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  1. I was so happy I almost gave up after 4 hours but then it started raining and they shot out like shiny gems in the grass



    haha thats hilarious .  indeed they do that, and actually a good piece of dvice i had never thought to pass on lol

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  2. Evolution by natural selection isn't as simple as 'survival of the fittest'. There are all kinds of modicums of selection, and actually some organisms are here today through what can only be described as sheer, dumb luck. Nature doesn't design intelligently, that's the problem. Really all we'd be doing through manipulating the human genome would be cleaving out a lot of bad codes which result in nothing good for anyone.

    As it stands, space simply cannot be transgressed by our physical bodies. My personal bet is that at some point in the future we will figure out how to separate our consciousness somehow, and send this out forward into space as signals, the way digital files are now. Of course there would need to be something to receive these.

    I kind of disagee. i agree that life on this planet is here through luck, but life has survived x amount of extinction events, and those who survived were through being the fittest. and this also true of most organisms that exist, it is because they have found a niche and exploited it. sometimes these niches disappear and we are left with remnant species. but to say they are here through only sheer dumb luck is a simplistic way of looking at evolution.

    likewise clearing out bad code, its a simplistic way of viewing dna. i really dont think we as a species have as yet a good enough understanding to say whether a strange broken piece of dna is bad or not. a good example is sickle cell anaemia, why do we have it, and why hasn't it been expunged through natural processes? because those who have it are in fact highly resistant to malaria. i doubt generatons in the future will decide to clear out the broken code, because it then allows the possibility of a major epidemic. same can be said with leprosy to which now 95% of the population is immune.

    space, its a big frontier but its doable. my perspective is very mechanistic so i dont share your thoughts on transmitting consciousness - thats a different discussion.

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  3. the problem is we as a species are tampering with evolutionary processes such as survival of the fittest, this takes it to a new level.

    granted correction of genetic mutations may be a good thing. ... but.... some genetic mutations lead to good things in time.

    how does this decision affect us long term.

    one important factor is evolving the human body for long term space travel, as its clear that its a part of our future (long term survival) if we survive the time it takes to get off the planet.