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  1. misko1337

    Chrissie Stocking needs Khat, Epherda and Iboga

    keen to :D
  2. misko1337


  3. misko1337

    Acacia acuminata seed giveaway 2018/2019

    Any seeds left? :D
  4. As the title suggests im looking for a few things, teh afformentioned cubensis spores or any other interesting cube prints other than the standard old - diff spore colours, shapes, fruit colour etc. Caapi cuttings any types :D, mimossa hostillis, any psychotria leaves youd be willing to pick and send in a bag for propagation, really anything to fill my new greenhouse with ethnobotanicals. I'd love some nicotina seeds, Kratom seeds, ephedra (not geradiana), Khat cuttings. Anything you have send me a pm or post here and lets spread some ethno love :D
  5. misko1337

    Current spore availability!

    Sol sorry for the bad experience mate, I hope the bonuses make up for it. I was in hospital recently and 99% of our business is through reddit. I had someone covering and these emails got a bit lost. If theres any issues with either of your packages @ph7 and @andros88 please contact me. Best over on reddit - my username is u/OCESpores-R-Us Best of luck though :D mention this post for 10% off next time as well!
  6. misko1337

    Looking for 4-5m of cacti in Perth ;)

    As the title suggests I am looking for 4-5m of some of our favourite cactus, depending on the species. Looking to be enlightened alongside a group of my friends. Wondering if anybody on here might be able to help out? I can offer a few things up for trade or buy them from you :D
  7. Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Mammoth, Golden Teacher and Albino A+ prints are up for trades! I'm looking for Caapi vines, Cacti especially L.Williamsii, Salvia Divinorum and any other plants/seeds you think I may be interested in.
  8. I have some Psilocybe Cubensis prints available, I mostly use paypal but I am open to trades if you have some peyote pups, caapi vines or ~190 proof alcohol :D Golden Mammoths Golden Teachers Albino A+ (Coming 14/4/19) PM me regarding prices/availability and anything else mycology/microscopy related you are looking for.
  9. misko1337

    Mycology P. cubensis

    still looking for prints? I have Golden mammoth and Golden teacher prints available