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  1. Caster

    Roadside find in Tas

    Look like dried up subaeruginosa to me, but when youre in doubt its best to throw them out, especially when its only two small ones
  2. Hi all, Looking for some acacia Nilotica seeds along with any other interesting acacia species seeds, (any info regarding nilotica would also be appreciated) I have a small seed bank of other interesting seeds, including: Trichocereus, datura, tobacco, Morning glory and various herbs send me a pm if you wish to trade.
  3. This is really great, i've never heard of rhizobium before so I've learned something new! Nicely paced, I think the video is very good. Also nice to see another Tasmanian on here ;)
  4. Caster

    Watch this space

    Lets hope all this talk actually leads to change!!!
  5. Caster

    Watch this space

    ^ One good thing about capitalism I guess. It can get stuff done. I think in that circumstance as long as the average person can benefit from it, by being able to create a business it’s a good thing. It’ll be a bad thing if you need expensive licenses that only big business can afford... ——————— https://www.smh.com.au/national/uniting-church-and-alan-jones-back-legal-push-to-decriminalise-ice-use-20190626-p521jh.html scare mongering in the title, but actually for use of all drugs. From the church and alan Jones? Lol what
  6. Caster

    Desperately looking for Ps. weraroa

    Even though solipsis has a low post count on the SAB I can personally vouch for him. He’s traded with many many people on shroomery and also myself. If someone could help him get ahold of the seemingly allusive weraroa, it would be awesome!
  7. Thats good to know, do you have any links for this to be 100% sure? / is each state different or is it all the same? EDIT: I've found this thread: see post 9: Regarding the importation into Australia, they are illegal. As for postage within Australia, they may be legal for microscopy purposes, BUT... would Using the defence of 'for microscopy purposes only' stand up at all in court once they've searched a house, found tools used to cultivate mushrooms and also (most likely) no microscope? But then again I'm sure they have bigger fish to fry than a spore print through the mail.
  8. Loads of things can happen, one of those unlikely events is that they’ve opened it up, even more unlikely that anyone would know what it actually is. Ive had things, like electronics, come from interstate and it’s taken up to 3-4 weeks. Delay in postage, delay at the post office, etc can all add up. It might still turn up. Also im quite sure if it is a psilocybe spore print it is not legal here in Australia. Someone correct me if I am wrong. So it’s probably in your best interest to accept it as lost if it does not arrive.
  9. Caster

    Australia is headed down a dark path

    You're spot on with that last comment... Before anything like this changes there always is some sort of scandal or something awful happening. I hate to imagine what that might be.
  10. https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/bwksx4/the_australian_federal_police_have_raided_the/epylt8a/ When you take a step back and look at everything that has been going on in Australia it is very worrying... For example: -Random strip searches in some of our cities. -Metadata collection on all of our internet useage (such as website visited etc). -Opt-out only online medical records. -laws forcing companies to create backdoors in their software so people can be monitored. What can we do to change the current trajectory? I feel a bit hopeless, there are so many opportunities being created which open up everyone to potentially be abused if either the government. or anyone else who manages to get a hold of this data. desires to. Stuff like this used to be a bit of a conspiracy theory, people would even laugh imagining it... Now, look where we are. Its all very very real and has the potential to be abused.
  11. Caster

    Acacia talk.

    I loved the talk about acacia. Put a smile on my face to hear someone talk about something they’re passionate about. Added another layer of interest and respect for the acacias we have here in aus too. Well done
  12. Caster

    Acacia talk.

    Lots more videos too on that youtube channel! Thanks for sharing
  13. Have you tried heating it at all to see if it degrades/falls apart? sometimes warmer water (energy) can speed up the process of things breaking down. Meanwhile if it does require heat to break down (which it looks like it does from googling it) its sort of rendering their claim for it to be environmentally friendly false, as once it enters the ocean it'd have to travel to hawaii to get above 25°c lol I reckon there would be a variety of different types which probably dissolve at various temperatures, for the dishwasher tablet it would probably make sense they'd have it at a higher temperature.
  14. Caster

    Happy Birthday Torsten

    Happy birthday if you ever read this! :P
  15. https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/05/08/us/denver-magic-mushrooms-approved-trnd/index.html Amazing news. Time to write to your local politician? Lol