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  1. Pedro99

    Quit cigs

    Has anyone quit cigs through a 'spiritual' experience? Throughout the years I've quit cold turkey successfully but currently I keep giving in and going to buy some more. I've heard of people having a life changing experience and just ditching them then and there. So yeah, how did you guys go with it?
  2. Pedro99

    PC Pach

    Sweet Halcyon, thanks for the tips! I already had ordered some sulphur off eBay, only 400 grams though, I'll check out some stores when that starts to get low. Got some bridgesii cuts in the mail yesterday and they've developed some black spots on the cuts so the sooner I get some sulphur the better.
  3. Pedro99

    Denver decriminalises psilocybin mushrooms

    What a time to be alive.
  4. Pedro99

    PC Pach

    Great, thanks for the info holymountain. Might try to use these for my first grafting attempts.
  5. Pedro99

    PC Pach

    Didn't want to start a new topic hopefully someone sees this. I got these pach cuttings today, the package took ages to come which sucks because there's mould all over the end cuts. Can anyone suggest how to approach this? My guess is because the end were still wet some of that fungus will have been absorbed into the cactus. Also I think it's a pc but not sure.
  6. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Haha Halcyon I think you're right! She planted the elderberry around the corner that the flower is most likely from... Better keep a close eye on her
  7. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Update: I now believe I was completely wrong, if someone wants to delete this please do.
  8. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Here on loph.
  9. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Just had someone reply in a facebook group with the same thing, attached his picture.
  10. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Hi EG, Here's a picture of the same one after it had grown a bit. As far as I know it's bridgesii and the bluish colour makes it seem so too, though I'm certainly no expert. I'm working off memory of course, but I'm 99% sure it was an attached flower. I got my gf to come take a look at the time cos it was pretty cool to see, and just asked her about it and she remembers the same - I just had no idea it wasn't normal. I'm not pulling anyone's leg, so I guess it must have been an anomaly! Really wish I'd taken more photos. A second blessing from an incredible plant. Edit* I don't mean to say you're wrong or anything like that, the likelihood of you coming across this even if it was a rare occurrence is pretty high I imagine. Maybe I wasn't observant enough.
  11. Pedro99

    Tiny tricho flower

    Had this occur on my first ever trich, Anyone seen this before? It's an old photo - Some people said it must be another flower fell onto it, but I know for sure it was attached, just thought it was normal cos I didn't know any better.
  12. Pedro99

    Post your track of the day

    My absolute go to song for psychedelics, got it on vinyl and it melts my head.
  13. Pedro99

    Metho in alcohol lamp for sterilising.

    Thanks for the reply, the box the lamp came in says alcohol lamp and spirit lamp on it. Bit confusing, but I'm guessing it's referring to a cooker/heater on the warning. Either way I'm not dead and it seems fine.
  14. Hi guys, I got an alcohol lamp the other day to make sterilisation of anything metal involved in inoculation etc. quicker and easier. I looked up what to use in it and saw that methylated spirits should be fine. Anyway a friend picked me some up from Coles but when I looked at it, it specifically states not to use it in a spirit lamp. Does anyone know if this is some legal BS or should I actually not use it? See pic for label. It's violet dyed 'diggers' metho.
  15. Pedro99

    Free bridgesii and pc Brisbane

    Hey mate, bit late but are all the bridgesii gone?