back to victoria in order to develop a collection here. but i have plenty of excess seedlings, and cuts of things im not really interested in such as 'yowie' and some peruvianus cuts.

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  2. I am from far south, south of hobart.


    Most people ive meet on here seem to be from the north west, or hobart area.


    took me ages to get peres, and even that was slow growing for me.


    i can send photos when i get back.  but not into people visiting my collection out of privacy concerns.

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  3. On 10/20/2017 at 5:14 PM, El Presidente Hillbillios said:



    I think maybe because chemical shaman was a loved member here and a lot of the older members would like a plant to remember him by.


    Ive bought memorial plants that really i wouldnt have cared how much they cost. 



    it looks amazing, but its for this reason i would love to have a piece in my collection.

  4. Ex - tassie here.  there are collectors in Tas, they come and go from this forum, but there are certainly some nice specimens around.


    i will be back for a couple of months soon. looking forward to seeing how my collection there is.


    are you north or south of the island?


    cactii in tas are pretty slow growing and a good greenhouse does wonders.


    I may be able to help you depending where in Tas you are located.

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  5. On 10/6/2017 at 6:15 PM, Skellum said:

      I think "Chemical Shaman" was a former SAB member too if memory of the story serves me right.


    Yes, he was.  really lovely guy.  the name of the cultivar total suits his sense of humor.

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  6. on the topic of Alien: covenant.


    i really dont like how the story line has now included humans/robots/corporations as part of the creation process, as it ruins the epicness of the mythology.  this amazing species spreading from planet to planet absorbing the genetic structure of the species it uses as its host, as the result of some ancient terraforming experiment/weapon.


    it ruins the whole aliens vs predator side story that i found really enjoyable.

  7. 4 hours ago, El Presidente Hillbillios said:


    I do have one question though, does it have to be my art? I have a good buddie and Saber who recently died. He was a kick ass artist and i would love to maybe submit something of his 


    pm me, lets chat about that.  if its been left to you and you own it and i guess the copyright (i need to think about that) then i dont see why not.