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  1. obtuse

    Merry Christmas 2018

    happy holidays. and all the best for the new year. a year of changes ahead i think
  2. obtuse

    Mushroom culture confusion

    define reproductive cycle
  3. obtuse

    Post a random picture thread

    epic yield
  4. obtuse

    EGA Necklace

    Yeah, that was polyester books (they bought the brand name i think)
  5. obtuse

    Mushroom culture confusion

    Haha. damn thats cheeky. yeah, there is a bit going on like that, people use DNA and BLAST searches incorrectly, and selling species based on incorrect assumptions to increase their profile.
  6. obtuse

    Newest Member: DomainAustraia

    what ever happened to AustralianFederalPolice, havent seen them post in ages
  7. obtuse

    Newest Member: DomainAustraia

    i saw that too
  8. obtuse

    Encouraging pine lovers!

    All of the pine loving edibles are mycorrhizal. as Karode mentioned above, create a slurry, or print onto foil and then wash into water. and pour over your plants/around your trees. you dont need chips or needles. also mycorrhizal fungi often need to find their host fairly quickly or the mcelium dies, and then you have to take into account existing mycorrhizal relationships. truffle orchard growers for example go to a lot of effort to ensure the truffles are the only species.
  9. obtuse

    EGA Necklace

    I suspect it was from this stall: https://www.facebook.com/cosmogyralista
  10. The Australian Psychedelic Society will be hosting its first GROUP BREATHWORK SESSION An opportunity to release and let go of stress, anxiety, fear, resistance, mental confusion, procrastination and gain clarity, insight, deep relaxation.. while getting high as balls on your own breath. The technique we will be using is called conscious connected breathing; sometimes referred to as rebirthing or holotropic breathwork. The body is oxygenated and as increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long been held in tension, stored or suppressed memories, emotions and mental patterns, are recalled and released. During this kind of breathwork participants often report psychedelic states similar to those induced by entheogens. In the 1970s this practice was pioneered in the west by Dr Stanislav Grof as an alternative to using LSD in therapy sessions. Note: This practice is completely safe when done with a trained instructor, however it is not suitable for people with some medical conditions, please skip to the bottom to check if this practice is for you. The breathwork session will be facilitated by Teneille from Breathwork Circles, Krisy Conroy and accompanied by Krti Psyskrit on the decks. LOCATION: Christopher Boots Studio 328 Napier St Fitzroy WHEN: Sunday December 2nd 5-7pm Sessions start on time and doors will be locked at 5.15pm to ensure we create a contained and safe environment to go deep. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare, especially if coming by car. No refunds if you dont get there in time. COST: $50 full TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/group-breathwork-circles-with-the-aps-tickets-51906216892 FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/248815409129442/ WHAT TO BRING Pillow Blanket And something to lay on like a yoga or camp mat. Wear comfortable clothes.
  11. obtuse


    Tyndallisation seems to work fine. i had good success. i ended up buying a good italian 9 litre PC that has done me very well indeed. and 10 years later going strong. worth every cent. only issue is can only do small amounts. but if you want to really bulk out then the bigger volumes may be good. you really need to think about the investment. and where you are going to take the hobby.
  12. obtuse

    looking for Christia obcordata

    cheers. have seen raretropical still looking
  13. obtuse

    Rita - Bridgesii for sale.

    Ok. Then im grabbing No.2 Pm'ing you now
  14. obtuse

    looking for Christia obcordata

    cheers. no luck so far, but here's hoping.