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  1. Thank you for the update Trucha.
  2. wonder if he is coming to EGA ... missing out if he isnt
  3. ;)
  4. not meaning to be rude, but which dood? welcome back.
  5. yes please, im in. love to give this a try.
  6. Thank you to all people who contributed. we got four entries, and we are currently in the process of deciding the winner. will update very soon. cheers, Ob.
  7. grinning. cant wait. squeeee
  8. nice photo Peyofox. beautiful specimens
  9. na, keep your seedlings till they grow out, you wont see their true form till they are older, and thats when interesting features show. happy to just give a piece away, maybe you can help me out another time when your collection is bigger. spread the love.
  10. Be in Tas mid december, post EGA and things have settled. sure, pretty sure i have a yowie to spare. is there anything you can swap for it? ill check my peres stock too
  11. sure i can supply some pics. i need to make an assessment of the collection, and see what pups i have. i am bringing some pups back to victoria in order to develop a collection here. but i have plenty of excess seedlings, and cuts of things im not really interested in such as 'yowie' and some peruvianus cuts.
  12. I am from far south, south of hobart. Most people ive meet on here seem to be from the north west, or hobart area. took me ages to get peres, and even that was slow growing for me. i can send photos when i get back. but not into people visiting my collection out of privacy concerns.
  13. it looks amazing, but its for this reason i would love to have a piece in my collection.
  14. Ex - tassie here. there are collectors in Tas, they come and go from this forum, but there are certainly some nice specimens around. i will be back for a couple of months soon. looking forward to seeing how my collection there is. are you north or south of the island? cactii in tas are pretty slow growing and a good greenhouse does wonders. I may be able to help you depending where in Tas you are located.
  15. did you post into the Facebook SAB group, or even the EGA facebook group?