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  1. Pretty sure this is trichocereus macrogonus
  2. Should be fertile, I'll confirm that for you and let you know.
  3. I've got 100 cuttings of Chrysopogon zizanioides to give away to members of SAB. It holds potential for land management, applications include Carbon sequestration (currently calculated at ~ 3 - 4 x the efficiency of rainforest plots of the same size) Cleaning heavy metals from waste water Treating sewerage *The applications listed above are theoretical until proper research papers are published. There's not a lot of information out there about this plant, but I found this -> 'The medicinal properties are sedative, aromatic as well as antiseptic. Some of vetiver essential oil constituents include benzoic acid, furfural, valerenol, terpinen-4-ol and khusimol. Khus roots essential oil is extracted and utilized for perfumes, aromatherapy, cosmetic, creams, herbal skin care as well as soaps used in a Ayurveda. Khus oil is a good remedy to treat sores and acne due to its antiseptic medicinal properties. Khus roots can improve red blood cells deficiency, treat poor blood circulation, dry skin, cracked and brittle skin, wounds, cuts, rheumatism, nervous conditions, arthritis as well as muscular aches and pains. A syrup can be made from vetiver which can flavor ice-cream, milkshakes, yogurt and various beverages. Khus khus roots, another versatile medicinal herbs. The exert below is from a research paper My partner's father is doing a PHD project on this plant and has lots of it spare. I can only send domestically at this stage, however there are suppliers for the East Coast. You can find more info on them at www.vetiver.org/g/plantsuppliers.htm Cuttings are 1 foot long. Recipient must cover postage or pick up. PM or reply to the thread to arrange.
  4. Acacia

    Wtb Erythroxylum sp. (WA)

    Hey guys, Interested in varieties of Erythroxylum sp. that people may have seed of. Please send me a PM if you can help, handsome reward offered.
  5. Cheers mountain goat. I've just potted them up with sand, soil and cacti mix with a little coir. I put rocks in the bottom of the pots to encourage draining. What's a cheap gravel sized soil alternative? All of the ones I've got in pots atm are already rooted. I'll make sure to do that with the cuttings i've taken as I did pull out quite a few that had been sitting there rotting all winter because I didn't do this properly.
  6. Acacia

    Sinichuichi drooping like f

    Cheers, i'll try more water. It's reticulated by my boar where it is so I thought it would be alright. Will try hand watering. A bigger pot is definitely a good idea, i'll do that too.
  7. Acacia

    wtb TBM long form

    Cheers MountainGoat, the girth was throwing me because i've only seen skinny long form TBM. I'll grow it out and see whatsup
  8. Awesome, cheers for posting Gimli. I'm getting into beekeeping soon myself. My partner was visited by an entity that told her to save bees and has since been asked by a friend if she'd be interested in learning how to start a hive. I don't know too much about beekeeping so I'm looking forward to learning more
  9. Acacia

    Sinichuichi drooping like f

    Does anyone here grow sinichuichi? If so, any tips on stopping this droop I'm seeing in the leaves? I understand they like humidity but I don't have a greenhouse.. Hoping that's not the factor causing this.
  10. Acacia

    wtb TBM long form

    Is this the long form TBM?
  11. Cheers Micromegas, I've got a sausage x something or other from Gimly but it's just a baby. Here's a close up of the pup that my neighbour gifted me, maybe it can further your ID a bit. Also while I've got yaz here, is this the long variation of TBM that is said to be scarce? And what's the skin damage from / can I fix it?
  12. Acacia

    Why isn't this site using https yet?

    Also happy to help with moving to the HTTPS protocol.
  13. Acacia

    Are these 'PC' pachanoi?

    Thanks for clarifying Evil Genius. Check out this trich my neighbour has in her yard -> Peruvianus yeah? I'll post up some close ups of my 'PC' pachanois when the suns up.