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  1. lol it was over a year an a half ago, everyone quick come back and apologise!
  2. Hmm that's really interesting, once again like with all things spiritual and shamanistic it seems to suggest a fear of the loss of ego. If only it were so easy to truly let go.
  3. I need to read more about her but thought I'd ask here first cos I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. So for the past few years I've seen depictions of the Hindu goddess Kali pop up, you know,.on TV, or maybe in online articles. I'm always struck by how familiar her face seems and particularly the face she is pulling. If I Google Image search "Kali" it's like I'm looking at posters that I've always had up on my walls except maybe they've only been 15percent visible. Or say, you can only see them at certain angles. Not literally of course, it just how damn familiar she is.. Her face is much much more familiar to me than my own mothers. Is it just the face shes so often pulling evokes a memory of a common human emotion? Does anyone who's reading this think she looks, like, way too familiar? Seeing the pictures also makes me feel uneasy, like subtle fear, but more like I want to fight her back with my own machete/sword for pulling her stupid mocking face. It almost sounds like I'm locked in a fight of anger... Dude I don't know, I don't really get into these kinds of things, I'm mostly a rationalist with mystic curiosities but I'm just so struck by her image and what it could mean. I asked elsewhere about this and it was suggested that I attempt to communicate with this "Kali" and kill something to appease her. Lol uhh yeh, I don't think I'll be doing that just yet - maybe if she's way hotter than the photos she's been putting up. Edit: in certain altered states I'm sure I've encountered a similar presence. This guy: also pops up on a kali image search, but I don't know him, I'm sure he's cool though..
  4. Pedro99

    The best of Chemical shaman...

    What a cunny funt
  5. Pedro99

    Did I trip from drying mugwort wtf

    around 45-50C, will do it lower next time. Very interesting fyzygy, that quote really hits it on the head. My mind wandered to old memories that I never really think about, pretty run of the mill stuff but I was definitely taken on a journey to my past. I was reliving when I was staying with my nan in a small country town and used to spend ages at the video shop choosing 10 for 10$, not that interesting but a very lonely time for me and it felt like I was in the present dealing with those past emotions which were stronger than I had realised. I'd heard that too, and hadn't taken the plant too seriously tbh. There's a reason this plant and many others were so revered for such a long time. From a quick search it seems both plants have a pretty high eucalyptol content. I wonder if that's part of it? "Eucalyptol comprises up to 90 percent of the essential oil of some species of the generic product Eucalyptus oil, hence the common name of the compound. It is also found in camphor laurel, bay leaves, tea tree, mugwort, sweet basil, wormwood, rosemary, sage and other aromatic plant foliage." Also found in cannabis, but I guess if true people would be tripping from their eucalyptus oil..
  6. I trimmed up one of my mugwort plants last night with the intention of using it as a tobacco substitute to get off those dirty darts. I put the leaves in my dehydrator inside at about 50c. I also took a half tab of "zyban" aka welbutrin, an anti depressant med that helps a lot with cravings. I've used it in the past successfully to quit smoking. After about 15 minutes I began feeling a little queasy and light headed (feelings I had never experienced from the zyban). This progressed into a mild maybe psychedelic state mostly with closed eyes, but some paintings on the walls were slightly swimming. There was a definite shift in consciousness. I turned the dehydrator off as the feeling was pretty uncomfortable and I was developing a headache. The vibe was a kind of witchy one, somewhat dark and taunting but still mild. I've drank mugwort in tea before with no noticeable effects. Was I tripping from the pharma or the herbs? Anyone experienced something like this?
  7. Pedro99

    Kk339 tricho

    Hey WB, sounds good mate obviously not an urgent thing so I'll hit you up later on
  8. Pedro99

    cactus seed giveaway

    Not many people voting so far, when's this end bro? I think zonad should win anyway, was fire I give my votes to him.
  9. Pedro99

    cactus seed giveaway

    A bubbling brew suggesting shapes Of objects unable to be tracked or traced The wind is howling through the trees I prepare the best I can - to rise up from my knees The time has come I'm here and now The past retreats to shadows I pledge my loving vow Control is lost, an illusion, it's dust In the stars the moon and sky I place my shaking trust.
  10. I'm off work because of all the shot going on. I've tried a few things, painting, guitar but I'm really getting bored.. Have you guys come up with new things at home that get your dopamine flowing? No jacking off suggestions pls
  11. Pedro99

    In light of poetry

    So many creative people here! I've hit a bit of a rough patch and find that writing is very therapeutic. Pretty basic compared to all y'alls but here's something from me. Why don't you like me cried the sorrowful moon are the songs that I sing a little dull and out of tune Is my light a little bright my face a little cracked do you not like the way that when I'm gone I come back Is it my eyes or my nose the way that I frown my manner of speaking that is letting me down I don't often get visitors up here in the sky well at least I have eternity to ask myself why thanks for reading.
  12. Pedro99

    Kk339 tricho

    The last couple years I've collected way too many cacti and they won't stop multiplying no matter how much I pee on them. This kk339 is one of maybe five white whales I'm still chasing though so if you'd like to trade or preferably I could pay as my collection is rather basic and y'all probably got everything I have - let me know and hopefully we can work something out. Much love to all in this community.
  13. Pedro99

    Medicinal plants - wormwood

    Oh! awesome bro.. coming through with the goods. Thanks!
  14. Pedro99

    Medicinal plants - wormwood

    Thank fyzygy for the great information. I already have 3 mugworts going but it's the only "medicinal" plant I have. I'll read through the book you recommended!