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  1. Can confirm. A friend of mine told me the same story and i was like 'wtf bs man' so i threw about a kg of various store bought poppy seed around my yard along with some papaver somniferum var giganteum. My friend told me that 'Spencers' brand was the best. It actually says on the back of the packet that it is seed from papaver somniferum and that papaver somniferum is harvested for codeine and morphine. I had to thin them out numerous times because 1kg was far too much seed for my yard. I was just excited. The store bought poppies did contain alkaloids, but the pods were small. Then again, all I had to compare to that was 'strain' was the giganteum pods. I'd just grow giganteum if I did it again, but it's worth growing store bought poppy seed if it's all you can get. I actually walked up and down my street and threw 1kg around people's yards on my block near reticulation also. Nothing ever came up sadly.
  2. Anyone got a setup? Thinking of giving it a crack.
  3. Acacia

    Rapé Recipes Thread

    PMd you Dozer.
  4. Acacia

    Rapé Recipes Thread

    I'll inbox you.
  5. Acacia

    Rapé Recipes Thread

    Share your recipes for Rapé here! I'll start us off. Visionary blend 40% fresh mapacho leaf, oven dried (green) 20% sun dried mapacho leaf (browned by the sun) 10% salvia divinorum leaf 10% caapi leaf 15% caapi leaf ash 15% olive leaf ash 4% patchouli ash (from incense) 4% salvia recognita leaf 2% poppy flower Combined in a mortal and pestle, sieved, then left in the sun in a transparent air tight container to satisfy the 'sun activation' elements of traditional recipes. Added two sprigs of fresh mint and half a cinnamon quill to the container to infuse aromatics before sealing it. Really loving this blend so far. The high ash content makes it relatively smooth on the nose, there's enough nicotine content to get a warm feeling from minute amounts and the salvia/caapi admixture is surprisingly active. Getting slight visuals off just two small inhalations, and quite a noticeable change to mindset.
  6. Acacia

    Mitragyna speciosa wanted...

    Can anyone help me out? Happy to pay cash or I have quite a few interesting plants to trade alternatively.
  7. Acacia

    west aussie's trade and sell thread

    Updating my trade list.. Offering: Pereskiopsis spathulata rooted (quite a few) Banisteriopsis caapi cuttings Trichocereus pachanoi [PC] cuttings Trichocereus bridgesii cuttings / grafts Trichocereus peruvianus cuttings / grafts Unsterile p. cubensis 'cambodian' print Unsterile p. cubensis 'amazon' print Artemisia absinthium (common wormwood) cuttings Ocimum tenuiflorum [rama variety] (tulsi, holy basil) Catha edulis [green vein] cuttings Sinichuichi cuttings Peganum harmala seeds Wanted: Lions mane mushroom spawn / spores / dried material Red reishi mushroom spawn / spores / dried material Mitragyna speciosa Salvia divinorum cutting Psychotria sp. live specimens Lophophora sp. Trichocereus clones, any named variety Anything else cool you have to offer!
  8. Acacia

    PGR experiments

    I don't have a control to compare this to, but here's the pumpkin I fed PGRs.
  9. Acacia

    Sinichuichi drooping like f

    Hey guys, don't wanna randomly bump an old thread but I thought I'd just update that this plant has come back into good health. Moving it into the shade and feeding it seasol worked a treat. It was greening again within a fortnight.
  10. Acacia

    PGR experiments

    So my cacti seem to really love these PGRs. I feel kinda stupid feeding them pactobutrazol because I know it's toxic and I will inevitably eat them. But seriously they have grown 10 % in their size in 2 days since feeding. I fed this mix to a garden bed with what I think is pumpkin in it and the thing has become monstrous. It's climbed over a bush, over a pond and into an adjacent garden bed - where it is producing poor quality pumpkins. It's got mold on the leafs at the base. This isn't anything to do with PGRs though, these plants are prone to rot. I'll post some pics tomorrow. I didn't keep any controls when I started this experiment sadly. But I do have some near identical seedlings of the same t. pachanoi genetic that I can separate and experiment on. I'll start feeding one of them the PGR mix tomorrow and we can compare the growth. Stay tuned.
  11. Pretty sure this is trichocereus macrogonus
  12. Should be fertile, I'll confirm that for you and let you know.
  13. I've got 100 cuttings of Chrysopogon zizanioides to give away to members of SAB. It holds potential for land management, applications include Carbon sequestration (currently calculated at ~ 3 - 4 x the efficiency of rainforest plots of the same size) Cleaning heavy metals from waste water Treating sewerage *The applications listed above are theoretical until proper research papers are published. There's not a lot of information out there about this plant, but I found this -> 'The medicinal properties are sedative, aromatic as well as antiseptic. Some of vetiver essential oil constituents include benzoic acid, furfural, valerenol, terpinen-4-ol and khusimol. Khus roots essential oil is extracted and utilized for perfumes, aromatherapy, cosmetic, creams, herbal skin care as well as soaps used in a Ayurveda. Khus oil is a good remedy to treat sores and acne due to its antiseptic medicinal properties. Khus roots can improve red blood cells deficiency, treat poor blood circulation, dry skin, cracked and brittle skin, wounds, cuts, rheumatism, nervous conditions, arthritis as well as muscular aches and pains. A syrup can be made from vetiver which can flavor ice-cream, milkshakes, yogurt and various beverages. Khus khus roots, another versatile medicinal herbs. The exert below is from a research paper My partner's father is doing a PHD project on this plant and has lots of it spare. I can only send domestically at this stage, however there are suppliers for the East Coast. You can find more info on them at www.vetiver.org/g/plantsuppliers.htm Cuttings are 1 foot long. Recipient must cover postage or pick up. PM or reply to the thread to arrange.
  14. Acacia

    Wtb Erythroxylum sp. (WA)

    Hey guys, Interested in varieties of Erythroxylum sp. that people may have seed of. Please send me a PM if you can help, handsome reward offered.