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  1. Messiah

    Share some wisdom!

    Awareness in love, witness the other, see the creator, witness a lack of awareness and power in the self or the self of an other as power? Power of opportunity for growth and expansion? Opportunity as power and cornerstone? If seized through awareness, with love. Alot of beautiful food for thought there brother... Hail to the Amun-Ra, father, we honour thy name, we give thanks for your radiant light, opener of every eye, the birth of every new day, sleepless while all others sleep.... Homage to thee, illuminator of worlds~
  2. Messiah

    Hi everyone :) new here.

    Hi everyone, im new here, hoping to tap into the collective omnipresent knowledge and wisdom here... Im mainly into trichs, inner work, entheogens, permaculture, natives etc... Hoping to be of some contribution here and seek assistance with garden troubles and virus/pest identification and control, other plant identification and perhaps some techniques people here have developed and trialed and tested etc... Thanks guys, looking forward to getting involved. Peace.