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  1. andros88

    [CLOSED] Acacia Courtii

    Taken! Thank you all
  2. andros88

    [CLOSED] Acacia Courtii

    Hello lovely people! I have for giveaway one Acacia Courtii plant grown from seed. It is about 4 months old, over 30cm tall & very healthy. I scored the seeds from Flux during his giveaway last year. Free pick up from Western Sydney region or I kindly ask for $12 for express post (Aus only). First in first served! Happy growing
  3. Bump! Still a few more packs available
  4. Hi everyone! I have a few seedlings for sale - all grown from Misplant seeds and all between 4-8cm in height: 1. (T. SS01 x T. SS02) x T. Peru. Blue 2. T. Pach. Torres & Torres x T. Pach. Jessica 3. T. Juul's Giant x T. Huanucoensis 4. T. Macrogonus x T. Peru. Clyde 5. T. Scopulicola x T. Zelly12 Each $6 or buy the lot for $25 (one of each). ________________________________________________________________________ I also have a 25cm T. Bridgesii unrooted cutting for sale - $25. Have also attached pics of the motherplant. ________________________________________________________________________ Buyer pays shipping - $9 for parcel post or $12 for express. Please check your state's quarantine and customs regulations before making a purchase.
  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Pic below of my acuminata and a few burkittiis
  6. Got my seeds today! Thanks @Flux you legend
  7. andros88

    Desmanthus Leptolobus on the balcony

    I reckon you're right @sagiXsagi, I took them out of their tubes and found that, even tho they only grew one centimetre above ground, the tap root had already reached the bottom of the tube. Have re-potted, gonna see how they fare this spring & summer...
  8. andros88

    Current spore availability!

    So good to hear @ph7!
  9. andros88

    Current spore availability!

    Very sorry this happened to you @ph7! I had a similar experience but it got resolved and I received fresh & heavy prints in the end (took about 3 weeks). Really hope this gets resolved quickly and you get your prints.
  10. Hi Flux - I'd love some please! Thanks heaps
  11. Straightforward and with classy pictures too! I love it!
  12. andros88

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Very nice! I'm doing bulk acacia too, namely: simplex, acuminata, neurophylla & victoriae, and other fabacaeae-type plants: d leptolobus & illinoensis (still haven't got the growing requirements quite right for them yet). Have been interested in trying dwarf fruiting varieties for a while now like mulberry & raspberry. Might give them a go this time round.
  13. andros88

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Whats everyone planting this spring? I'm curious & open to ideas
  14. andros88

    Desmanthus Leptolobus on the balcony

    This is going to be my second season trying to keep d. leptolobus & d. illinoensis alive. From my experience, they germinate readily and grow to a lush 3-inch seedling but then start to die off. I only have 6 seeds left of d. leptolobus so really want to get this right this time! Will follow the advice provided above this time round, but does anyone have additional "tricks & secrets" to keeping them alive? For instance: 1. Acacias get stronger when exposed to extremely bright sunlight and I'm wondering whether the desmanthus family is like this also? I.e. during their first growing season they must be exposed to intense light to "carry them through" the winter? 2. Is native (Australian) potting mix suitable for this species (with low phosphorus)? Or do they grow best in regular potting mix? 3. Have heard rhizobium inoculant CB 3126 can be used specifically for desmanthus and wondering whether I need to use this too. Is anyone else attempting to grow desmanthus this Australian spring/summer?
  15. Mine also arrived! Thank you @teamwhy