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  1. Mine also arrived! Thank you @teamwhy
  2. andros88

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    Yes please! Thanks heaps
  3. Thanks @teamwhy for your generosity!
  4. My attempt at mimosa hostilis
  5. Can confirm I received a lovely dark & high quality spore print from @kindness today. I appreciate you pulling through with this! Understand that you were busy and definitely no hard feelings.
  6. @mark80 - haven't received mine yet, but the seller assured me it was sent late last week so I'm expecting it any day now...
  7. Thanks for the reassurance @woopwoop - hopefully he's just busy and will get to it soon.
  8. Has anyone who bought prints from @kindness above received theirs? I paid for one 13 days ago but still haven't received it. Message to seller @kindness 4 days ago & yesterday have gone unanswered... Just wondering whats up...
  9. Great video Rhyzobium - cleared up a lot of uncertainty I had re how to best germinate & grow my acacias. Quick question - did you innoculate the acacia seeds after germination or before?
  10. andros88

    Books and vacuum pump for sale

  11. Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong place for this [mods please delete]. The Blue Mountains Heritage-listed national park is a tranquil environment for plants, animals and people alike to enjoy peace, quiet and solitude. This peace is being threatened with the potential commercialization of Katoomba Airfield which will subsequently allow for commercial scenic heli-charter flights or 'joy flights'. Currently the airfield is only used for emergency services. This will increase air traffic & noise, potentially disrupting native bird habitats, native wild-life and the like. If you enjoy meditating, foraging, bird-watching or simply enjoy the fresh air away from Sydney, please sign this petition to save our skies! : https://www.change.org/p/department-of-industry-crown-lands-and-water-save-our-skies-no-commercialisation-of-katoomba-airfield More info here: https://www.facebook.com/KatoombaAirfieldCommunityGroup https://www.katoombaairfieldcommunitygroup.org/?fbclid=IwAR0NlxTfU7CfBRzbx1niUJrn2b_gYvTJfmNKeP6BWGWQE1YTkcOWxvAmrLs
  12. andros88

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Taken! My offer: - 3x B. Caapi ourinhos cuttings for propagation - 1x wild harvested P. subaeruginosa spore print (for microscopy purposes only)
  13. Can I have some too please Infinity
  14. andros88

    sick cactus

    Thanks Glaukus! It's going on my list for my next trip to Bunnings
  15. andros88

    [ENDED] Free Give Away - Kanna Extract

    I'd love some if you have any left Infinity!