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  1. Caster

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Ill have to give that a go, sounds like an experience haha yea Would be the super high amount of nicotine, Probably good to know it might make me vomit otherwise I might start thinking I’ve done myself in if that ever happens hahaha. I am quite certain it’s not placebo because i went into the experience not expecting anything that strong (relatively) I think it’s really awesome what it can do, I never would have expected it. I should probably be careful too. On a a side note I think I may have sparked up one of my friends addictions by giving him mapacho once. Now he’s chuffing. But I guess that’s his journey and not my burden haha, he told me it was strong but I don’t have much of a gauge for that.
  2. To give some background: ive never smoked cigarettes, rarely smoke anything, probably once a month or less I may have some tobacco + extra I’ve smoked mopacho with weed quite a few times and everything went well, twice now I’ve decided to just smoke the mopacho tobacco on its own and have been left feeling slightly stoned as if I’ve just smoked some weak weed. This feeling doesn’t last very long, 5-30mins. Has anyone else had this experience? It’s quite enjoyable and a bit of a surprise, as when I’ve smoked just roll your own tobacco previously I’ve felt nothing like this.
  3. Caster

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    Ultimately this ruling will most likely be bad for people and doctors who didn’t do the wrong thing. Making them harder to get or prescribe, it’s quite sad really because the ones that will suffer the consequence will be the ones who want to use it legitimately. Like whats happened to codine. Lots of people need this over the counter but cant get it now due to others abusing it. It’s a complicated situation with many people to blame. We need to improve the system instead
  4. Caster

    Smoking Acacia fimbriata

    I’m also interested in finding out about this! I listened to the lecture a few months ago. Really good lecture.
  5. Caster

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    I agree. They kept growing very well knowing what they were contributing to, although that doesn’t take away the fact there is also legitimate use for these drugs, which are actually needed by many people.
  6. Caster

    US Johnson & Johnson ruling

    Trying to shift the blame to Tasmanian poppy growers? Lmao they just grew the shit for money. It’s hardly their fault it was aggressively and falsely marketed leading to the oxy crisis etc. laughable. Its about time they take responsibility for the damage they’ve done imo. Big Pharma can’t keep getting free passes just because they’re rich
  7. Damn this looks cool, I wish it was coming to Tasmania! But I guess not much of an audience down here. Anyway, when will it be released in some sort of buyable format for download? Would be great to get something like this on Netflix too, for the masses.
  8. https://youtu.be/aMO_2vzhXJA Very interesting lecture about all of the potential medicines and drugs that may come out of the amazon.
  9. Caster

    Free Psychotria alba seeds

    That would be great! Hopefully i'm quick enough to nab em :p
  10. Caster

    Watch this space

    Silly old outdated and judgemental fool. Trying his best to be relevant in the current times.
  11. Caster

    Roadside find in Tas

    Look like dried up subaeruginosa to me, but when youre in doubt its best to throw them out, especially when its only two small ones
  12. Hi all, Looking for some acacia Nilotica seeds along with any other interesting acacia species seeds, (any info regarding nilotica would also be appreciated) I have a small seed bank of other interesting seeds, including: Trichocereus, datura, tobacco, Morning glory and various herbs send me a pm if you wish to trade.
  13. This is really great, i've never heard of rhizobium before so I've learned something new! Nicely paced, I think the video is very good. Also nice to see another Tasmanian on here ;)
  14. Caster

    Watch this space

    Lets hope all this talk actually leads to change!!!
  15. Caster

    Watch this space

    ^ One good thing about capitalism I guess. It can get stuff done. I think in that circumstance as long as the average person can benefit from it, by being able to create a business it’s a good thing. It’ll be a bad thing if you need expensive licenses that only big business can afford... ——————— https://www.smh.com.au/national/uniting-church-and-alan-jones-back-legal-push-to-decriminalise-ice-use-20190626-p521jh.html scare mongering in the title, but actually for use of all drugs. From the church and alan Jones? Lol what