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  1. at 19 i was pretty enthusiastic about not being part of the system but working within it as a medium for change. but i knew the system was fucked. i was looking at education as my way forward as im not a practical person. i still do. and am back at studies.

    i totally support the need for self sufficiency, so kudos to you for wanting to make a go of it. dont give up on the idea of studies. the connections made are just as valuable as the qualifications.

    now in my 40's i think my biggest regret was not travelling at that age. i feel i missed a real opportunity to come to grips with how the rest of the world lives, and have some thought provoking life experiences. my advice is to leave settling down to when your in your 30's and 40's.

  2. im looking to restart my garden. so hoping for cuts of a few things.

    will hopefully have a few cactus cuts to swap.

    until i get some brug cuttings and seedlings and other cuts settled over here im a bit limited in what i can offer.