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  1. Messiah

    Mosiac virus (TMV) Awareness, solutions.

    These are the only specimens I myself am concerned with. Thanks for the advice @Ajnadurga that whole situation sounds really complicated, i really don't understand some people, how they could morally think thats ok, takes all kinds i guess, but geez far out. Thank you for the replies so far.
  2. Messiah

    Mosiac virus (TMV) Awareness, solutions.

    I only have a few specimens that are concerning, im morenso interested in just positive identification, and any management approaches, as well as how the virus spreads as i have heard talk of seeds being germinated and having the virus from a very young age... Which suggests perhaps spread through pollenating. Im hoping to just gather as much knowledge as possible on the topic. For anyone whos dealing with it. Uploads keep failing via my phone ill try the pc when i am home.
  3. Messiah

    Mosiac virus (TMV) Awareness, solutions.

    Thanks for the link Micromegas was an interesting and helpful read, those pictures look similar but yet also different from what I have seen, I have seen circular sunken ring like patterns and then also splotchy patterns also, i may have a few specimens that only just showed alarming signs of suspicious activity, I will take some photos and upload tomorrow. Was hoping to hear of some first hand experience here if anyone had worked closely with infected plants, if it spread rapidly etc, best methods for control, im assuming the best method of control is to destroy the infected plants, but how have they become infected to begin with, i dont smoke tobacco... I don't handle it.... Im assuming the virus if it is indeed tmv has come from someone I have bought cacti from. Sadly. I have secluded the ones i am concerned with on a far corner of the property until i can be more certain.
  4. Hi everyone, so one of the main reasons I joined here recently was to gain information and people's experience and remedies with certain viruses and ailments in the garden. One of which posing the most threat ive encountered being mosaic virus (TMV). Id like some of your opinions on some of what i have read about it.... If anyones found a way to manage it etc id love to hear more. Some of the questions i was hoping to gain your opinions on are the following: - Is there any way to manage it other that seclusion and separation or termination of infected plants? - What are the most common methods of spreading the virus? Water carrying, utensils, touch, insects, soil sharing etc. - Do you think pollen from an infected plant could infect other specimens if pollenated? And some seeds possibly be carrying the virus? - Has anyone cured or slowed the infection? - And i think this one is most important of all... Should cacti sellers who have the virus present in their garden state so in the sale description so that buyers are aware of the risks of potentially purchasing infected cacti and taking them into their collection? I think it should be a concern of the cacti and plant community regarding such viruses as this and people who are selling cacti or seeds that are in close quarters to infected specimens should maybe state so as to give people the dignity of risk to choose whether or not to take the risk of potentially infecting their entire garden and collection. I really would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this deviating virus, for reference and information and awareness sake. Thankyou.
  5. Messiah

    Post your track of the day

    Australian artists ;P
  6. Definitely convinced Jesus was using soma, mana, focusing on the three major nadis, the Ida, Sushumna and Pingala through true yoga and plant use, scriptures are laden with reference to it, obviously dumbed down into shit like bread and wine in more recent texts... Drink wine in my remembrance? Wine doesn't help you remember sheeeet.... Entheogens on the other hand..... Well...
  7. Messiah

    New tool album out today

    I found it a welcome change in comparison to previous albums. Alot of power and force in the composition and lyrical content... Very relevant... More so than 10,000 days imo
  8. Messiah

    QLD Parliament epetition to legalise cannabis

  9. Messiah

    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Hey Halcyon you too! I could upload some garden pics when im home tomorrow yeah ;P i live in North Adelaide SA. Hmmm 5 new trichs... Well ill grow any trichs haha im not very fussy theyre all magnificent, what i dont currently have that im keeping an eye open for is Psycho0, Yowie, Kai, Rosei, Helen, Tig... Id actually like to see a bridgesii or peru x scop also... Think that would be an interesting hybrid. Seriously tho... I love all trichs, particularly bridgesii and peru, wouldn't mind collecting more of Fields also... Where does it end? I don't think it will ever end till death do us part haha.
  10. Messiah

    Share some wisdom!

    Awareness in love, witness the other, see the creator, witness a lack of awareness and power in the self or the self of an other as power? Power of opportunity for growth and expansion? Opportunity as power and cornerstone? If seized through awareness, with love. Alot of beautiful food for thought there brother... Hail to the Amun-Ra, father, we honour thy name, we give thanks for your radiant light, opener of every eye, the birth of every new day, sleepless while all others sleep.... Homage to thee, illuminator of worlds~
  11. Messiah

    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Hi everyone, im new here, hoping to tap into the collective omnipresent knowledge and wisdom here... Im mainly into trichs, inner work, entheogens, permaculture, natives etc... Hoping to be of some contribution here and seek assistance with garden troubles and virus/pest identification and control, other plant identification and perhaps some techniques people here have developed and trialed and tested etc... Thanks guys, looking forward to getting involved. Peace.