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    Cacti in Western Australia.

    I have a 14" specimen here but i'm not sure if this is the place to post photo's. If you pop over to POrnHub and search for "Average Joe and his 14" Cacti punish Jenifer Lopez" you can make me an offer
  2. Average Joe

    Catha Edulis - Perth

    Would a 54 cm plant with 28 leaves do?
  3. Average Joe

    What have you learnt?

    Now that i've got your attention, What is it you have learned? From the plants, from the experience of growing and communicating with others from a community that at some stage in your life you probably never knew existed? Personally i have learned that there is a universe bigger than anything any of us could possibly conceive that is as complex as it is simple. As chaotic as it is ordered and as relevant as it is not. There is a history that we are taught and a history that is true, a sad fact that the reality most of us live in is a lie told to generations. Yes just from plants!! The plants really are our teachers, whether we accept it or not they hold onto the wisdom that can be suppressed by governments or conquistadors and deliver when we are ready. There are answers to the next generations questions in our gardens. We are all protectors of the knowledge we share Love P.S this is not a psychotic episode haha
  4. I have one friend who i share a long history with. We catch up about every 12 months but its always like we seen each other yesterday. A strong bond can probably explain that. However when he is stressed out or i am for whatever reason we always call each other out of the blue. We've done alot of Dimitri together and had very similar experiences and it really does make you think whether you can get so close to another soul that you can feel their emotions.... like really see a beacon when they need it. weird but whatevz
  5. Average Joe

    Hothouse tips.

    Break it down into the actual components you need. Glass, get yourself a glass cutter. Head to the salvage yard, contact local builders and demolition crews. Frame, you only really need aluminium angle to keep your glass in place. you can knock up the rest of the frame with pretty cheap materials that are easy to source. stay well clear of plastic liners and cheap options, they just don’t work if you want something permanent
  6. Average Joe

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    well that's just ridiculous.
  7. Average Joe

    TBM cutting (or rooted if possible) - W.A

    Good luck to you Sir
  8. Average Joe

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    There was apparently some shamanic relics he collected in the 1930's as well but the family is far too sentimental to part with those unfortunately.
  9. Average Joe

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I'm not so sure i should share that information now @Paradoxical haha. I know a bloke who's grandfather was in to cactus. A real Aldous Huxley sort of character. The family is moving on some of his bits and pieces and i was lucky enough to get offered some. I will throw up a photo as soon at it arrives.
  10. Average Joe

    eBay/Gumtree finds

    I've got one of these coming in the mail, it cost me $30 for a 40cm plant with a 4 ribbed pup. Why is this one going for $300+ have i missed something?
  11. Average Joe

    Medicinal Weeds

    That is truly beautiful Alchemica
  12. Average Joe

    Glenelg river fishing.

    I Would probably give the float a miss mate. You'll be pulling your line in too often to keep it in front of you. Pick a sinker to stick you on the bottom and a nice bit of squid and then patience
  13. Average Joe

    Glenelg river fishing.

    I used to do a bit of fishing down that way ZooL. Mulloway are a bit sketchy through the day, night time is best to land the big ones if your land based. Best bait i have found is squid, it stays on the hook better than pilchards or pippies. Probably the most important factor is picking a change in the tide and being set up and ready for it. The big fish jumping at night are Mulloway 100%. A wire tracer would be beneficial too, we used to pull in Gummy sharks when the Mulloway were on the bite.
  14. Average Joe

    What’s causing this ?

  15. I'll second that mate. After alot of moving pots around my property i've found a semi shaded/filtered spot is best for colour and consistent growth rate. I have noticed that the afternoon sun is best to be avoided in my area over summer as it just cooks my stock. Would be interested to know if anyone else moves there cactus out of the afternoon sun over summer??
  16. Average Joe

    Looking for Sage clones