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  1. Caster

    Australian psilocybin therapy trial

    I'm amazed and glad that this is making its way into the mainstream media. This stuff truly is amazing and more people need to know about it. Having such a thing as this news segment on the TV will spark a few peoples interests thats for sure. I think one of the main hurdles to these drugs becoming legal is that people don't realise that its not just 'druggies' (as certain people call them) that use these, but lots of people from all walks of life. Just the people who are in a professional setting or have certain jobs/religious families would be fearful to share that they have tried these substances because they'd probably lose jobs and stuff... These news articles help normalise it.
  2. Caster

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Would be a good scam if its hemp seeds, legal and they're not lying. haha
  3. Caster

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    Who knows whats going on but I know for sure you'd have to be a bit silly to buy them! hahaha There are some special kinds of people out there so you never know
  4. Caster

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mixed-Variety-Of-Amsterdam-Seeds/113450981325 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
  5. Caster


    Nice little setup you have there
  6. Caster


  7. Who here has seen any of the big lez show? If you’ve never heard of it I highly recommend this amazing original Australian youtube comedy show. It’s first episodes are quite old and not quite as well made but it is still absolutely enjoyable and is worth watching it’s full of drug references and all sorts of humour. TBLS started me on my ethnobotanical journey, so it holds a special place in my heart. If you’re familiar below is the third movie length instalment of TBLS. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for posting full articles.. God this is so sad for the dude. How the fuck do markings = eating it anyway. Shit happens, they break sometimes and how the absolute fuck do you propagate cacti without cutting them? Hopefully the people in the court room will make that statement laughable.
  9. Caster

    White patches on cacti?

    ^ Blame nasa
  10. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    The super high post count is not that important as lots of people have been around for a long time and mostly communicate via pms. I personally found the trade thread really awesome when I was first starting out, now a lot of the things that were offered in there I’ve already got a heap of seeds of. Also a few trade rep would be good for high value, 10 is quite a bit, maybe half of that would be ok. :) posting pics of the stuff you’re offering shouldn’t be necessary unless it’s high value imo. Like a cut or a book etc. i dont think were we’re probably going to be able to get mods to spend a heap of time fixing it up. Could also just ignore any posts that are non trade related to discourage further derailment. All all we can do is try I suppose haha.
  11. Caster

    Introduction - New Member

    Welcome! if you're interested in fungi ID'ing theres a heap of cool threads on shroomery too
  12. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    Ok so: new thread requirements, let’s come to some sort of agreement to make it work: Low value: low post count requirement - 25? 1. no posts other than trade posts - claim/offer only. If anything else is posted a 3 month participation ban from the thread will be put in place. 2. Things can be claimed in a post but the post must be updated within the day with their offered stuff. 3. If someone posts an offer and doesn’t follow through within two months they are banned from participating 4.ban list and issues with people not responding must be sent to the op and the op post will be updated with any on going problems. Op has power to post non trade/claim posts if needed. high value thread: same rules as above but post requirement of 70-150? (What’s a good post count to be able to participate? Would be good to get some input) I was thinking for this thread cuts, books etc could be passed forward, anyone got any other ideas of cool things that could be sent? (No illegal stuff of course) Please tell me what you all think of above. What should be edited or added. Then we can start a thread in reality we need someone with the ability to delete posts to moderate the thread. Can an op delete others posts in a thread?
  13. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    High end thread would be good too. Would be nice to be able to swap some books and things.
  14. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    yea I suppose that would be fair enough too, would be great to get that thread going again. So many cool things you can pick up from it.
  15. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    Hopefully it can be revived. Tried to get it back in order but people kept posting regardless. Might need some more strict rules or something to discourage people from posting non giveaway stuff. For example if someone posts non giveaway claim/giveaway they cannot participate for a month or something. And if if someone doesn’t follow through with their trades it has to be dealt with via pm to someone designated to deal with that shit who can post non giveaway posts in the thread or something.