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  1. Caster

    What did you do in your sacred garden today?

    Looks like you're growing yourself an axe head @Gimli. Would have been fitting if it were grafted to a lumberjack. haha
  2. Caster

    DOSED screening in Sydney

    Coming to tas? Lol
  3. Acacia acenacea i plan on giving all the seeds away to a handful of people I know that will tend and care for them ! :)
  4. Caster

    Oyster's on straw

    If it’s only been 24 hours just wait a while longer. I’m sure it’ll make its way through! Check again in a few days
  5. Caster

    Watch this space

    Producing data which suits your agenda is the bread and butter of the political arena. Thanks for the links! I’ll have a proper look soon and reply again. The one I found was partially unbiased, I think one extra fatality per million is quite minuscule in reality (people who are gonna get stoned and drive will get stoned and drive regardless of the laws anyway, so I think this is incredibly hard to measure anyway) i think the additional road accidents and deaths is one of the “better” arguments against keeping cannabis illegal, so the more information we have to rebut these claims the better.
  6. Caster

    Watch this space

    I saw a recent study which concluded.... an average of one per million population increase in road fatalities after legalisation of cannabis, measured over several states in the USA. link: tba... struggling to find the damned thing again. Was a research article, not just some article piece.
  7. Caster

    Watch this space

    Haha oh god no, please. :,( makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time. Fuck me, that front page though, nice bit of moral panic and hysteria they’re trying to cause. Too late assholes! (Hopefully)
  8. Caster

    Watch this space

    I can agree with that, unfortunately.
  9. Caster

    Watch this space

    https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/act-set-to-pass-bill-making-cannabis-legal/news-story/d1ed77fa079e3de9168dbdc959497ce7 !??? Am I dreaming???
  10. Caster

    Tas meetup/get together.

    Keen on meet up! I have no camping gear tho haha. Weather should be getting real real good soon. Looking forward to summer!
  11. Caster

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Would sodium carbonate work better? I remember reading that in a yopo snuff it worked better than bicarbonate, or is this different? Also would a snuff tube work? Probably need to make myself a kuripé haha
  12. Caster

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Absolutely, mopacho altered state only lasts for a very short time but is enjoyable, I tried it again last night and for sure the same feeling was there again, with also a slight worry that I would make myself sick haha but that didn’t eventuate. although I could see it happening if I smoked more than one cigarette.
  13. Caster

    Feeling slightly stoned after smoking mopacho

    Ill have to give that a go, sounds like an experience haha yea Would be the super high amount of nicotine, Probably good to know it might make me vomit otherwise I might start thinking I’ve done myself in if that ever happens hahaha. I am quite certain it’s not placebo because i went into the experience not expecting anything that strong (relatively) I think it’s really awesome what it can do, I never would have expected it. I should probably be careful too. On a a side note I think I may have sparked up one of my friends addictions by giving him mapacho once. Now he’s chuffing. But I guess that’s his journey and not my burden haha, he told me it was strong but I don’t have much of a gauge for that.
  14. To give some background: ive never smoked cigarettes, rarely smoke anything, probably once a month or less I may have some tobacco + extra I’ve smoked mopacho with weed quite a few times and everything went well, twice now I’ve decided to just smoke the mopacho tobacco on its own and have been left feeling slightly stoned as if I’ve just smoked some weak weed. This feeling doesn’t last very long, 5-30mins. Has anyone else had this experience? It’s quite enjoyable and a bit of a surprise, as when I’ve smoked just roll your own tobacco previously I’ve felt nothing like this.