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  1. April is going to be busy. keep in mind there is discussion of a SAB get together in NNSW.
  2. sorry i missed this. would have been awesome to attend. The feline tree has a camera really close to it, so advise is to not go water the rose bushes too often. im still hoping for a march meet. but maybe best to push it back till after easter.
  3. How many from here will be at Earth Frequency?
  4. Thanks DL, Much appreciated. Big Hugs, and hope to see you soon. Never enough cake
  5. i tend to agree sundays are too hard. ill be in melbourne that weekend, but wont be able to attend im afraid.
  6. :D fan freaking tastic hahaha is there a zoomed out version
  7. Hi Carl, I totally get it with respect to the CBD, and i too am happy to investigate the possibility of new location. There are also parks near the abbotsford convent that may be equally convenient. Maybe we should put it to a vote. I also bought up the plant meets at the recent APS meeting given there is an audience of people interested in plants but who are not on SAB or dont frequent the site, therefore unaware of the get togethers. So if we can set the date then i can advise members of APS who may be interested in coming along. Cheers.
  8. So we should organise a date well in advance. how is march 3rd or 4th looking.
  9. Sorry Auxin, you knew i was going to come out eventually...
  10. I'd be interested, but doubt the dates will be right for me which is a shame.
  11. Australia has a massive range of climates, and as such its difficult to be all inclusive. I have lost so many caapi's and other plants to winters and the wrong climate. Quintessential australian ethno garden, some good suggestions above, but i think if you keep it to Trichocereus of some sort, and Acacia of some sort, catha edulis, brugmansia, datura, artemisia, salvia, and other herbs. lophophora is pretty quintessential.
  12. i was quite disappointed with the dmt episode.
  13. nice feet with painted toe nails. blue nail polish preferably large breasts and brugmansias.
  14. Awesome mate. arrived early December.