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  1. misko1337

    Looking for 4-5m of cacti in Perth ;)

    As the title suggests I am looking for 4-5m of some of our favourite cactus, depending on the species. Looking to be enlightened alongside a group of my friends. Wondering if anybody on here might be able to help out? I can offer a few things up for trade or buy them from you :D
  2. Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth, Golden Teacher and Albino A+ prints are up for trades! I'm looking for Caapi vines, Cacti especially L.Williamsii, Salvia Divinorum and any other plants/seeds you think I may be interested in.
  3. I have some Psilocybe Cubensis prints available, I mostly use paypal but I am open to trades if you have some peyote pups, caapi vines or ~190 proof alcohol :D Golden Mammoths Golden Teachers Albino A+ (Coming 14/4/19) PM me regarding prices/availability and anything else mycology/microscopy related you are looking for.
  4. misko1337

    Mycology P. cubensis

    still looking for prints? I have Golden mammoth and Golden teacher prints available