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  1. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    High end thread would be good too. Would be nice to be able to swap some books and things.
  2. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    yea I suppose that would be fair enough too, would be great to get that thread going again. So many cool things you can pick up from it.
  3. Caster

    New Free Trade Thread?

    Hopefully it can be revived. Tried to get it back in order but people kept posting regardless. Might need some more strict rules or something to discourage people from posting non giveaway stuff. For example if someone posts non giveaway claim/giveaway they cannot participate for a month or something. And if if someone doesn’t follow through with their trades it has to be dealt with via pm to someone designated to deal with that shit who can post non giveaway posts in the thread or something.
  4. Caster

    Mind medicine Australia launch Feb 13th

    Wow that’ll Be interesting to see where that goes!
  5. Amazing amount! Very generous! I'll do my best to spread them far and wide Thank you!
  6. Caster

    PTSD 2018

    I didn’t mean to pry with the self medicating comment, Sorry if that came across as a bit rude. what I was trying to ask was if you were currently using any sort of psycadelics. sometimes when a relationship gets toxic like that especially with family members the only thing you can do is cut them off unfortunately. I’ve had friends who have been in psychologically abusive relationships with parents, even reconnecting with them after long periods to still suffer the same fate. obviously I don’t know your situation, but Sometimes it’s all you can do. If it helps your own mental health and self worth just do it. Im only recently introduced to psycadelics but from what I’ve read and heard about them so far makes me believe that they have real potential to heal and help people so they’re absolutely worth a try. If you’re pre disposed to other psychological conditions it’s always best to start at very low doses and work your way up. Absolutely with what you’re saying about being in a better place before you try them. Set and setting as they say. If you do psycadelics in a bad headspace or environment I reckon you’re much more likely to end up having a bad time. Dont take anything I say as gospel, I don’t know that much
  7. Caster

    PTSD 2018

    The mother wound can be one of the hardest ones to deal with, people can be so cold and seem like they have no heart some times. I am not making excuses for her or your dad but sometimes people have their own shit to deal with and don't have much else left to give afterwards. Even to their own children. Also, are you self medicating with anything? Mushrooms can sometimes help with PTSD for example (but could also make it worse), but the majority of clinical studies involving that the participants also went through some sort of therapy too, which is pretty much out of the question here in Aus. I know it might not be much but we will always be here to talk to if you need it.
  8. Caster

    Pill testing events this week in Sydney and Melbourne

    Watch this. And we wonder why it always takes the government so many more years than it should to ever implement anything useful.
  9. Caster

    Pill testing events this week in Sydney and Melbourne

    This is really good (btw the first link you've posted sucked up the end bracket ")" and doesnt work unless its removed.) I have no idea why abstinence based policies have survived such a long time. They just don't fucking work! As usual govt always takes 100 times longer than it should to change anything.
  10. If you find that startling let me tell you that almost every single wheat product you've eaten has been sprayed with roundup prior to harvesting, to force the plant to dry off to make it easier to harvest. There is no way in hell that all of that roundup 'disappears' before you consume the final product. There's a huge debate about those who are gluten intolerant that this intolerance, or at least for some people, stems from the use of roundup (Glyphosate) in modern agriculture.
  11. Caster

    Youtube vids

    I know right, I felt exactly the same way when I heard about this a few years ago. My guess is the lack of information about these awesome creations stems from historical efforts to make the American Indians look much more primitive than they were, making it easier for people to either assimilate them or kill them. Its crazy what they created, whats even more crazy is how they are still treated like second class citizens even to this day. The reserve for example, most of it is shit useless land and they can't even build on their own 'reserve' without going through years of paperwork and hence hardly anything can be built.
  12. Caster

    Post your word of the moment

    Guzzling Little Timmy hastily guzzled down his half pint of foul green liquid which would send him on a mind bending experience. It just rolls off the tongue, you see?
  13. Caster

    New guy here

    Welcome! Good to see some new people about! seems like there's a few in the last few weeks! :D
  14. Caster

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I don't think you understand CSD CSD CSD CSD
  15. Caster

    Festival Death

    I think this is the best method of harm reduction, I once saw a video of a festival where this was undertaken and I was blown away by how awesome it was, they also had a support tent for people having a difficult time which was great. I think these things should be standard. We need to lose the stigma of drug use, humans are pleasure seeking animals and no matter how many laws or bad words are said about substances people will always take them regardless.