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  1. andros88

    Pereskiopsis, Acacia Courtii

    Have managed to find some peres & d leptolobus. Still on the lookout for A courtii
  2. andros88

    Bicycle Day - Sydney

    Just bought 2x tixs! Excited about this
  3. andros88

    Acacia burkittii germination

    Hi all - thanks for your responses. I planted 40 seeds on the 5th of March after hot water treatment. After no germination for a couple of weeks (this is the 2nd time I tried germinating burkitii) I did a range of things: 1. Dug up some seeds + scarified outer shell with knife or sand paper & placed again in warm water. Then placed back into soil. 2. Left all seeds to dry out in the sun (soil was totally dry). 3. Re-wetted the seeds. Seeds from the both the scarified & non-scarified groups have now germinated (5 total). It seems they respond to dry & wet cycles. Have found germinating burkittiis to be more difficult than other legume-type (Fabaceae family) plants (have germinated a. confusa, a. acuminata narrow, typical, bundleflower, mimosa hostilis with just hot water treatment with higher germination rates).
  4. andros88

    The Shaman & The Scientist - Sydney

    I would love to attend this if only I wasn't overseas at that time. Luckily the film is available for rent/purchase on vimeo:
  5. Hi all - has anyone here had success with germinating A. burkittii? They seem much more challenging than other acuminata variants. 2x hot water treatment 2 weeks apart yielded no results (unlike a. broad or narrow phyllode which usually germinate within a week of hot water treatment). Thanks for any help in advance!
  6. andros88

    Very interesting read

    Very cool - thanks for sharing! I also have some gametophytes growing in my cacti "takeaway tek". I had no idea cacti follow "Alternation of generations" in this way (unless the seeds I bought were contaminated somehow). Also a youtube video with a good explanation of this phenomenon on ferns:
  7. andros88

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    How do I sign up?
  8. andros88

    Whats going on with my Acacia

    I'm glad to hear that - I suspect mine is going through the same cycle... it seems stressed for some reason.
  9. andros88

    Whats going on with my Acacia

    Did you ever find out why this was happening?
  10. andros88

    Mushroom cultivation courses

    I live in Sydney and would be glad to help in any non-skilled capacity possible (don't know anything about mushroom cultivation but am keen to learn).
  11. andros88

    Acacia acuminata seedlings stalling

    Ah gotcha - I suspect this is what I was missing. Thanks heaps Gimli
  12. andros88

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Thanks Infinity!
  13. andros88

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Thanks Infinity!
  14. andros88

    Acacia acuminata seedlings stalling

    Thanks so much for your advice Gimli, it’s a relief to get some guidance. I suspect mine aren’t getting enough sun. I originally sprouted them indoors, then moved them outside. Do you place your seed trays in direct morning sun immediately after sowing? Also, I am a bit confused about whether acuminatas require soil with low phosphorus. I was going to use native potting mix for this reason. Should I grow the seedlings in normal potting mix then transplant them to a native potting mix when they are larger? Or could I just sow them in native mix directly? Is your backyard soil low in phosphorus? I tried to find the NPK ratio of the baileys potting mix with no luck... I wonder if it’s low phosphorus? Unfortunately can’t plant them in the ground due to the constraints of my courtyard Many thanks for your help!! It is much appreciated!!
  15. andros88

    Free Trade Thread 2019

    Taken! My offer: 1. 7x B caapi ourinhos cuttings 2. 1x Psychotria nexus leaf for propagation 3. 1x Psychotria carthagensis leaf for propagation 4. 1g syrian rue seeds 5. 2g dwarf bean seeds 6. 20x cherry belle radish seeds 7. 20x chilli pepper cayenne seeds 8. 25x drosera burmanii seeds 9. 25x drosera capensis seeds 10. 25x drosera capensis seeds (alba)