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  1. I'm no expert but I'd say shade is better for at least 3 to 4 weeks. I have some cuttings in perlite that haven't rooted and it's been over 2 months. If you put them in the sun they can burn or become etiolated.
  2. Pedro99

    Seedling heat mat

    Hi Matt, Temps inside can drop to maybe around 12, but average about 18 at night I don't use a heater just wrap up in a blanket. Am in qld so it's not too cold though.
  3. Pedro99

    Seedling heat mat

    Hi everyone, Just after suggestions for seedling heat mats.. I sowed some loph seeds a while back using takeaway tek and due to the cold temps they haven't germinated. They still may be viable if I heat them maybe. I also just received a bunch of trich seeds and they would probably also benefit from warmer soil. If I were to sow all the seeds plus the 2 containers I have the lophs in I would have around 8 takeaway containers so I may either need a larger mat or two of them. Just don't want to buy a dud..
  4. Pedro99

    Courtii Seed

    Thanks flux just ordered some. These are notoriously difficult to grow right? Any tips?
  5. Pedro99

    Share your art

    That's fantastic infinity, what medium did you use?
  6. Pedro99

    MJ prescription

    Wow, that's stupid expensive! Hopefully it changes in the future. I've had friends travel to the US states where it's legal and heard its also really steep. Pretty crazy when it's one of the easiest plants to grow, sun and rain and the yields are huge.
  7. Pedro99

    Have you seen any cool movies lately??

    Rolling thunder revue was great, but you gotta be a fan probably.
  8. Pedro99

    MJ prescription

    There are many people who really deserve it with seizures and such, must be a lot of hoops to jump through to get it though.
  9. Pedro99

    MJ prescription

    Anyone here managed to get one? I got diagnosed ptsd for playing pew pews when young and dumb so could probably qualify.
  10. Pedro99

    Quit cigs

    Thanks for the replies guys, I used to have an abundant supply of green ciggies but unfortunately not anymore as they were at least reducing my wanting the brown ones. The red glow of a cig while on a mind melter sure is something special though!
  11. Pedro99

    Fungus killing worms in my garden

    Thanks for the reply Darklight. I will leave it be and hope it works itself out. In the meantime I will give the worms a proper burial, I always hated impaling them on hooks when I used to fish.