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  1. Yes it is a concern,

    i know of workers at mushrooms farms who develop allergies to mushrooms because of the exposure to spores. and i would assume if you were asthmatic it may cause issues. it would really depend on the concentration of spores in the air, as we are all breathing in spores and particulate matter all the time. but yes reishi and oysters are heavy spoulators.

    i have recently developed issues with hay fever / small air borne particles. so i am also concerned about my hobby. i am currently not growing anything due to crazy ass life issues and lack of time. and am concerned about starting up again.

    In thinking about it you can do outdoor grows. depends on the type and size of your property.

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  2. Facebook is all about data mining.

    it collects an insane amount of data about you and your "friends" in order to data mine for social dynamics.

    its interesting that some of this info is accessible to the public though, im guessing in the mad dash to grab data they forgot to lock down some of the "features"

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  3. All those TIP compilations, yellow, orange, blue, phosphorescent, beyond colour were the Bomb. the compilations, mystery of the yeti, one and two. were pretty special too.

    Hallucinogen- Twisted i think is number one imo,

    The inifinity project were amazing.

    but i cant give you a top five.

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  4. Happy Birthday Torsten,

    Have a great day and keep out of trouble ;)

    Wanna say thank you for everything you do for this eclectic community. there are a lot of us who are very thankful for what you do, your knowledge, let alone your putting this site together and on top of that having the patience to keep it going.

    anyway have a blast, and look forward to catching up at some point in the not too distant future.

    Cheers, Ob.

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  5. That Rogers guide is quite excellent. if you want a guide that helps ID the European fungi that have been surreptitiously brought to Australia, this would be the one. It was using this guide i was able to positively ID the Psilocybe semilanceata i found here in my region.

    i wish there was guide like this for Australia, the way it is layed out is stunning, esp with all the associated species, and the colour photos of the specimens. It is a guide for positively ID'ing, if i were to ever write a field guide i would use it as the model for how to lay it out and display specimens.

    Another stunning guide is Mushrooms demystified by David Arora. As is the audubon field guide to north american mushrooms.

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  6. Bruce Fuhrer's guide to australian fungi (some edibility comments)

    A field guide to tasmanian fungi by Genevieve gates and David Ratkowsky - No edibility comments, Gen does not advocate the eating of wild mushrooms in any way.

    many mycologists and interested persons use these together. they complement each other well. just remeber that the Fuhrer book is getting a little dated due to name changes.

    In terms of psychoactive mushrooms, Paul Stamets Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World is ok, but fairly general. whatever you do dont buy the painted one, mushroom magick, its a waste of money.

    Edibility, well, you will have to refer to english or american guides.

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  7. i stood up for the OP early on and i guess (because i cant be assed reading the thread anymore) maybe i was overly trustful.

    and given that there was some shit said about ReshroomEd, then im a bit disappointed.

    If ReshroomEd lost his tempter and called out the OP then i can only assume it was because the OP deserved it and was being stupid.

    I have only met ReshroomEd once, but communicated with him a lot via this forum, and he is a lovely guy, and he has done a lot for this community in his own way. he is very generous and giving, and i will always have time for him.

    To the OP, sounds like you need to chill out. youve been called out, and just wear whatever rediculousness happened. shit! we all do it. we do stupid shit, and we learn from it.

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  8. humans are story tellers. its an ancient thing and every culture dos it. its a way to keep amused when its cold and not much else to do sitting around the fire.

    the last fragments of those ancient days are things like homers illiad/oddessy or the rg veda and mahabarata - ancient stories that are told over nights or weeks or months.

    more recently we had the serialisation of works by Dickens or Arthur Conan Doyle - works that would not necessarily today be classified as amusement for the masses.

    and so now we have television, is it any different? i dont mind admitting i watch television, but on my terms, without advertisments, and i guess yes when i need to chill out and relax. but im guessing most people on this site do try to watch things that require attention and thought about the plot in order to keep up. and fortunately at the moment there is some great stuff. and at the end of the day its all storytelling - but i guess what is the purpose behind those stories? are they good stories? do they have satisfactory archetypes? do they resolve some inner tension?

    but i do agree that there is the other end of the scale, home and away, neighbours, all the home advice shows etc etc. that cater to people who really do just want to turn off and be told what it is to be normal - be given the narrative for their own lives.

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